Humor Break: Southern Accents and Southern Stereotypes in Talladega Nights

James Edwards, Eddie and I are off tonight at The Political Cesspool. So I’m sure lots of our OD readers are worried where they will go to find a Southern humor fix.

Well don’t worry.

Here’s a link to lots and lots of Southern humor, Southern stereotypes and just great Southern accents. I hate Hollywood, but I love this movie:

Talladega Nights Starring Will Ferrell

The worst ever behaved sons are fantastic – I love the Southern accents.



  1. I’m not sure about Southern accents. It lacks polish and refinement. Australian accents are perhaps the best in the world-its clear, sexy, smart and the benchmark for the entire world. Notice how in every pop song you hear, whether they’re American, European or Australian, they sing with Australian accents?!
    We have a sophisticated sense of humor too!!!
    The sooner the whole Western world adopts the Aussie accent, the better!

    • I’ll agree that Australian accents are the clearest, and perhaps the most pleasant of the Anglo dialects. But as for sexiest? No. That crown goes to the Scots. There’s nothing sexier than a beautiful lady with a thick Scottish accent. It’s just oozing with raw lust in a way that nothing else can approach.

    • @john: I can do a convincing Aussie accent. In fact I’m typing this out using it. Is there any significant difference between the accents of Australians and New Zealanders?

      • @Spahn

        Not much difference-only in words where an ‘I’ is present. In Australia, ‘six’,’fish’ or ‘chips’ sounds just how they’re spelt. In NZ they’re pronounced ‘sex’, ‘fesh’ and ‘cheps’. They just don’t do their I’s like the rest of us. Other than that, not much variance.

    • john writes:

      “I’m not sure about Southern accents. It lacks polish and refinement”

      I respond:

      This isn’t the educated, Southern gentleman Southern accent – it’s the lower class White hell raiser Southern accent and these terrifying brats are hilarious!

      I’ve been falling on the floor laughing all weekend.

    • @Stephan

      That ol bloke was describing Australian pub talk to a tea! I’m sure North American and Brits are also that bad! As for myself-I’m an upstanding citizen…..I never swear!

  2. How can you like this movie as a Southerner? The Jewish stereotypes are so blatant and atrocious (I think it’s the producer who is married to a Jew). Personally, I loath it.

    It’s like that Jew Sasha Baron Cohen making fun of antisemites as a parody. They are parodying Southerners in a vile way and I can’t stand to see Southerners not realize “Hey, you’re the butt of the joke, stupid”

  3. I like the movies Easy Rider and Deliverance, but their portrayal of rural Southerners is less than kind. Not totally inaccurate perhaps but you can sense the semitic fear and hostility towards them.

  4. I just like the Southern accents.

    yeah, it’s Hollywood – like Mel Brooks’ Blazing Saddles.

    Or the Beverley Hillbillies.

    I’m not saying this is a positive accurate presentation of our Southern people – but….

    Well, it’s funny – and the Southern accents are great.

    What can I say?

    It’s a fallen world.

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