Stealth Activism

The League of the South isn’t going to abandon public activism.

We’re starting to use some new tactics though in light of our experiences in 2017. We’ve taken the flash rally and adapted it to hold the sort of events we used to hold back in 2014. Instead of publicly announcing our events on the internet and attracting mobs of counter-protesters, we’re just going to show up with vetted activists and engage with the public for a few hours.

Here are some of the reasons why we are doing this:

– Antifa are violent parasites who have been using our public events to attract publicity to their own cause which is anarchism and communism. The mainstream media is happy to spin a narrative in which we are the villains and these losers are the heroes who are “fighting Nazis.” The best way to respond to these parasites is to deplatform them by removing their presence from our events.

– By deplatforming Antifa, we remove their ability to show up and engage in violence at our public events. We eliminate the threat of lawfare and police stand downs. We eliminate their ability to poison the atmosphere by creating a siege mentality in small towns like Pikeville and Shelbyville. We also eliminate the need for the “stadium plan” which costs these communities hundreds of thousands of dollars. We also deny them targets to mobilize against which slows their recruitment.

– We are able to eliminate the “extremism journalists” from Huffington Post, Mic, Newsweek, The New Republic, Vice, The Guardian, Salon and so forth from our events whose job it is to work with Antifa, feed them intelligence and portray them in the best possible light. No one is reading about the League of the South in Huff Post and deciding to join our movement anyway.

– We are able to eliminate the plants who are sent in to make us look bad as well as the unstable people who we don’t know who show up at public events with their own agenda.

– We quit using Facebook public event pages and groups which Comrade Megan Squire has been using for her data mining project.

– We have much greater control of the images that come out of our events without the “journalists,” livestreamers and teams of doxxers who are sent in to snap photos of our activists. The “journalists” are there to harm our people, not to report the news.

– Without the League as a target, Antifa have been redirecting their violence toward Confederate heritage groups, Patriot groups and Alt-Lite groups, which further radicalizes moderates. We’re no longer in the same frame with Antifa when they engage in violence which makes it harder to blame us for it and lobby Big Tech for yet more social media censorship.

In other words, we can still hold our public rallies like we used to, but without violent Antifa showing up for the publicity, without the “extremism journalists” trying to discredit us and without hundreds of unnecessary cops who keep us isolated and locked up in a “free speech” cage.

This leaves the doxxers as the only remaining threat:

Knoxville, TN

Livingston, TN

Newport, TN

In the recent flash rallies in Tennessee, most of the League activists who were there have either already been doxed or don’t care about being doxed, but in the future why can’t we just release a handful of our own images and blur out the faces of activists who are afraid of being doxed? This would allow far more people to come out and participate while also preserving their anonymity.

There are many more changes that I want to make to the way the League has been operating on the internet and at public events. We have a long ways to go in terms of how we are using social media. I’ve also reimagined the publicly announced rally as a honeypot for Antifa. We have recently acquired an unmasking tool that allows us to remove the masks of Antifa and see their real faces.

Admittedly, I got carried away with all the fun that I was having using the unmasking tool to dox Antifa in September and neglected writing here. I’m going to try to strike more of a balance in October. I believe it is finally time to take these people seriously and eliminate them from our events.

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    • Pretty decent chance poo will hit fan THIS week !!? Silver / gold will pop up a bit if did. Stock up on stuff, get some organic popcorn and enjoy the show 🙂 A LOT of patriots are saying what this woman is saying.

    • This is idiocy. This “Q” nonsense keeps real people (or helps) from acting in their own interests.
      There’s no “savior” or “white knight “in the Trump Administration and certainly Trump’s no savior. The only thing you can be sure of is that what you’re seeing Trump do with your own two eyes is real. There’s no ” 3D chess ” Trump’s advancing the globalist agenda just as it appears.
      Having said that I do believe something’s coming. It’s called Civil War and our government has been preparing for it for years. There’s no “deep state.” What people refer to as the “deep state” is actually the federal government in its entirety. The American people aren’t willing to accept that their own government has been overtaken by an international entity and this entity is hostile to the American people. The so called “take over” of the globalist NWO has ALREADY taken place. That’s WHY all the policies that are catastrophic to the nation state are enacted. It’s WHY the nations borders are not enforced, we’re flooded with hostile 3rd world cultures and Americans are attacked for resisting. I mean really, c’mon. You honestly believe that the Federal Gov’t is powerless against #Antifa and Soros? Powerless against a Subversive press and UV Professors who are teaching our own people to be hostile to their own Constitution and culture? Or do you think a more reasonable explanation is that these people are doing exactly what the Federal government wants them to do? And if that’s true then it’s impossible to believe anything other than the American people are the enemy. So then it’s logical to assume that when arrests are made it’s going to be the American people who’ve ALREADY been designated as terrorists who are locked up. Not “deep state operatives”

