Andrew Gillum Concedes Florida Governor’s Race

We have another loser.

Actually, we have three losers.

Andrew Gillum ran for governor in Florida. Stacey Abrams ran for governor in Georgia. Ben Jealous ran for governor in Maryland. All three are black and still lost in the biggest Dem wave since Watergate. Could the GOP have won these races without support from White Nationalists?

Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, GOODBYE

Note: I’m not sure if this data point means anything, but we were cynical and disengaged in the midterm elections except for the two governor races in Florida and Georgia.

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  1. he can just run again in 2022, where he will win thanks to felons voting and puerto ricans moving to the state. not to mention democrats just openly steal elections in florida now. useless guys like rick scott do nothing to stop this. let’s not even get into jeb.

    as with kemp in georgia, desantis is probably the last republican governor of florida.

    the only question that’s not clear is whether african politicians like gillum and abrams will just keep being recycled every election as the democrat gets closer to winning each election cycle, or will democrat infighting every primary cause churn, so that it’s a different far leftist trying to take the spoils of political victory over the europeans.

    ben jealous didn’t have much chance in maryland. larry hogan is the incumbent, and is somewhat popular. who knows why though. he sucks as a republican, but is not nearly far left enough for democrats. nevertheless it’s always harder to dislodge incumbents, it’s always harder to beat candidates that are popular. the mayor of baltimore just installed yet another affirmative action police chief. i’m sure he’ll do as good a job as the last couple AA police chiefs.

    sticking with african candidates is the smart strategy in the south for democrats, they will keep that 95% of the african bloc vote, which is key for winning. trying different stuff like running feminist hags or jews is more risky, since the africans don’t turn out to vote for them reliably every time.

    this is why i think it’s smartest for the democrats to run kamala harris or cory booker in 2020. but it all depends on how ambitious the other democrat candidates are in the primaries.

    • They know the cake is baked in.

      Rule # 1 of warfare: do what your enemy DOESN’T want you to.

      Our Enemy wants us to keep trying to “take back America” entire; also know as the Enoch/Johnson “Slow Cleanse” and “trust the plan”.

      The Enemy doesn’t want Partition, followed by the Northern Alliance, followed by Space because it means we win and they lose.

  2. Our poor White children and grandchildren will have to suffer to these orcs in the future. Amerika will become South Africa 2.0 with the politics of Mao’s China if something is not done now.

  3. Demographics are destiny. So it’s clear that a non-white, Leftist takeover of the United States is inevitable. We’ve only forestalled this by electing Trump. But the reprieve is not destined to last long.

    • Yes 21st … that’s why we need to re-create a bigger better Confederate States for whites only. No single one of us has all the answers, but let’s encourage the top few patriots to meet at least once a month and “get some ideas out and get the conversation going regarding secession.” Wallace, Duke, Hill, John B. Wells, Taylor, Brimelow and Spencer.

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