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Calling it a night. 85% in and McSally looks on track for victory. Pima County is all in now. Green Party candidate spoiled the race for the Dems by getting 2%. Rosendale is ahead, but lots of urban Montana is still out. Guess we will see how it pans out in the morning.


Gianforte wins House seat in Montana.


Abrams – 48.3%
Kemp – 50.8%

100% reporting

Stacey Abrams has lost. There isn’t going to be a recount.


Heller loses in Nevada. Dems pick up Senate seat. GOP is now +3 in the Senate. Waiting on Arizona and Montana now.


Heller is in trouble in Nevada. Down 7 points with 73% reporting.


The Dem is now up on Scott Walker by 30,000 votes or so in Wisconsin.


If you are up late, Tester is now losing in Montana. McSally and Heller are up in Arizona and Nevada.


It’s over and the fat lady has sung in the Georgia governor race, but StaAbrams isn’t conceding. Even if she got 100% of votes left to be counted, she would still lose. In fact, she is losing by a greater margin than Gillum who conceded hours ago.


Mike Enoch was just banned from Twitter. Dems must be pretty sore tonight.


Tranny Dem loses Vermont governor race. GOP won governor races in Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio and Vermont. Jewish homosexual won Colorado governor race


It’s always the Jews


The Blue Wave



I’m so happy that Stacey Abrams is about to lose. We endorsed Kemp and said it was important to vote for him. We hit Stacey Abrams with the Black Panthers and for burning the Georgia State Flag.




Gillum lost …

BETO lost …

Abrams is about to LOSE …



The GOP has held on IN SPITE of its shit policy agenda. If they had made the slightest effort to keep populist swing voters, they would have held the House. Most people voted to give Trump and the GOP another chance because it has only been two years and the alternative is, well …


Dems have picked up 26 House seats so far. 3 more than needed to take the House. This doesn’t seem very unusual for a midterm election. Nothing like the 2010 election.


Scott Walker is up by like 3,000 votes in Wisconsin. There isn’t any Blue Wave.


Steve King survives the blue eddy in Iowa.


Rick Scott wins in Florida. GOP now +4.


GOP is now +3 in the Senate. Florida still hasn’t been called.


Josh Hawley wins in Missouri. Senate race. GOP pickup.


DeSantis wins Florida governor race. Gillum loses.


It goes without saying this is shaping up to be a blue eddy. Dems narrowly take the House. GOP increases majority in the Senate. OD is projecting two years of gridlock.


Mike DeWine wins Ohio governor race. GOP hold.


BETO LOSES. Beautiful Ted the Zodiac wins. FOX News calls the Senate for the GOP.


Kobach loses in Kansas.


Kevin Cramer wins in North Dakota. Senate race. GOP pickup.


Mitt Romney wins. Senate race. Please clap.


FOX News projects Dems take House of Representatives.


Mike Braun wins in IN. Joe Manchin wins in WV. Senate races.


Bob Menendez wins in NJ. Marsha Blackburn wins in TN. Senate races.


Andy Barr wins Kentucky 6. Republican hold. FOX News calls it a bellwether. Dems are up 2 House seats.


Kay Ivey wins governor race here in Alabama.


My account is back up on Gab.


Corey Stewart loses. No surprise. Trump didn’t set foot in Virginia to support him.



That’s why I skipped voting for Congress tonight. I don’t support the Republican policy agenda. I’m not satisfied with tweets, lip service and failure theater.

“Long before he was president, Donald Trump was a celebrity, a walking, talking jumble of political incorrectness who rode his billionaire populism all the way to the Oval Office.

But a funny thing happened to Mr. Trump once he became president. At some point he understood that if he was not to fizzle out like so many populists before him—think pro wrestler turned governor Jesse “The Body” Ventura in Minnesota or Arnold “The Terminator” Schwarzenegger in California—he would need to tether his populism to the Republican policy agenda. And, mostly, he has. …”


The military is putting out some fearsome barbed wire on the border. Watch this video to see what happens next. Illegal aliens are being welcomed and taken to processing centers.



I have no idea how this election will turn out. Red Wave or Blue Wave or split decision or status quo the only thing sure to happen is that lots of people will be mad over the result. I’m just ready for it to be over. I voted pink and then only reluctantly. I didn’t see any reason to punish Gov. Kay Ivey or a bunch of Alabama State Supreme Court justices because I am furious with Congress.


