Kyrsten Sinema Wins Arizona Senate Race

I’ve heard that Arizona is different than Florida.

Arizonans vote primarily through mail in ballots. In any case, Kyrsten Sinema has been declared the winner of the Arizona Senate race and Martha McSally has conceded:

“PHOENIX — Representative Kyrsten Sinema, a Democrat and former social worker, scored a groundbreaking victory in the race for a Senate seat in Arizona on Monday, defeating her Republican opponent after waging a campaign in which she embraced solidly centrist positions, according to The Associated Press.

Ms. Sinema’s victory over Martha McSally, a Republican congresswoman and former Air Force pilot, marks the first Democratic triumph since 1976 in a battle for an open Senate seat in Arizona. Ms. Sinema takes the seat being vacated by Jeff Flake, a Republican who retired after publicly clashing with President Trump.

Ms. Sinema’s victory guarantees the Democrats at least 47 Senate seats. Republicans control 51, with two still undecided: Florida, where there is a recount, and Mississippi, where there is a runoff. …”

A week later, Democrats seem to be “finding” new ballots in tight races all over the country. It is not just Arizona, Florida and Georgia. This is also going on in California and Texas. It is only a small taste of the “democracy” that we can expect in the 2020s, 2030s and 2040s.

Note: How many illegal aliens do you think voted in these states?

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  1. With Mitt Romney and Collins the Democrats could have an even tie in the Senate if they manage to steal the Florida Senate seat.

  2. Another leftist white female who’s anti-White males, champions sexual and cultural diversity, and hates the NRA.

    Repeal the 19th and 14th Amendments, and while you’re at it; deport ALL illegal immigrants.

    • Republicans hate white males too. Its why they import all the third world scum that take white jobs, destroy their communities and vote against them.

      Next election I’m going to turn over a new leaf. Intead of voting for the lesser of two evils, I’m going to vote for both evils, because I really love evil!

    • “November Man”

      Repeal the 19th and 14th Amendments, and while you’re at it; deport ALL illegal immigrants.

      And the 17th, too.

  3. Everyone who knows me knows I speak the brutal truth with zero fucks given. With that being said,it is my belief that women should not be allowed to vote or ever be in a position over men. I am Michael Weaver and I approve of this message.

      • @Gabby

        Women have caring and altruistic qualities to a higher degree than men, and there’s nothing wrong with that-when applied to their own children and people. But in politics it leads to disaster because their compassion is mistakenly directed at incompatible savages who won’t return the favor. When the West becomes Islamic in possibly your lifetime, women will suffer the most at the hands of these Muslim’s, that women wanted the most to help. Your granddaughter could be wearing a burqua by late century, and she’ll have no rights.
        In Australia we have nationalist politicians who are trying to help us reverse this-but owing to the non-white, and female vote, we can’t get them installed.
        Having said that, I wish far more women thought and voted like Denise and you likely do.
        That blond, bespectacled lady in the picture above is very attractive-I bet the koranimals and muds would love to get their hands on her!

      • Lots of NPC’s on the WQ here. Especially@ Gabby Mouse- — you’ve swallowed the approved Talking Points hook, line & sinker.

        • Carl Green Whatsa matta, little guy? Don’t like a woman who has a mind of her own and doesn’t follow the feminist crap? In short, little fella, fuck off.

    • The problem is not that women vote. The problem is single women and single white women in particular vote for open borders, welfare and big daddy government. What man could possibly compete with big daddy government unless he makes six figures and is a Chad Thundercock? If we as a race ever get out if this, voting must be restricted to only those who have skin in the game. Married men and women, servicemen and women, business owners and property owners have skin in the game. Welfare dependents and young single women sure as Hell don’t. Universal sufferage has been handily used against us by the Tribe and their brown minions.

    • I agree for the most part. I think married mothers probably should be allowed to vote. Childless women and single mothers should not have a vote.

      • I know married women with kids who vote solid Democrat and are every bit as liberal as their single sisters. Don’t leave any loopholes open for women. Repeal 19 across the board, no exceptions!

      • What is the point of allowing them to vote at all? If they vote in the same way as their husbands, it’s superfluous. If they vote against their husbands, it’s pernicious. So either way, it’s best to eliminate that.

        Of course, democracy is pretty much a suicide pact regardless, since it always incentivizes expanding the franchise with new voters, even if it means importing them by the tens of millions from festering shitholes. Nothing good can come of it, IMO.

        • I agree, none of us should vote. Those few of us who might be capable of logical thought, will welcome the exclusion of our dumber members from the decision making process.

      • That would enable a lot of yids and Asians to vote. Make it real clear and simple: a White nation with no voting rights for non-Whites women.

      • Most people with high IQs are hardcore libtards. There are exceptions. (like me) Hillary Clinton would have won with a landslide if only people with an IQ above 115 voted.

        • Quote:

          Most people with high IQs are hardcore libtards. There are exceptions. (like me) Hillary Clinton would have won with a landslide if only people with an IQ above 115 voted.

          For someone claiming a ‘high IQ’ you didn’t realize that the period should have been placed after the text in parentheses. In other words, it goes at the END of the sentence. What I infer from your comment is that stupid people put Trump in office and smart people voted for Hil LIE ary, who LOST the election. I voted for Trump; however, I no longer support him due to his constant talk but no action. Does that make my IQ lower than 115? Also, tell me-would you have preferred that Granny Mao won the election?

  4. I take a dim view of States who resolve their elections in the days following Election Day, particularly in light of how much early voting goes on, and how early it can be.

    That said, I do not believe it is my right, as a Tarheel, to tell Arizona who, and or how, they select those who will represent them.

