League of the South Featured On SNL

I’ve had lots of people tell me about this.

My reaction has been … meh. I don’t really care. I don’t watch SNL or find it funny. It is one of those shows that I tuned out years ago like the MTV VMAs or The Daily Show. This is like when liberals get excited when John Oliver “totally destroys” someone. No one cares. No one is watching.

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  1. That sketch wasn’t bad, it’s the first time I’ve watched anything from Shabbat Night Live in a long time. And yes, all you Southrons would like Vermont.

  2. Even though this sketch is ment to ridicule the LOS, it is making people aware that there is a LOS. It goes to show they can no longer afford to ignore it. They will probably want you or Doc Hill on on the Tonight Show or some other late night talk show next. Wisely refuse, and try to get them on TPC. They would really feel like a fish out of the water! It would serve them right!

  3. Yeah I don’t watch liberal “funny” shows because Politically Correct people don’t have a sense of humour.

    Jon Stewarts’s show for example was a plain, old-fashioned REVIVAL. A group of Believers shouting that all Unbelievers are Evil and Damned.

    You know you have an established religion when nobody even notices that everyone who is not Of The Faith is put into a single category.

  4. Is it true? The studio audience is stoned to the gills? A laughtrack installed? Must be, SNL hasn’t been “live” or funny…..for decades.

      • Jan Hooks–a Southern girl whose career, in my view, was a tragedy as great as any other in American show business. In her prime, on Saturday Night, Hooks was as beautiful a woman and as gifted a comedic actress as has been seen in American theater (defined to include movies and television). She threw it all away–as she herself realized almost immediately–to go to some sitcom (“Designing Women,” if it matters). Her David Letterman appearance, after her impending departure for the sitcom was announced, was just sad: she knew she’d made a terrible mistake.

        When she died–fairly young–and her body was returned to Georgia, a local, maybe the funeral director, was quoted as saying that she, Hooks, still had some family in the area where she was to be buried. He might have said, in the Southern way, some “people,” as opposed to some “family” or “relatives.”

        Her rapport, in performance, with Nora Dunn, a Chicago Catholic, reminds me of that of the original B-52s, two New Jerseyans and three Georgians. Here’s the duly-famous short that features Hooks and Phil Hartman, whom you also mentioned:

        PS This Saturday Night sketch about Neo-Confederates is actually sentimental. It suggests the main characters have more of an appreciation of the local black guy than they do of their fellow whites, in New England.

        • @JB – re: your PS – that would be accurate. Southerners do tend to blame the mythical “Yankee” when it’s Jews. North, South, East and West. Jews have been SCREWING the South since the beginning.

          Northerners are just trying to live their lives . You any of you imagine that some small farmer, picking rocks of his field, whether it’s 1770, or 1820. or 1865, or any year, holds hatred and loathing of Southerners, and thinks about the way he can destroy Dixie? The answer is NO. You are confusing Northern Whites with JEWS.

          • @Denise

            any of you imagine that some small farmer, picking rocks of his field, whether it’s 1770, or 1820. or 1865, or any year, holds hatred and loathing of Southerners, and thinks about the way he can destroy Dixie? The answer is NO. You are confusing Northern Whites with JEWS.

            I think it’s urban pseudo-intellectual self proclaimed sophisticates, political leaders, SJW/Leftists and Jews, whom I really mean, when I say “Yankees.”

            I think the Jews took over that which the Puritans created, namely the SJW ethic/culture.

          • @James Owen – I can’t reply directly to your reply to me, due to the structure of Comments – but if you mean “jew” – SAY “JEW”. Why blame ordinary, generally clueless Whites for the crimes of Der ewige Jude? Jews do that. So don’t. Are you a free White man? You can’t fight evil unless you name the EVIL. Call things by their proper names. Thanks.

  5. They’re afraid and mocking of what’s coming to Amerika, the ‘White Idenity’ phenomenon and our traditional values thats been ours since beginnings.
    Let them mock, they’ll be and always be in the beginning and for millennia the drastic end of their sick joke…

    • Actually, it wasn’t. Very little of that old stuff still holds up. The show has had good and bad stuff throughout its history.

      • @Powell

        “Actually, it wasn’t. Very little of that old stuff still holds up. The show has had good and bad stuff throughout its history.”

        To my eleven year old self in 79′, it was. However, tastes change with age. I don’t have any desire to see it again, though.