Speaking of Doyle, my one and only political allegiance …


I will address Gab’s recent issues after the election is over and the news cycle moves on. In the meantime, I will only be posting here.


As I said elsewhere, if the GOP squeaks by tonight, it will be in spite of their shit agenda of the last two years. They’re running on a massive permanent tax cut for the wealthy and the Charlottesville Resolution.


Well, I voted.

As expected, I voted for sheriff, but I also voted Republican in state races. My wife also voted for Kay Ivey. Screw Congress.

Here we go.

This is your open thread for the 2018 midterm elections.

Here is a look back at some previous elections: 2016 Presidential Election, 2014 Midterm Elections, 2012 Presidential Election, 2010 Midterm Elections. I enthusiastically backed the Republicans in 2010 and 2016. I was neutral in 2012 and 2014. I’m neutral again in 2018.

Note: Someone will be Doyle in less than 24 hours.

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  1. I can’t really tell what will be the best outcome for the movement. On one hand the GOP losing badly might get the movement back on track. On the other hand, the Democrats winning might give movement personalities the excuse that they need to blame the Democrats for president Trump’s failings.

      • I just Gabbed at you a couple hours ago, when you were asking if anyone can see you. You never got my post? I’ll try to find it again.

      • Mine is functional, as far as I can tell. (Being a boomer, I’m not as tech savvy as you ‘kids.’ – LOL)

        OTO, I made a comment that infuriated a faggot on GAB, when I stated ‘freedom of speech is only for white Christians.’ Then I read this over at Cam:

        “Our world has gone beyond the darkness of heathenism: the institutionalization of liberalism has given us hell on earth. Liberals have retained their biologically human exteriors, but inside they have become reptilian monsters. You can’t have rational debates or come to some kind of compromise with a liberal, because rational debates and equitable compromises presuppose some kind of humanity in both parties. That is a fatal error. Liberals have no humanity; they are cold-blooded, heartless reptiles. The advice contained in the old children’s ditty is apropos: “Never smile at a crocodile, Never tip your hat and stop to talk awhile.” You wouldn’t jump into a snake pit and expect to dialogue with the vipers, so why should you expect to dialogue with the liberals? The democratic process was only meant for Christian whites; it was never meant for Christians and colored heathens, nor was it meant for reptilian liberals and Christian whites.” –

        This election will (possibly) give us breathing room. But, as we saw with Kavanaugh, (((those people))) are totally on the side of the Untermenschen, for they truly are ‘sons of their father, the Devil’ as Christ said. They are (they always have been, in fact) ‘lizard people.’

        “I used to enjoy my family’s trips to the local zoo. I enjoyed looking at all the animals, with one exception. I did not enjoy going into the reptile house: I hated the snakes and alligators. No, the word ‘hate’ does not adequately convey how I felt when I saw the reptiles. Something stirred inside, deeper than hatred. I now believe that I sensed the connection between the reptiles and the enemy of mankind. Didn’t the devil assume the form of a reptile when he approached Adam and Eve in the Garden?” – ibid.

        And anyone who claims to be free of ‘outmoded Christian forms’ is merely either on their way to becoming a snake themselves, or are merely apparatchniks of the Satan seed (the CI’s at least have their typology correct….) “You can’t tell the liberals that no multi-racial, multi-cultural civilization has ever survived, because the past has no meaning to reptilian liberals. And you can’t tell the liberals that there has never been a civilization based on the satanic principles of feminism that has flourished as a civilization, because the concept of ‘civilization’ is meaningless to them. Their only concern is for the destruction of the white race. That is the summit of their aspirations. They are envenomed from top to toe with “direst cruelty.” To dialogue with such creatures is suicide.”

        THIS is why the ‘dehumanization’ meme has ALREADY been trotted out – the Khazarian/Talmudic vipers have USED THIS SAME METHODOLOGY many times over….

        I hope and pray, we defeat the Dems. But I also know, that will not save us.
        We need to rescind all sorts of ‘rights’ and restrict them (as our far more intelligent forebears did) to ‘White, Christian, landowning Males,’ once again.

      • Gab’s been so buggy, I have not bothered to go back yet. Now I am hearing of a purge. I am at wait and see right now. I’ll be at OD until then.

          • @hunter wallace: My home page is blank, except for a notice reading ” no new posts”. Have I been “purged”?

