Azzmador Indicted On Felony Charges Over Charlottesville

Azzmador is about to get the Christopher Cantwell treatment.

The fourth member of RAM was arrested by the FBI in California yesterday. Azzmador will be the ninth American Nationalist to be arrested over Charlottesville this month.

I’ve had my disagreements with Azzmador, but I wouldn’t wish this shit on anyone.

Note: Trump will solve!

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  1. the relief of the mid terms being over can’t come soon enough. many brothers will turn and use this chance to disavow, targeting anyone who isn’t still a trump cheerleader. we will still come out on top though. there are more good goys in america than anyone can truly visualize. they are desperately trying to break us with fear not understanding people like us don’t have a choice and can’t back off anyway because we care too much about other people

  2. There is a bright side for Azzmador – a conviction for a felony will not harm his good name because he is already a felon.

      • It’s not alleged, his rap sheet is public knowledge and quite extensive. Multiple thefts, mostly forged checks, several assaults, etc etc etc. Basically a bunch of White Trash Wignat Goon Squad stuff. I’ve seen 10 different mugshots of him, so this is a constant thing apparently. Take a look:

  3. Interesting that this apparently dates back to July- I assume that hearing date is from a grand jury hearing. Without seeing the actual court records out of the county system, hard to tell much more than that.

    Has this been sealed until recently? If not, the charitable interpretation would be that this has been kept suppressed by the Stormer to give folks helping Azzmador out as much deniability as possible, which would make sense.

    I wonder if there are other similar charges sworn out on others around that same date? If so, and they’re people we recognize, might be worth letting them know about it so they can peacefully turn themselves in and cooperate in full ASAP.

  4. I will NEVER lift another FUCKING finger to help another cuck with a “R” next to their name get elected; EVER. Fuck Trump and FUCK the republicans!

  5. Has one single antifa person faced any charges whatsoever, besides that one nigger who got them dropped?

  6. Come on all you Trumpanzees, let’s hear again about how important it is to vote for Republicans in next week’s elections. Republicans are fearless and will put a stop to all of this injustice against White activists. They will get that wall built and they’ll get our troops out of the middle east and put them on the Mexican border to make America safe again.

    Stupid conservative a-holes.

    • Spahn – I am voting for my local Reps. They do an excellent job for my community. But I will not support Trumpbergstein in ANYTHING he does. I will cheer on any-one who hates him. Period. the END.

  7. Well let’s see, under the Trump regime we have had our right to free speech taken away, as well as our right to freedom of assembly. Our Southern war monuments are being defaced and taken down, too. And you can’t even wear a MAGA ball cap without fear of getting beaten up, while the cops just stand around and watch. How much longer before you allow our guns and ammunition to be taken away as well, you loud-mouthed, self-promoting BULLSHIT ARTIST?

    • Spahn – indeed. Trump the Jew will do everything his Masters tell him to do. EVERYTHING. They will use this alleged shooting to take guns. The MAGApedes will hand over everything.

  8. Weev and Ricky Vaughn did Azzmador a great disservice when they tricked him into alienating so many of the White Nationalists who would otherwise have supported him.

    I kind of feel bad for him to be honest.

    • I also like Azzmador and his style but when he started defending Ricky Vaugn we had a falling out. Somehow he gravitated towards the wrong direction
      Azz if your reading this, good luck brother and talk to that lawyer in California thats calling out for you. The you tube link is below in another article. 14/88

  9. Oh AmNats, when will you learn?

    America Hates you. Trump hates you. The Federal Flag won’t win you any brownie points. The only way for White Americans to have their own Nation again is to secede from the Civic Nationalist Empire known as the U.S.A. Stop hating us for pointing this out and just accept it.

    Hitler used German colors but he made a NEW Flag and his NEW idea about how Germany should be. He didn’t try to repackage Conservative BS or use the old German Imperial Flag to win over normies.

