Democrat Congressman Threatens The Nuclear Option


I’ve always said that the Democrats would radicalize under President Trump before eventually returning to power, but the polarization of the incoming 116th Congress speaks for itself:

“U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell on Friday said the U.S. government would use its nuclear weapons in a hypothetical war against Second Amendment supporters refusing to give up their firearms.

The California Democrat, who is openly considering a run for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination in 2020, made the outlandish remark on social media after a gun-rights advocate pointed out that the lawmaker once called for gun owners to surrender their assault weapons. …”

Give us your guns or we will nuke you.

Have you given any thought to where this is going? What is this country going to be like when people like Rep. Eric Swalwell return to power, the MAGA agenda has failed due to obstruction and President Trump has been removed from office? What are you going to do then?

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  1. There are a lot of conservatives and even alt-righters like Wigger Anglin who are telling us that armed resistance is futile, it’s exactly what the enemy wants us to attempt so they can take away our last remaining freedoms. We need to wake up and educate the masses first, they say. Then form a political party, send our kids to law school, journalism school, etc and establish a foothold in the social institutions. But all of that would take decades, time that we don’t have. What Anglin and his male admirers are basically saying is let’s do nothing. Except make sick jokes about gang raping sluts and then killing them, or having sex with Japanese robots.

    When are we going to get fucking serious? The enemy is becoming more organized and aggressive every day.

    • Nah, most of the guys over on the Stormer forums think that things are headed south and that TINVOWOOT at the moment. They can’t say anything beyond making the observation because they’ll be banned, however.

      Anglin’s view on the USA’s future is NOT shared by scads of ordinary posters over there. Though like people here, they’re not sure what to do other than stockpile stuff and try to network a bit in reality to prepare for whatever horrors are soon to follow.

    • >>There are a lot of conservatives and even alt-righters like Wigger Anglin who are telling us that armed resistance is futile, it’s exactly what the enemy wants us to attempt so they can take away our last remaining freedoms.

      What freedoms?

      Freedom to decide who you chose to employ or do business with? Gone even before my mom was born.

      (Unless of course you don’t want to do business with someone because “racist.” Then you’ll have your house burned down if you DON’T purge that motherfucker.)

      Freedom to not to have your land seized by rich capitalist bastards who’ll be better at using it in ways to make tax money for rich statist bastards, who then happily bail out said capitalists with YOUR TAX DOLLARS when they fuck up the economy? Talk to Susette Kelo about that.

      Freedom to run a business and not have it arbitrarily shut down? Oh please, you can’t even run a lemonade stand in this country unless you fill out the requisite forms, pay your fees and then bend over for the CorpGov branding iron.

      Freedom not to die in some pointless imperialistic war on behalf of the bloodsucking oil barons and a tribe of iron age savages who somehow made it into the modern era with a religion that is the very embodiment of cosmic narcissism? Well, they won’t draft you anymore, but they reserve the right to do should it ever be required. And if you want anything approaching a social safety net in your old age then four years of sucking on depleted uranium is the best way to get it.

      Freedom not to have your very children taken from you for crimethink? Talk to a couple in New Jersey who had their kid taken for naming them after Hitler. Or talk to THOUSANDS of parents in Georgia who lost their kids to DFCS because they’re poor and the state thinks it could adopt them out to rich yuppies.

      Your First Amendment? You have the right to use it, you also have the right to get the living shit kicked out of you by System Auxiliaries for doing so; they’ll never be punished and you’ll face federal charges if you try to defend yourself.

      Your Second Amendment? You can own a gun, but the System reserves the right to take it away for any reason or for no reason. If you fight back or resist in any way, you’ll be shot.

      Your right to life? Well, not if you’re an unborn baby, and if you’re poor and old or sick then you have to lose absolutely everything you own from the medical bills. What’s the point of even leaving an inheritance if the nursing home and mortuary takes it all? We’re probably heading to the point where they just go ahead and give you the needle once you’re deemed too unproductive or annoying to be worth treating.

      Multiple American citizens have died in drone strikes. Granted, most of these were “paper Americans” whose families had no good reason to be on this continent in the first place, but the precedent is set. There were no court verdicts or warrants of arrest or any other pretense of due process; the President or someone else in the Federal Government signed off on the deaths of these people, and not long thereafter they were dead. The only thing standing between you as an American citizens and instant death is the fact that everyone in FedGov thinks you’re too boring to be worth killing.

      Oh well… we’re still free to bitch about it I suppose, so long as we’re careful about the solutions we propose. We’re gonna lose even that soon. I would say that we are not free, and I don’t know if we’ve ever been. Certainly not since my great, great, great granddaddy took off his grey uniform.

      If we were ever gonna rise up for our freedoms then it should have happened with our grandparents.

    • “Anglin who are telling us that armed resistance is futile”

      The reason the (((establishment))) are pushing to have all the speech, and all of the guns, is because they are having nightmares about White rebellion.

      “When are we going to get fucking serious?”

      When it is time to fight you will know it, because the shit will be hitting the fan all over the place.

      “The enemy is becoming more organized and aggressive every day.”

      A Democrat saying he will nuke his fellow Americans, if they won’t do what he wants is great! They are doing the work for us.

  2. Normal Americans need to be armed……the military is always out of the country and the cops just arrest peaceful marchers instead of real criminals, and are corrupt, cucked….and crooked.
    Lets just think about this for a moment……..ummm, yeah keep your weapons. He doesn’t sound very convincing somehow.

  3. I wouldn’t lose any sleep over this progtard’s threat. The men and women that are responsible for arming and launching nuclear weapons are more likely to nuke “blue” states filled with G.I. hating SJWs than citizens exercising their constitutional right to bear arms.

    Personally, I’ve new met anyone who served in the us military that wasn’t pro-second amendment.

  4. These guns havent done anything to stop the erosion of our freedoms, as many advertise that they do.

    First say, then do. That is how the brain is wired. Partition.

  5. If this Swalwell is being serious about nukes, and not just being a sniveling and snarky left coast metrosexual, just how could the FedGov nuke gun owners and/or patriot militias without simultaneously destroying *huge* amounts of American citizen non-combatants in the same geographical areas as the militias? They could not.
    We know that the FedGov was willing to slaughter civilian non-combatants at Dresden, and Hiroshima, but are they now also ready to nuke their own citizens? Is California to be the first state whose government *officially* goes full-out Bolshevik? We live in crazy times.

    • @Joe Putnam

      “Is California to be the first state whose government *officially* goes full-out Bolshevik? We live in crazy times.”

      It’ll revert back to Mexico. In many ways, it already has.

      Every year, Mexicans devastate the state with the deliberate, spiteful fires they set. Neither USZOG or CALIZOG will do anything about it.

  6. The more and more anti-White hatred becomes transparent the more and more normies are going to wake up. Screaming hatred is a good trend and needs to continue. 2020 should be a very interesting year.

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