        • You’re not missing out on much. The GOP shills are hyperactive right now. It’s probably going to be unbearable for the next week consisting of “muh shitlib tears LOLOLOLOL!!!”

          Gag me.

          Also Torba is being dodgy on the fate of various Gab posters. He says they deleted their own accounts but guys like Silverdawn and Judge Dredd have a different side of the story.

          This Robert Monster guy is giving me bad vibes.

          • If Gab is just going to ban people without explanation than it is worse than twitter because at least twitter gives you a reason and a possible recourse. The idea that one day I will go to log in and my account is just gone with zero explanation is not something I can tolerate.

            We’ll see.

          • Same here.

            I’ve been neglecting my own site for most of this year by shitposting on Gab. I have no incentive to invest so much time there if it is going to be like Twitter and poof my account is gone without any explanation.

      • I can see your account but it appears you only have one post, a pinned one saying ‘follow us at’

        • Georgians are sssoooo lucky the baboon missed it by a hair. Let this be a lesson. If we don’t begin the conversation NOW about founding a new bigger better all white Confederate States … NEXT TIME the apes will win. Except for OD doing a fine job of identifying the Antifa freaks … we’re all, ( including me, ) not doing anything that will change anything. The apes #’s are growing and they have the very very uninformed dumber than a box of rocks women and self hating whites to bolster their ranks. Do you want the south to become N. Korea / Yemen / Tijuana … or a modern Mayberry / 1950’s America / Switzerland ?

          It has to start NOW.

    • All I can say is that we’re going to be a dead movement so long as the GOP continues to hold on to power. I expect 6 more years of inaction. And it’ll probably be too late in 2025, if NPI’s report on whites becoming a minority in 2031 is to be believed.

      Oh well, at least people made some shekels off this WWE-tier kayfabe farce.

    • Tyrone, that is a good point. Which outcome will evoke the least amount of derangement, rationalizing defeat, and 4D chess theories from the movement formerly known as the alt-right (currently known as the neocon-lite)? This is what is killing us.

  2. Pile of shit, these midterms. Republicans don’t deserve my vote. But the alternative is my state turning into California.

  3. We can’t KEEP wandering without a plan yet still bitch each election.


    See, now we’re not buying time for anything. Buy time FOR A REASON from now on. If you think it can’t be done you don’t have imagination. Towel heads have no imagination. We are the imagination kings of the world. Use our strengths.

  4. I’m going to vote against Beto today. Lamar County precinct 3.

    I don’t like Ted Cruz, but he’s a different kind of evil, compared to Beto. All the Republicans are.

    Cruz simply persues the interests of the Oligarchs and Plutocrats. Whereas Beto supports the Mexican invasion, Messicans, Yankee SJWs, and Niggers against White Texans.

    On a local level, the Republican/Democrat dialectic is irrelevant. Everybody running is a traditionalist and D and R are just a way to get your name on the ballot. Like everywhere else in the South, we have one party rule. It’s the influx of Northerners and the Mud Flood that threatens it.

  5. I’m sitting this one out. I might be convinced to vote Trump in 2020 but I am leaning sitting that out too. As for the GOP – I am not voting for the party of neo-liberal economics. Just like I can’t vote for the Democrats who are the party of Black/Hispanic racial politics. Since my family is heavily union it is not in my economic interest to vote GOP who are all right to work clowns and since all the GOP cares about is supply side economics – I’m out.

    Get back to me when they get serious about actually doing anything about the border and a million other things we care about. I will not be holding my breath

    Whoever wins today – nothing changes. The border will remain open. If the GOP wins today, they will go right back to Paul Ryan”s “better way” agenda which will include another attempt at amnesty for DACA sponsored by the Koch brothers and the chamber of commerce. Trump will go back to his Israel-first foreign policy sponsored by Sheldon Adelson.

    If the Democrats win they will probably spend the next two years building a bi-partisan coalition for impeachment or whatever. I don’t care about any of it. There will be no wall. We are still heading for an economic crash due to this massive debt bubble created by Wall st. supply-side policies like banking deregulation. I can’t think of one thing at stake in this election for my family that matters to us at all.

  6. This is why I suggested that we start a recognizable movement or meme to signal that there is a vast swathe, or patchwork of swathes, of the disaffected and disenfranchised who will NOT recognize the legitimacy of this government by casting a ballot.

    I threw out wristbands to just throw something out. We need to make passive aggressiveness aggressive versus just passive, somehow, even if symbolically. Signals and symbols have power after all.