      The longer the American people refuse to accept the truth the worse it will be for us and the less likely we are to beat this evil cartel. These are not nameless faceless people as it’s been portrayed. That’s another tactic. By identifying the culprits as the “deep state” it falsely identifies the enemy and stops the people from searching for the real enemy. You can only defeat the enemy IF you can NAME the enemy. These people who are our enemies have a name, a face, and an ideology. They are real people with a real agenda and they CAN be defeated. But not until each one is identified.

      BTW – A lot of us know who these people are. It’s time for the rest to catch up. The true thing “Q” said is “follow the money.”

    • That’s the same dried up cunt who accosted Richard Spencer while he was minding his own business in a N. VA fitness club and had the club cancel his membership.

  1. How many days without news about Bolsonaro? I have some.
    Huge female manifestations took place all over Brazil in the weekend against Bolsonaro. The election in next sunday.
    It’s certain that a second round aka run off will be needed.
    The “Aryan” blue-eyed far-right Bolsonaro is in first place with around 28% of the vote intentions, Ihe second is a candidate from the far-left, an Arab called Haddad with around 22%.

    • Some Americans say that Brazil is US future.
      I don’t think so, racial tensions almost don’t exist in Brazil. There’s a lot of subtle discrimination, but it is seen as a fact of life.
      The lighter someone is the better he/she is treated. An European surname also has value.
      The high rates of murder is almost confined to the miserable perifery of the big cities, decimating the poor blacks and browns,.which nobody cares.
      There’s whining when a white is killed, which is not so common.
      But nobody points out the colors of the skin of the attacker and the victim, though people notice.

      Funny that in the Southern part of Brazil people from African countries arrived in the last years, but not in huge numbers.
      And in the Jewish newspapers they were complaining that when a black is walking on the sidewalk, white people walking in the opposite direction immediately jump to other side. The newspaper claimed this is racism.
      The reality is that they never saw people with so dark skin, and the reaction is just instinctive.

      • Really, these people, living in a Brazilian city, had never seen blacks before?

        I find that difficult to believe, given the black population of Brazil. That’s like saying that Whites in Atlanta have never seen a nigger.

          • Not as European as you think, not by American standards of what a European is, anyway.

            And they’ve all seen blacks. Maybe unmixed Africans from the Muddaland are a rarity, but it’s unlikely they’re so black they’d freak anyone out – the occasional sensationalist account notwithstanding.

          • It’s 76% whitish in Southern Brazil.

            That’s not even remotely close to any European country that cares about being European (for example, I live in Hungary, where it’s something like 97% White).

            It’s really more like Madison, Wisconsin than like Europe.

        • In Brazil, especially in the South, it’s rare to find a real pure black person, as dark as the night, the ones found in Africa, and to a less extent in US.
          Almost all are between many shades of mulattos
          Brazil in general is a shithole, but looking as an outsider, if you ask me, who’s more pathetic, the Brazilian or the American?
          I no doubt would say, the American.

  2. I got to give thumbs up on the spirit.There will be no another Confederate uprising, only a White Christian Idenity uprising.
    You’re outnumbered so am I here in the north.

  3. You guys still believe in the Confederation if the south?
    Youre going backwards
    My last commment was deleted, so much for free speech
    Maybe its true what they say

    • General Butt Naked; My own opinion is some type of secession is inevitable. It probably wont be the entire South but only a few upper Southern states and many counties from the lower South that are still majority white. I see Southern secession as not an end it itself but as part of a larger red states secessionist movement and the formation of a Heartland Republic. Blue verses red instead of North verses South.

      • Yes, Ethno – the divide will be Blue States from Red, or, in other words – Dixie will be aligned with the Plains States and The Midwestern Whites, whist The Northeast will be aligned with the coastal Far West.

      • Key to secession is Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana – the three states controlling not only almost all US energy production, but also importation. They can go it alone, and take the rest of the Heartland with them. Including rural California!

