President Trump: “Journalists” Are Inciting Violence

Absolutely true.

While I have been highly critical of President Trump’s policies, he has been great at calling out and delegitimizing these liars in the fake news media:

“Speaking to reporters before taking off on Marine One, President Trump blamed the media for inciting violence in the U.S. and, when asked if his rhetoric sparked violence, the president specifically told one reporter that “you’re creating violence by your questions.”

“The fake news is creating violence….if the media would write correctly and write accurately and write fairly, you’d have a lot less violence in the country.”
— President Trump

I will give him credit for that.

Trump’s biggest problem is his inability to square these virtue signaling cucks in Congress and their shitty, unpopular True Cons agenda with his own populist campaign promises. Would Trump have built the wall if these people had been on board with it? Probably so, but they aren’t.

Interesting video from Dr. Goebbels for our history buffs:

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  1. An argument can be made (and some of our guys do) for voting for Trump and keeping him in office and the above is a good example. Blaming the media for violence is spot on & something no one around the beltway would ever do.

    The GOP? No one has convinced me yet why keeping them in power means a thing. At least Trump gives us good rhetoric sometimes. The GOP can’t even do that and can always be counted on to virtue signal for our enemies. Other than if your pro supply-side economics, the only argument to vote GOP is the decades old “lesser than two evils” canard which I stopped paying attention to after 2006.

    Trump claiming the GOP is “tough on borders” has probably been the most laughable thing he has said through the midterm elections – it has always been the GOP who have attempted to do amnesty.

    • The answer is, with the blessing of Tin Berners Lee and our friends beavering away as we speak, a new internet, perhaps called something different. This system is now twenty years old and now a plaything for the gatekeepers.

      In the meantime, while we can no longer vote our way out what is to come, tactically Trump is talking the talk, if not yet walking the walk. BUILD IT.

  2. Magic Underwear Mitt says Trump is rayciss, and all his supporters are Nazis! I got my chuckle for the day. Romney is much like Al Sharpton, an old guy desperately trying to stay relevant to the upcoming generation.

  3. Shit Romney was always just obama-lite with the personality of of an undertaker.

    The mormons kiss the jew’s asses, so they get access to israhell, so they can “baptize” the dead jews.

    Saddam Hussein didn’t allow the crazy mormons to promote the lds crap in Iraq, so they got me onboard with the jews and neo-cons for “regime change.”

    As far as trump is concerned, if those invaders from the south were good zionists and genuflected to the jews, he’d build trump towers all over North America to house them.

  4. “I don’t think it’s saying too much to claim that tonight at least 20 million people in Germany and across the German frontier will be listening to the speech of Chancellor Adolf Hitler… The Berliner Tageblatt has asked astonishingly who would pay for these loudspeakers? I would like to calm the gentlemen of the Berliner Tageblatt by assuring them that we still have enough money, thank heaven, to pay for ten loudspeakers.”

    Man, I just loved Dr. Goebbels’ humor! That guy, maybe even more so than the Führer himself, was the very electricity of the NSDAP movement. He would have made one hell of an awesome shitposter!

  5. Mitt Romney, Antifa supporter and Mitt Romney, supporter of a free (haha) press don’t mesh very well. Is he that stupid or that cynical?

  6. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I certainly am dismayed by the fact that the Republicans in general don’t have a solid social media platform that it’s supporters can use to communicate their ideas and thoughts openly. We’re being censored by Marxist speech smothering leftist and I honestly have to question whether or not POTUS intends to make office again come 2020. If I’m out of line here with this observation, please let me know of an alternative social media site I can use that doesn’t butcher every word I write! Thank you

  7. I get weak in the knees when I hear that wonderful, commanding language. Put one in a uniform (wink, wink, you know… “that uniform”) and I’m all his.

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