  7. I could be wrong but the Kavanaugh hearings might have had a profound d effect on the outcome.

    A lot of men will look at what happened to Kav and see themselves in his shoes. well organized, competetent, conscientious, professional…hags tried to destroy him.

    My dudes we have the secret ballot.

    • Me having threatened to go all Deliverance on politicians who prosecute our people probably doesn’t look good either. But, whattayagonnado?

      We tried looking good and fighting fair last time around, for all the good it did us. This time around, we’re going for terrifying. James Quantril is going to be our model for Round Two, not Robert E Lee.

  8. The first official murder has been committed by The State in the name of ‘Red Flags’ or ERPO’s:

    Kyle Hunt has put his name behind some obscene anti-anglo propaganda on occasion, and I personally do not forgive or forget such malignancy. Nor has my forgiveness even been petitioned. So I post his salvo here with my own ‘Editor’s Note.’

    But this article is about as important as any that’s ever been published in the history of whatever it is we’re all doing. I have sounded its alarm for several years now. Pay very careful attention to the second video of Trump, especially, and then to the one where the left tries to deal with his numerous references to ‘mental institutions,’ since they seem to be the side that plays good cop in internment at least in political pundit world.

    I grew up right near Trump’s era NYC and witnessed first hand its historic battle over the ‘mentally ill homeless’ blah blah. All throughout the late 70’s and early 80’s we’d hear admonitions of ‘imminent danger’ threatening to issue from their downtrodden crippled souls, yet somehow such prognostications never came to fruition. Years and years and millions and millions of New Yorkers passed along the corridors of the city, yet never did any of these alleged terrors materialize.

    This is because back then 53 independent companies in the US owned ‘the media,’ and the jews had decades to go before accruing the kind of power needed to stage a literal virtual guerrilla war against the goyables.

    It wasn’t until my mid-30’s when Malcolm Gladwell finally explained to me in his book Blink (I think that was the one) exactly what social problems informed the scapegoating of the so-called ‘dangerous’ ‘mentally ill’ refugees of NYC’s rigged capitalism; gangs of young black and hispanic thugs tyrannized the urban landscape in a way the liberal greedfest simply could not countenance, at least on an official level. The ‘mentally ill’ became the screens upon which all the guilt, depravity and narcissism of Jew York City were projected.

    Trump is a denizen and veteran of this world and his words here are not to be ignored. He means every one he utters in this promise to Krav MAGA (the Israeli art of self defense).

    Every one.

  9. This is the first election in my life that I won’t be voting in.

    There hasn’t been on inch on “The Wall” built. The gop does nothing to stop turd worlders from invading. They haven’t protected our monuments and statues, prosecuted WNs, and been hands off with antifa terrorism.

    Nope. I can’t vote anymore for liars working for our disinfranchment and replacement.

  10. There are two or three distinct issues on GAB

    Many or even most accounts have the “no posts found” thing. But that’s supposedly a normal technical glitch and if the account still shows points, number of posts and avatar, it is not banned.

    Many accounts have clearly been banned, most of the active, edgy, explicitly White Nationalist memers. No clear reason given by the admins of GAB, they are probably taking the approach that some forms of hate speech are “violence”. Many of these guys have showed up on other social media and confirmed they were banned.

    In some cases place holder accounts are clearly visible for banned accounts, no avatar, zero posts, that is designed to prevent anyone from re-registering the account name.

    Third category, some accounts appear to be deleted but there is no proof that they were banned yet.

    There are no clear criteria behind any of the bans but basically anyone who says stuff that a journalist can screenshot to make GAB look bad has a good chance of getting banned.

    So, they clearly cucked and are not a free speech platform anymore.

    • I’m going to address the issue in a few days. Right now, everyone is focused on the midterms, so we will give Gab time to sort out their issues while the news cycle is dominated by the election.

      • It seems to me like that is the case.

        I’m wondering if they’re starting to employ algorithms Twitter honed to censor WN accounts and turn our little circle into one useless echo chamber.

        That, and at least some sort of explanation by Torba would be nice – I’ve lost at least 100 followers in the last 24 hours, and that’s with new accounts following me.

        • I can’t prove it, but IMHO there have been efforts to use algorithms to keep the Alt-Right on GAB confined to a echo chamber / ghetto for quite some time, starting about the time the new comments system was implemented.

          • Crud: You may be right about the secret algorithms, but do you really think Torba’s half-assed social media platform is that sophisticated?