      • I understand the spirit of the south. I lived in the south and I found it disgusting, it was wall to wall nigra. I have the spirit living in the worst hell hole in the north, am I not included in your spirit of the south?

  4. ‘No one is reading about the League of the South in Huff Post and deciding to join our movement anyway.”

    The League’s message is for the Southern people, not outsiders, anyway. No need for publicity anyplace but in Dixie.

  5. Adam Domby
    ? @AdamHDomby

    “I just submitted my book manuscript (thus I met my deadline). Now it goes back to the reviewers. If all goes according to plan sometime in 2020 you will be able to buy my book “The False Cause: Fraud, Fabrication, & White Supremacy in Confederate Memory (title subject to change)”

    This guy was the one who exposed Julian Carr’s “racist” dedication speech and caused all the trouble at UNC over Silent Sam which resulted in him being pulled down and now this jerk is at the College of Charleston.

    Now an assistant professor of history at the College of Charleston and the author of a forthcoming book titled “The False Cause: Fraud, Fabrication, and White Supremacy in Confederate Memory,” Domby told The Washington Post on Monday night that the speech’s blatant celebration of white supremacy is noteworthy.

    “Carr made it explicitly clear that this was about the use of violence,” he said.

    In 2011, Domby wrote a letter to the editor that was published in the Daily Tar Heel, quoting from Carr’s speech in hopes of adding some historical context to the debate. Activists picked it up and ran with it, he said, making the racist language in the 1913 address a major issue in the campaign to remove the statue.

    Glenn F McConnell (born December 11, 1947) is the president of the College of Charleston. He assumed the office in July 2014.

    McConnell was the 89th Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina from March 13, 2012 to June 18, 2014. He also had been a member of the South Carolina Senate, representing the 41st District from 1981 to March 13, 2012.

    McConnell is a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Secession Camp #4.

    — information above from social media,wikipedia and the Houston Chronicle.

    McConnell needs to throw this anti-South scum bag out on his head.

    I am beginning to see that these public state funded “university” people are most of the ones behind all this hatred aginst the South garbage. One ding-bat is going after the UDC and writing derogatory book(s) about them. Another one supports getting rid of Sam helps put place(s) where ACTBAC holds their meetings on their special custom online hate map. And many more are networking with them on social media. If each public college could be stripped of these anti-South Marxists who are being supported by the taxpayer money in the states in the South, that would help the South a lot. (Go after the ones in the private schools as well).

    Appreciate all your intelligence work, Mr. Wallace. We need 100s more like you to doxx, target and get these carpetbaggers/scalawags off our southern state payrolls. I am sure their tax-payer funded pie job money is helping to finance antifa, BLM and other anti-South movements and actions.

    • Speaking of books Derek Black, the son of Stormfront’s Don Black, has a new book out by Eli Saslow entitled RISING OUT OF HATRED. THE AWAKENING OF A FORMER WHITE NATIONALIST.

  6. The Political Correctness Officers go ballistic when they hear of Pro Whites talking to ordinary Whites. All of their activism is based around preventing a rational discussion taking place, because they know that when Whites get both sides of the story and are free to make up their own minds, the anti-Whites will lose. The threat of violence always comes from the anti-Whites.

  7. An even better tactic is to announce the event in the wrong location. This wastes the resources of counter-protestors.

    • This is the tactic that’s usually being used by similar groups in Europe – it also helps to divert the cops to that location so they don’t screw you over. Cops generally are not our friends, after all.

  8. I’ve been operating solo in this fashion for over a decade and a half. I don’t ask for permission, I just show up and let the chips fall where they may. I used to work alongside others (and still do on occasion) but I found it difficult to get people to do things on the spur of the moment, or to place themselves in potential jeopardy. Most of the people that I’ve been associated with like to have everything planned out, working within a group of others at an officially sanctioned gathering. These people were always trying to get me to temper my approach or change the way I was saying things. I made them nervous. The only downside to being a lone wolf is that I probably seem like a solitary nut case to some people. Oh well. I’m only concerned with reaching those few whom I can make a difference with. Besides, being a little edgy often makes people hesitate before confronting me.