      • Monty Python TV shows have not aged well. The films are solid though. Chevy Chase sucked at TV/improv but he made a number of good comedy films. Similar problem. Comedy doesn’t age well in many cases.

        • I still get a chuckle or two out of a Chevy Chase movie, but they were never uproariously funny in the first place. I wonder if a kid watching it today for the first time would even find it funny at all.

  6. Like everything on T.V. it’s written from a Northern perspective and reflects the values, beliefs, culture and understanding of people from Maine to Minnesota, and from Iowa to New Jersey.

    In other words, what is said to be “American®,” while the other thirty four states get short shrift, to the extent that their existence is even acknowledged at all.

    Folks who live in those sixteen states and who aren’t Judeo-Communist Neo-Yankees, need to move to Montana, the Dakotas, or Idaho and create the North as it would be without Puritan Massachusetts, Communists and Jews.

    Then those states need to be given their own government(s) in Boston, New York and/or Chicago, and sent on their merry way.

    We’ll see how the Jews and their Communist stooges fare with almost nobody left to rule over, or do their bidding.

  7. I think the kikes and their kike stooge actors should substitute the word “White” with “Jew”. And do a skit about that.

    FYI Hunter – The Hebes are importing the Browns to VT as fast s they can.

  8. May God deliver us from the coming seemingly endless Black Eternal Forest darkened by a nuclear winter that no light from the sun, moon or stars can penetrate soon to come down without warning on these sick humans beings entertained by these Leftist shows that makes them feel morally superior by allowing them to look down on and laugh, scorn and condemn “racist rednecks”. May they be slaughtered in similar manner as the 60 million unborn children that have been slaughtered by these self-righteous butchers.

    God Save the South


  9. I disagree with Fenris. This SNL sketch was very, very funny. And it was also honest. White working class folks, White Liberal farmers market folks in places like Vermont, Maine and Massachusetts have always been receptive to us – Pat Buchanan did great in these areas.

    We never, ever must fall in to the trap of always taking the Conservative, pro Business, anti Labor FU*** the environment side.

    And enjoy a hearty good laugh.

    I loved this sketch.

    Let’s actually try to get the League of the South to do a retreat in Vermont. I’m up for it.

  10. Decades ago, I saw an interview with Nirvana where they said, “You know you’ve made it when Weird Al Yankovic parodies you.” Congratulations! You’ve hit the big time!

  11. “Jaye” – you actually had a good idea! I tell you, it’s an Age of Miracles!

    I’ve been exhorting Hunter to visit Vermont for years now. Autumn is the time to go. It’s high tourist season in New England – the breath-taking Autumn foliage is usually done, in New Engand, by this time – but it’s been a weird year in many ways, including the weather. I’ll have to check a foliage map………….

    The time to visit, to see the REAL Vermont, is late February/March, when the White Helots are getting everything up and running for the tourist trade of the Summer. Then you’ll see the “machinery” cranking up. Research the Jews, though, that hold the levers of power all over the state. VT is a Jew bug out state. The White Helots don’t actually know they are the helots of the Jew. You’ll see it, if you come and see it.

    Dixians – New England is BEAUTIFUL. If you have never visited – do. It’s your country, you know. It’s your country, too. I have visited many of the Southern states. I’ve been to FL (not really Dixie – FL is a world unto itself), GA (very little) TN, NC, SC, VA, MD (does MD quality as a Southern state, anymore?) and wee bits of WV. I’ve been all over the Northeast, excepting Maine. I want to visit the entire country – because this IS MY COUNTRY. CA doesn’t count. I want to spend time in MI, cuz I know some wonderful folks in MI! America is a weird place; there are strong regional differences. America is many Nations on one continent. But it’s OURS. Anywhere there are White People – it’s OURS. Do you understand?

    But back to Jaye’s suggestion – come on up! It may be too late to book prime hotels and B&B’s – I’m certain it is – but this is the time to visit the North East. Autumn! There are Harvest festivals all over the region. All kinds of wonderful events! The rocky coastlines. The gorgeous North Eastern architecture (I’m always amazed and awed by the brilliant architecture throughout the South!) Come and visit! We don’t hate you! You’ll see Confederate flags all over, outside the (((cities))). You be amazed by the warm, joyful welcome you’ll receive from your dreaded “Yankee” kin!

  12. Boston is more segregated than any Southern town ever was. The only coloreds you’ll see are on the field playing baseball at Fenway Park.