  11. I voted for gridlock, which is hard to do in such a vast complex country where I’m one vote, albeit in one of the most contested municipal, district and state levels in our town and country’s history. Pretty major stuff.

    I dedicate this message to the staff at MSNBC, who to my surprise (I take care part of my day of a mostly MSNBC (and CNN) addicted elderly person) found fodder for their coverage of Kavanaugh in my Gab-on-OD account.

    As I walked in the door after going to the polls to the sound of some MSNBC guest commentator droning on about ‘tribe’ and ‘the other’ blippity bloo blah, I took peace at the notion that you never really reeled me in with your lies and delusions.

    It is you that hate my tribe, my otherness, my humanity and dignity – my sheer existence itself.

    No Apologies

  12. The Red Elephants on the Georgia gubernatorial election and the 2nd Amendment

    This is why Elections matter ! Candidate for Governor Stacey Abrams and the House Bill

  13. Why is everyone ignoring my post linking to Renegade’s article?

    No one cares that they’re murdering people for refusing to surrender their guns to some cop or kosher judge without one iota of due process?


      • Thank you, Denise.

        From the article that the Renegade author cites and links to:

        “The “red flag” protective orders are officially known as emergency risk protection orders, and may be sought by family members, police or others to temporarily prohibit people’s access to firearms when they show signs that they are a danger to themselves or others. The law took effect Oct. 1.

        A spokeswoman for the Maryland Judiciary denied a request to see any and all requests for protection orders made at the residence on Linwood Avenue, citing the law, which states that anything related to an order is confidential unless the court rules otherwise.”

        So even though these Red Flag laws are supposed to be addressing emergencies, which is why they’re allowed to be issued (warrants for confiscation) behind closed doors without even notifying the target person, the process is totally opaque afterwards.

        They’re using the excuses of ’emergency’ and ‘dangerous’ to act without due process but what is the justification for secrecy afterwards?

        If, as the most recent salvos claim, it’s not to deal with ‘mental illness’ as some result of brain disease but instead as some spiritual (read political) malady then HIPPA shouldn’t apply. We need scientific evidence for HIPPA to hide what the state does.

        Kavanaugh was placed to validate this abrogation of the Constitution.

        • And I should add that even truly medical issues require due process and vetting. So at least some people (like the defendant/citizen/target for starters) should participate in a court proceeding that observes due process.

          But then they might blab to the people about what our (((overlords))) are really doing.

      • It’s not a brag Denise, it’s a dig. Give me the name of one female politician that even comes anywhere close to a Steve King? If you think we’re going to be lead out of our situation by a woman, you are sadly mistaken. They had a big role in getting us here though, that’s for sure.

    • I can’t believe Florida is going to let felons – probably 98% Dem – vote again. It will be interesting to see if we ever have another non-Dem governor or Senator after the newly elected/current terms expire.

  14. Well, we all witnessed the last election Republicans ever had a fair shot at winning.

    Glad to witness this. It’s time to dryclean the brownshirts. I’m growing my moustache out immediately.

  15. Invade Mexico, create a mined DMZ on their side of the border. Demographic problem solved.

    • Great job covering the disastrous 2018 midterms, HW. I’m glad that gap-toothed cannibal lost its bid to become “Governor” of Georgia. It’s also good news that niggerboy Gillum lost in Florida. The only real winner last night was Uncle Shmuli.

    • If you’ve ever been to the US Mexican “border” you can see how both sides are becoming virtually indistinguishable.

  16. Election Results for Lamar County, Texas.

    United States Senator (Vote For 1)

    Precincts Reporting: 100%




    Ted Cruz




    Beto O’Rourke




    Neal M. Dikeman




    United States Representative, District 4 (Vote For 1)

    Precincts Reporting: 100%




    John Ratcliffe




    Catherine Krantz




    Ken Ashby




    Governor (Vote For 1)

    Precincts Reporting: 100%




    Greg Abbott




    Lupe Valdez




    Mark Jay Tippetts




    Lieutenant Governor (Vote For 1)

    Precincts Reporting: 100%




    Dan Patrick




    Mike Collier




    Kerry Douglas McKennon




    Attorney General (Vote For 1)

    Precincts Reporting: 100%




    Ken Paxton




    Justin Nelson




    Michael Ray Harris



    Voter turnout


    Ballots Cast


    Registered Voters


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