  10. So, since he’ll be forced to “talk to feds” just like Cantwell, will the Daily Shiller blacklist Azzmador like they did Cantwell???

  11. I am saddened by this… He always struck me, from reading what he has written and the few times I heard him on a podcast, to be a fellow who would not break the law at a rally. He had been attacked at some of his Texas demonstrations.

    SELF-DEFENSE is no longer valid for Whites. ANTIFA can do ANYTHING to Whites and they are PROTECTED by .gov

    And that is as it should be in this (((AMERICA)))

    Once they get Whitey’s guns then BOLSHEVIK massacres will be done by the GOVERNMENT.

    Fortunately for Whites GOD is on OUR side and (((THEY))) and their paid prostitutes will FALL.

    And by GOD’S HAND, not ours.

  12. Off topic but I think it is important. zionist propagandist r judith miller just stated on Fox that it is a waste of money for the US military to be used on US border because the US military needs to be in Syria fighting isis.

  13. Judith miller zionest reporter who pushed for the invasion of iraq is now saying using the US military at the border is a waste of money and the US military needs to be fighting in Syria
    She stated this on Foxes Daily Briefing

  14. What do ah care ’bout them rights to peaceable assembly and the first ‘mendment? I gots muh tax breaks and muh business de-regulation. And our best partner Israel is gettin’ more aid for defense against them rag-heads that y’all are so fond of.

    #MAGA #Q #TrustThePlan #POTUS45 #FLOTUS

  15. White Nationalism 2.0 had many people awakened from their long slumber and .gov needed it to be shut down at once. Thats why the indictments, long jail sentences and silencing on the internet for our people while commie faggots let go with a slap on the wrist and write kill Whitey without suspension or investigations. Our voice and ideas are to powerful and awoke a sleeping giant that could of been out of control and in our favor.
    Its all intimidation to silence our voice and ideas and to stop us from protesting in the streets.
    The Trump administration or the GOP are not our freinds and this I hope will be a lesson to Azz and all the rest of the Stormers who still believe in voting ourselves out of this nightmare. Its only a pipe dream, get it now?

  16. Seriously, we should have voted for Hillary so that Black Lives Matter could assassinate hundreds more police officers and burn America’s cities to the ground. Why must we fight to save people, specifically urban white liberals, who don’t want to be saved? Let them have the diversity they profess to love, and the Haitian-style governance that comes with it.

    The Amish have no problem with diversity because niggers don’t want to live on a farm with no electricity and no running water in the middle of nowhere. Nor are there any white girls to pry loose with booze and drugs; the Amish watch over their daughters with guns since the schoolhouse massacre in 2006.

    • Real corny. Worm. Hyperbolic, stupid, gypsy like predictions. You must work at a carnival. With the monopoly guy.

      • The more desperate Republicans get, the more creative their scary stories get.

        If we don’t vote Republican, there won’t be more tax cuts for their billionaire owners. Oh the horror!

  17. We need a zero tolerance approach to people saying “but it would be worse under Hillary”. First, we will never know, but secondly I am now convinced that isn’t true.

    • It would have been better if Grandma Cankles had won, because then Whitey would have been angry enough to do something about it. But with Drumpf as president (barely) a lot of Whites have gone back to sleep, because he provides them with a false sense of security.

      • Exactly @Spahn, they still believe the ‘God emperor’ is going to save them and its all 5d chess. From whats going in the world in general, they still don’t see it. Thats exactly what .gov wants, a false sense of security. They truly are dumb shits that I have no feelings for after trying to tell many the truth. They think I’m the conspiracy nut case.

    • I completely agree. Center-right parties always aggressively prosecute and imprison WNs. Look at Samaras, Theresa May, Putin, Merkel…

      The reality is that the Kosher Right is completely beholden to Jewish power. At least with the Left, there is some degree of autonomy since Israel doesn’t fly with leftist principles.