    One thing that I’ve done when being called a racist, is to reply, “I prefer the term Racialist.” I then explain that prior to 1950, the word racist wasn’t in a dictionary, and that there was another word “Racialist,” which had a broader definition. This frequently both perplexes my detractors and strips away their most potent weapon. Instead of me turning blue trying to defend myself against accusations of racism, I tacitly acknowledge it and then define it for them.

    Another thing that I always take care to do is to legitimize my presence. If it is an event that has a connection to the Confederacy, I amplify it. If it is a place that has Confederate roots, I reveal them. I don’t just wave a flag around and shout cliches. I usually try to have some self produced fact sheets, detailing whatever point I’m trying to emphasize, on hand for distribution to those who are interested. I’ve had a few triumphs and few moments that weren’t so stellar, but I try to learn from my mistakes and forge ahead undaunted.

    Keep up the good work and may God bless you!

    • Whenever anti-whites try one of their scare words on me, I just repeat one of these back to them, until they get the message that I’m not interested in talking to anti-white fools and they go away:

      In YER opinion I’m . (Give them a smug look).


      Yer just saying that because I’m white. (Smirk).


      Anti- is a code word for anti-white. (LOL)

      Examples of scare words: nazi, racist, KKK, hu-whitesooopremacist, RAPE!, cis gender, whatever, etc, etc.

      When one of their scare word stops working, the anti-whites move onto the next scare word, and the next, and the next, until they get to the end, and start again at the beginning. Anti-whites are mindless repeaters. It is time we dealt with them on their level.

  9. Good point about Antifa not having a recruitment drive. I’ve made the point before that they call themselves “Antifa” because it’s much easier selling point to the public what they are AGAINST rather than being honest and calling themselves the “Anarcho-Communist Pro-Tranny Anti-White Gang”

    I hope they keep attacking these normies. Sometimes arguments can’t be talked out and have to be settled in Blood. If they won’t listen to our “hatefacts” they’ll get to listen to these degenerates attacking and shouting at them. Eventually Antifa will punch someone one too many times, and get called a “Nazi” one too many times, then they will feel the urge to exterminate every last Communist and they will be one step closer to us

  10. I sat down earlier to listen to one of Michael Hills speeches, which is about a month old and was blown away by how on point and impressive he was-helped along by a homely, reassuring Southern drawl. His ability to motivate is second to none-get fit, get active, stand up for your race and kids future…..and he names the JOOOOOO!
    One important point he left out though-bless his soul-is urging his followers to breed. This is where it all has to start as a foundation. Without this, nothing will happen. The Left tells us-well, the whites-to stop breeding on environmental grounds, whilst urging us to bring in millions of overbreeding muds at the same time. See through their BS and start breeding!
    I’ve told each of my four children that I’ll buy each of them a new car……the day their third child is born.

    • Having White Babies is good but unless WE fight HERE AND NOW all that means is they will have to pick up our slack. There’s no way we can outbreed all the muds here even if we shut off immigration completely. I don’t think anyone here wants to say “Sorry kid, I tried to help but nobody wanted to do what needed to be done. Pick up a gun and continue where we couldn’t”

  11. @Southern Soldier

    Antifa© are simply tools in the hands of the Jews. They can neither explain or defend any ideology that they think they have.

    Simple fact: There’s no intelligent opposition to White Nationalism.

  12. The LoS consists of fine Southern folks but the time is coming when an aggressively pro-White secessionist guerrilla army will have to be formed. I think the LoS should work to prepare White Southerners for the inevitable Civil War II.

  13. From Wall Street Journal:

    Four men who attended the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Va., in August 2017 were arrested Tuesday on charges they violated federal laws against rioting, federal prosecutors said.

    Officials said federal agents arrested without incident Benjamin Drake Daley, 25 years old, Thomas Walter Gillen, 34, Michael Paul Miselis, 29, and Cole Evan White, 24, all from California. Each was charged with one count of conspiracy to violate the federal riots statute and one count of violating the federal riots statute.


    Why did it take over a year to charge these people?


    My comment:

    Because the local courts have let off the antifa rioters and tried, convicted & sentenced some white nationalist defendants for defending themselves.

    Now it is the turn of the feds to prosecute under federal charges those that the state and county didn’t get.

    In Russia, China or Africa people know that they don’t have any rights the government respects, so they stay politically inert. It is when you are stupid enough to think you have rights that you exercise them & then get in trouble for doing so. If you are going to go to the trouble of getting a permit, then a federal court order to demonstrate against a Confederate monument taken down & then you are run out of the park by the State and local police into the tender mercies of a mob of antifa, then dare to protect yourself and get charged criminally for doing so . . . what 1st Amendment?

