Joint Chiefs Chair: Troops Sent To Border Will Not “Come In Contact With Immigrants”

President Trump is sending 15,000 troops to the border:

“The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said Monday that U.S. military personnel will not interact with immigrants approaching the U.S. border after President Trump deployed thousands of troops to prepare for the caravan.

“There is no plan for U.S. military forces to be involved in the actual mission of denying people entry to the United States,” Gen. Joseph Dunford said, according to ABC News.

“There is no plan for the soldiers to come in with immigrants or to reinforce the Department of Homeland Security as they are conducting their mission,” he continued. “We are providing enabling capability.”

Military personnel will instead focusing on assisting Border Patrol staff to fill in gaps in physical barriers along the border, ABC reported. …”

As usual, they are being sent solely for the optics of appearing to do something to stop illegal immigration, but will be under orders not to engage the invaders.

Note: We spent $717 billion dollars on the military in August and can’t even use it to defend our own borders. The bill was called the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act.

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  1. Naming a national defense authorization act in honor of the late, unlamented Senator John McTumor must have been done as a joke. This country is finished. And you know what? I’m cool with that.

  2. I was told Posse Comitatus Act forbids the military from being used to enforce domestic policies although the had no problem using the 101 Airborne to forcefully integrate Little Rock schools.

    • I believe Posse Comitatus forbids the military from being used against American citizens. These are 3rd world aliens attempting to invade the country. I see no problem using military force. That’s what the military is supposed to be used for.

  3. Editor’s Note: We can’t take any chances with this Pittsburgh BS. Antifa are already screencapping comments to use to bitch at our host.

    I’m not sure if sending the troops in would do that much good anyway. What, our (40% nonwhite, and 100% sodomite according to people whom I’ve no reason to doubt) Army is going to open fire on a goblin horde that openly admits to marching the women and children in front as human shields? They deployed the military in Camp of Saints too, and in the end it was used to kill the only people who did violently resist the nonwhite takeover…


    …Matt Parrott made a good point when he said that the one good thing about Trump is that he shows that white people want a dog that barks. If we can offer them someone who bites, they’ll be glad to have that too.



    • “Editor’s Note: We can’t take any chances with this Pittsburgh BS. Antifa are already screencapping comments to use to bitch at our host.”


      That’s a good explanation. I understand and I sympathize. 🙂

      If it has to look like that, do you think you could do something else to it, though?

      Could you add more parenthesis?


      …I ain’t right in the head, am I?


    Still think it’s funny ?

    You either want it or you don’t. If don’t … what DO you want ?

    PS : The III %’ers and other militia are there and the military WILL engage. Trump has to say that because of mid terms and so we look like the good guys. ( “We weren’t going to engage … but they fired weapons at us … we had no choice” ) 🙂

    • exactly. Trump will get some good optics when the head of the snake hits the border and is nominally “stopped”. The bulk of the snake, however, will then spread east and west and cross in penny packets at a hundred different places, just the like the last “refugee caravan”, 80% of whom are now new ‘Murkans.

  5. “The Troops” are deploying concertina wire…but will defend nothing ’cause there are no gay discos on the border. Not to worry, mesoamericans. We will let you in. ZOG needs more debt slaves.

    • The brown subhuman horde offers it all – a cheap source of stoop labor and Democrat votes, a new pool of consumers for WAL* MART and Dollar General, cannon fodder for ZOG’s globo-homo military and a way to fill up the pews of Catholic churches and the ranks of labor unions.

      What’s not to like, bigots?

  6. I knew it. Their only mission is to build tent cities for classifying the invaders, set up hygiene facilities, clean water, kitchens ect… They’ll be the engineers to placate the demand of the invaders needs. They will not even stop them from entering.
    I hope I’m wrong.

      • I really don’t think so. Personally, I think it may start with military tribunals and the destruction of the pedophile network that controls the world. But, it really could be anything.

        We’ll find out.

        • I’m rather looking forward to seeing what will replace the Jewnited Snakes, madame. If Whites thought in terms of their racial interests instead of what’s best just for themselves and their immediate circle of friends and family we would be invincible. And Uncle Shmuli knows it.

  7. I was hate listening to NPR yesterday morning. They brought on some former member of the Joints Chief and he was fretting over the use of the military for this purpose. I continue to be amazed that these fools actually think we prefer troops in Iraq rather than on our border.

    The former JC member and the NPR host both spoke derisively of the notion of an invasion, getting suddenly extremely literal. No thought whatsoever about the impact on welfare rolls, and social services from accepting caravans.

    Why in the world is NPR STILL federally funded? It is worse than CNN in terms of bias.

    • National Pinko Radio/ the Corporation for Pinko Broadcasting takes $500 million of your confiscated tax dollars every year, you lowly gentile. That’s in addition to the millions they get from tax-exempt New World Order foundations and trusts.

  8. This morning on 1A, a show on NPR, the anti White Black host read a noxious letter from a Yankee that said Northerners should LET Southerners secede, and pay for their own huvarounds, Medicare, etc. If only we could! Can you imagine the exit of undesirables that would take place if Southern states were able to end federally mandated state welfare benefits? Who thinks the Northerners might then understand Southern displeasure with forced integration? Would the Union accept all the Black immigrants from the seceded South? Wouldn’t that be a sight to see?

      • Honestly? A shitty one. I don’t think William Lind was entirely wrong when he predicted that a new Confederacy would probably absorb most of the worst ideas from the old Fedgov.

        Remember, it was the Southern planter class who caused a lot of our problems in the first place by bringing in the niggers because they were too lazy to pick their own damn cotton. (Same as the modern agricorps having no problem with millions of spics coming to rape their daughters so long as they’re willing to work for slave wages.) It was also they who were Biblically illiterate enough to fall for that dispensationalist crap. They’ve been the biggest Hawk Contingent of the Empire ever since Woodrow Wilson. Jcjif is right on this point at least: we can get the confederacy back, but only after we’ve purged it of all the Lindsey Grahams and Jeff Sessions and John Hagees.

  9. I had a motorcycle accident a year ago, and I was reading about this issue when i saw an article that told the story of an American that had his foot amputated in a motorcycle accident.
    He asked his doctors to take this
    foot home and keep it, the doctors agreed.
    At home he triturated his own foot and put it in tacos, he then invitated his best friends where they ate his grinded foot mixed with the tacos.
    It seems that that vile country is having the grotesque effects of an overdose of drugs, junk food, TV and Jews

    • You can’t blame this on the Gays. Straight White men have chosen to cuck this nation. And not all Gays like to see men who are supposed to lead, cuck.

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