      The entire AltRight needs to abandon this wishful thinking that an alliance can be made with Zionist Jews. I think that’s an underlying issue within the pro-Trump WN elements. They won’t acknowledge it, but deep down they know that Trump is a huge Zionist. But they tell themselves that some sort of accord can be struck with the Likudniks.

      All Jewish factions want us dead. Bibi supports sending Israel’s rejected Third World migrants into Europe. Based “Rightwing” Jews almost ALWAYS support undermining white ethnonationalism and replacing it with civic nationalism. AltRighters who took up the Ricky Vaughn strategy are playing into Jewry’s hands.

      • Ricky Vaughn was an idiot and so is anyone who supported his “don’t talk about white identity” bullshit. Getting whites to think of themselves as white and being comfortable with that is the whole battle. There is never any benefit to downplaying white identity for some other goal.

        • Don’t talk about White Identity. It doesn’t matter that Trump’s whole immigration agenda, aside from refugees, has stalled because of reasons. You shouldn’t be upset about Antifa having a free hand to riot while you get prosecuted by DOJ for going to free speech rallies. You shouldn’t be mad about mass censorship online either. Do you want the Democrats to win?

  18. It’s because he’s a wignat with bad optics. If only he lost weight and wore a suit, he would have been hired on to the Trump administration.

  19. I love it. This traitor is goin’ down!! I have been cheering the Proud Goys getting locked up since they reject anti semitism and support Trump. This guy actually went to jew weev and Anglin’s camp. Since I believe in meritocracy and despise weakness. The weak and deserving are getting culled, and I like it.

  20. Azzmador sold out 1488 for a Amnat platform. Now watch as Anglin and weev throw him under the bus. And he gets no love from us.

    I told him like i told Cantwell.

    Never sell your soul for a jelly roll.

    • 1) It’s great to see you here, Silverdawn.

      2) For me, it’s GTKRWN or nothing. To hell with that “American nationalist” horseshit.

  21. Time to close ranks and reach out to our fellow Nationalists. Our only difference is which . com were affiliated with.

  22. hey everyone should know he’s a black-bish-porno-obsessed tejas hick creeper, which is why he was repeatedly in jail before (((ds))) scooped him up with the get out of jail card.

    i remember complimenting him after tejas a/m and his “ya i am a mufu racist yo” camera optics. was cool. the next week he was getting his own show. was cool. da (((crypto report))) yo!. i messaged him before his first show, stoked, with a bunch of info on (((mikecf))) aka cernojew. trying to help and all right? seig heil and all right? well no. azz was a complete dickface and was protecting cernojew. that was 2016. that was when i knew that site was fucked and so was anything they touched. tried to warn yall. hilarious how they immediately (((pivoted))) to “american nationalism” after being the most genocidal republican nazi website on da webz!

    fuck (((ds))), fuck (((peinovich))) and his refugees, fuck anglin for hiring (((weev))), fuck that low t ricky vaughn fuck that looks like he’s never played baseball in his life….

    • Come now, KRYST. There are some attractive black women.

      There are certainly more attractive black women out there than honest Jews that serious nationalists can work with.

  23. also, they were busy shilling for the CALEXIT, which was stupid.

    knowing what i knew, i pressed about it. figured they were being funded by (((nefarious people))).

    they whined. “s-s-s-stop c-c-c-counter s-s-s-signaling me” cried anglin.

    he doubled down and kept making shitty CALEXIT articles to make everyone look dumb.

    but the (((nefarious people))) were the ones making him do it. i knew that.

    so i said “man, (((weev))) is such a dirty jew”

    and immediately this azzmador idiot came running into to protect his employer…

    “huh what lol why would you say that you really think that?” said azzmador

    they knew the jig was up

    so azz sent in frontierland, probably a sockpuppet, for more support.

    it was very obvious the whole thing was a coordinated controlled federales shithole back in 2016…

    i am glad their website is gone. they shouldn’t have promoted judaism and zionism while shitting on irish or italian people. especially after proclaiming to be a website for white people……………………………..

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