  13. It saddens me to see Southern Nationalists defaming “Yankees.” To do so is to become a tool of the Jews to divide and conquer. We need to stop these divisions between brothers. ALL white people need to be united in a common cause.

  14. After 30 years and 5 home schooled children,
    we were happy to leave Vermont. It has been
    totally taken over by jews. Think Ben and Jerry.
    Used to buy ice cream off the pushcart, before
    they bought the abandoned gas station off
    Church Street in Burlington for their first store.
    Think kalifornika east.

  15. Jew Yorker transplant Bernie Sanders is the communist senator from Vermont, and White Christian male hating jewess sarah silverman is also originally from the Green Mountain State.

    FYI, I am from the North. I’ve told anyone who’s worth their salt that if it was 1861, that I’d be on the first train to Richmond to fight for the Confederacy.

    Only the jews, coloreds, and the brainwashed White in DNA only libtards hold a holier than thou mentality towards Dixie.

  16. Certainly the J Lib Leftist presence will be strongly felt in a place like Vermont. It’s like the University neighborhood I grew up in Chicago where Obama made it his base of operation where he was thrust up to national power by the J political guru David Axelrod who is still in operation in this community.

    Still I think regular Whites can and should make a go of it in places like Vermont – it will take some very concentrated ways of living and thinking.

    I recommend just blowing off all discussions or just thinking of national and international politics – it’s going to be all bad all Lib Leftist heavily Jewish anti White nonsense.

    Now this way of thinking is called neti neti (???? ????) in Sanskrit – Not This Not This. You concentrate on the local, on the organic, on nature – anybody starts mouthing off about Russian plots to post Facebook comments to steal national presidential elections from Hillary – that person gets asked to sit in the corner for a “Time Out”.

    Healthy young women with beautiful (Hahhhh White) children are treated as the best – everything is done to help them and compliment them. Let them write books about the proper children’s songs for 4 year olds, of course cult marxist sexual things are strongly discouraged.

    IT was reality that the Swedish welfare state of the 1970s worked very well because it was all Swedish White. The Music was ABBA – nothing anti White, nothing political at all – OK, not Screwdriver, brutal attack racist skinhead music more like

    Ring Ring Why don’t you give me a call.

    This works for me.

    • @Jaye Ryan, Sweden is the armpit of radical feminist. Sweden is to feminism what sharia law is to Saudi Arabia.

      Yes, I know who birthed and is behind the cancer of the vile doctrine of feminism, but if the Scandinavians/Nordics are to be considered our elite, then why have they swallowed the kosher poison with such glee?

  17. First, on SNL. I never liked it and thought it very overrated. I didn’t get the cult that John Belushi was some great comic actor. Not a bad guy, but he, like the rest of them, were pumped up. I suspect a lot of SNL’s audience was on pot or drunk. Anyway, I was in the army and didn’t see it at first, but the bits i saw when I returned didn’t win me over.
    A post mentioned humor dating. True, although I dig out some old national Lampoons from the 70’s, and they’re still pretty funny.
    As for Vermont, I lived in Boston several years and went to Vermont, and it is a beautiful state, Especially the mountains, because they didn’t clear the tops off like New Hampshire did. and I especially liked Burlington and Lake Champlain. In the late 80’s, if you were a liberal and moved out of Boston, you went to Vermont. A conservative, new Hampshire. But it seems like the lefties have simply swamped both states.
    A recent book, Radio Free Vermont, is a comic novel of Vermont seceding from the union, and has the usual jokes about conservatives, showing all Vermonters as progressive, down home, hip, trendy and wise…a state full of Hawkeye Pierces. It’s stated that Vermont can be independent because it has more microbreweries then anywhere else, and our fearless Hawkeyes easily turn aside any feds and even use an 80 year old ski instructor (who fought the Nazis in WWII!!!) part of a mission to send the conservatives packing. It’s kind of a Catch-22 book for the NPR crowd. If Vermont is like that now, well…I’m glad I didn’t see it.
    I’m a Missourian. I remember when I was in the army, a cheerful GI from Georgia was in my section and we talked about history. “Hell,” he smiled, “don’t think you’re a yankee…in the war, some of ya’ll fought with us,” And we were friends.

  18. Amren posted it’s own copy for its commenters. It’s subtitle say it all:

    “Skit concedes that all-white areas have nice things that can’t be found elsewhere.”

  19. Skit ends up making a mockery of antiracist hypocrisy. If anything they helped LS with free publicity. It’s just another step closer to LS going mainstream.

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