      • Everything I learned about Southern Honour as a child, tells me you don’t compromise it because others are dishonourable

        • Well, no doubt your bow tie will be perfectly creased and meticulously even, then, and will be a great consolation as your enemies, who don’t give a damn about your self-binding Rules, trample over the grave of your nation.

          • Dear Ironsides, If we have to become our enemies to beat them, better to stay where we are and maintain course according to Chryst, who said that The Meek shall inherit the earth.

            Of course, what he really meant was not that the weak shall inherit the earth, but that those who choose not to be diabolical and ruthless.

      • One other olde Southern Rule – you don’t stick your nose into others’ folks business, and you don’t let them stick their nose into yours.

        Arizona does not tell North Carolina how, what, and why.

          • Power, Yes, following the rules like good little automatons and being polite and circumspect had brought us to this sad state.

          • Dear G,

            Leaving out the myriad White Gentiles, North and South, East & West, who vastly outnumber the Jews in the coalition that they built is too reductionistick.

            The problem with America is not nearly so much Jews as it is lazy Whites who not only do not care about anything outside their front door, in many cases, they do not even care what goes on inside their front door.

        • @juniusdaniel1828

          “Arizona does not tell North Carolina how, what, and why.”

          It ain’t Arizona. It’s those sixteen states north of the Ohio River and Mason/Dixon and their colonies on the Pacific Coast.

          More specifically, their state governments, their Congressmen and Senators, and the hordes of Jew dazed SJWs who vote for them, and who outnumber Northern Normies by a huge factor. The “Yankees” we’re always talking about. Not the ordinary folks who just try to live as best they can, up North.

        • Junius, it’s people like you who have made our side lose spectacularly.

          Observing the rules is only possible when the other side is equally genteel. When they aren’t, it simply becomes a matter of stroking one’s own ego with “honor” virtue-signaling while actually betraying your own people by allowing them to be conquered and destroyed by a foe who scorns your scruples.

          Sometimes one has to sacrifice even one’s self-image for the good of your Volk.

          • Dear Ironsides,

            On the contrary, if more Southerners were like me, we would not even need to be at Occidental Dissent griping, for there would be few, if any, of these problems, confronting us today.

            If you doubt it, check with Dr. Hill on the subject.

            All the best to you and yours.

  5. I’m proud of the fact I didn’t vote. I’m not playing ZOG’s game anymore. Let the whole evil system devour itself.

  6. So on Tuesday night, the night of the election, the media called the race for McSally, with 99% ballots reporting. And McSally had a decent lead. I wonder how this BULLSHIT scam is able to skate by?
    SHTF is almost upon us. Preppers prep.

  7. Wasn’t this Sinema running down her own state? Why didn’t this elitist bitch lose by 20 points? Besides the standard Hispanifraud, I wonder how many Californians that voted to destroy their state moved to Arizona to continue their societal suicide campaign.

  8. “How many illegal aliens do you think voted in these states?”

    Beto campaigned among Mexican nationals, on both sides of the border.

    News out of Dallas showed him among some savages, speaking Spanish, that didn’t look like U.S. citizens, or even Texans, to me.

    They looked like people the Texas Rangers used to hunt down and kill in defense of the Republic.

    As an aside, Beto talks like a Yankee. Sounds like one,too.

  9. If states like Arizona are going Blue, you’d think Ethnarch and Co would be having some cold sweats and getting on the Partition bandwagon.

    Wasn’t this “Tilt Republican”?

  10. I have no sympathy for GOP. For decades they have stood by, actively or passively, supporting the brown flood destroying the country. Now the chickens have come to roost. Now they’re at the mercy of recounts and run offs just to hold on. Their backs are against the wall and that’s where their backs should be.

    • Amd I have little sympathy for the stupid lazy whites who coninue to vote for GOP traitors, instead of building their own representation. They are future South Africans.

  11. I have heard the TRS guys say that Trump should just cancel the 2020 election. You don’t give power to a left-wing mob, right? That’s really the last hope. This dumbocracy is a suicide pact. We tried voting and it’s obviously failed. Our representatives have thrown the game to the Marxists over and over. Heritage America has been replaced. Buckle in, goys. It’s going to be a bumpy ride from here.

  12. Democracy has only ever succeeded has for European people and then under certain conditions: limited in form – guaranteed by larger , more stable structures and undergirded by a single, foundational order : ie church and culture.

    The Bretton Parliament , for example , an institution set up for the self-government of the Bretton People under the French monarchy was probably the world’s most successful democracy and that venerable institution spanned more centuries than the US has been in existence. During the Revolution 1779, the Sons of Liberty abolished the Bretton Parliament (of course), along with the Bretton language (illegal until the 1970s) when the Infernal Columns marched into the Vendee to ethnically eradicate the Bretton population: royalist and Catholic and opposed to Revolutionary Manifesto.

    The Cultural Vanguard of America’s founding European nations and its heritage population must remove demon-cracy as a political weapon of the non-European minorities whose insurrections merely serve the hostile Tribal Supremacy.

    Democracy and the Postmodern Will to Power – uploaded by Vertigo Politix

  13. I was rooting for Kyrsten Sinema, mostly because I’m tired of somebody who was in an elective war being given an office just because they’re a damn veteran.

  14. In a perfect society women shouldn’t vote. I agree. It should only be white men who are married with children and who pay taxes. But I don’t understand this tendency to paint most white women as enemies or as stupid as is being done here. Before the age of Trump , the sex gap in the white race was only 7% in the voting booth. In the age of Trump it is 11%. White women are the closest allies white men have. Stop trashing them all the time. And why do 30% to 40% of white men vote for Democrats repeatedly? How come that never gets criticized? A lot of you act as if 90% of white men vote Republican while only 30% of white women do when that clearly isn’t the case.

    • It never gets criticized because their argument against women’s suffrage subsequently falls apart, it’s confirmation bias or the suppressed evidence fallacy.

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