    News of these arrests & prosecutions will have the effect of putting an end to these foolish demonstrations & rallies by white nationalists.

  14. Second Comment to Wall Street Journal Article:

    Every generation there is a federal show trial against White Nationalism. The last one in 1987-88 — The Ft. Smith Sedition Trial — cost millions of dollars, involved 30 defendants and ended in acquittals against all defendants.

    The “Unite the Right” Rally was the high point for the “Alt-Right”. It brought forth unknowns who regrettably became known. Since then the Alt-Right has imploded.

    The violence at Charlottesville was caused by the Charlottesville & State Police violating a federal court order to allow this rally protesting the removal of this Robert Lee statute. So the Governor of Virginia declared a “state of emergency” and forced the 200-300 white marchers to run the gauntlet of 800-1200 antifa. In the fighting afterwards people got hurt & a panicked James Fields was chased into running into stopped cars which might have lead to the death of an obese counter-protester.

    These latest federal arrests will mean the Movement goes back underground and only on the Internet.


    From what I heard, these federal charges involve the “tiki-torch flash rally” as well as the next morning’s fiasco.

    So given that these four are the first federal arrests made a year afterwards and other arrests are implied soon to come are any of these proposed “flash rallies” a good idea?

    Especially when you have a former jew pig who murdered a Puerto-Rican sneak thief named Arnauldo Ortega for no good reason in the Jersey City jail, then took a plea deal in return for testifying against this wop pig named David Dumers, got him 15 years after a jury trial, and then on the same day as Dumers’ federal appeal made his own appeal and so Dumers had to serve 13 years while William Raymond “Baal” Finck Junior got only12..5 years. According to Finck is third cousin to Mark Potok on his mother’s side and fourth cousin to Matt Lauer on his father’s side. Plus I’m counter-suing Baal Finck along with Bryan Reo and Kyle Bristow in Reo v. Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri 16CV000825 in Lake County Ohio.

    The Dumers appellate briefl is a sealed record, but I do have the docket sheets if you wish to see them.

    I think that League of the South having “flash rallies” when four now, maybe more later, re facing federl charges for “rioting” at a “flash rally” before the rally for which they got a permit. That and having murderous jew pigs who literally “finked” out its fellow pig and deliberately destroyed his appeal by pleading “guilty” then filing its appeal on the very same day as the man he induced to murder then rat-fincked him out, then getting the dismissal of both appeals the very same day. Or being a cousin of Mark Potok?

    This recent turn of events might just be a spotting round. Shouldn’t you change policy on holding these rallies if they lead to federal criminal charges by federal informants which is a full Fire For Effect?

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Write-in Candidate for US Senate for Missouri

    • >>This recent turn of events might just be a spotting round. Shouldn’t you change policy on holding these rallies if they lead to federal criminal charges by federal informants which is a full Fire For Effect?

      Fuck that noise. If we change policy at all in the face of System oppression it should be because we’re going to be doing something to deserve. Let the motherfuckers kick my door in; I’ll never live to see a courtroom and God(s) willing I’ll take a few of them down with me.

      • Sounds tough.

        But if you want to kill piglice or jewdges or politicians it isn’t as if you need any excuse for doing so.

        I just don’t see any good point in wasting young lives or having them revealed un-neccesarily. You want to go out with a bang by all means do so. I support Dylann Roof to this day.

        I think the lives and freedom of our young ones should be properly appreciated and not wasted on futile gestures, especially thse who from the start were known to be fraudulent or compromised.

        Hail Victory !!!

        Pastor Martin Lindstedt
        Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
        Write-in Candidate for US Senate for Missouri

  15. Get a grip guys, I’m White living in the north. The war has been over for a century and a half. Let it go, we’re in a new war, we need to have that spirit worldwide and especially in our country without borders of north vs. south. White Christian Identity is important and the belief of White unity that will fight for our White survival.
    Put politics aside for now. Please.

  16. I hope that Southern Nationalists are developing ways to break the grip that Christian Zionism, dispensationalism, philo-semitism, patriotardism and worship of the police and military have on Southern people. That’s the real battle.

    I’d like to see more articles and full length books dedicated to uncucking the South. Journals and periodicals will do more to help the South than demonstrations.

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