Antifa Get Violent Again In Philadelphia and Portland

I’ve watched Antifa get violent and disrupt so many rightwing events across the country now that I am officially bored with it. How long will this be allowed to continue?


4 arrested in Philadelphia:

“On the south side of Market, several hundred counterprotesters denounced white supremacy and bigotry in a gathering that felt at times like a street festival. Attendees frequently chanted, sang, and sometimes danced as a Sousaphone player belted out tunes including the Action News theme song. Many attendees carried signs saying “No racism, sexism, fascism” or addressing related themes.

The competing rallies featured only sporadic tensions, and there was no indication of attendance by neo-Nazis, white supremacists, or members of hate groups such as the Proud Boys or Three Percenters, as had been predicted on various online sites.

Police Commissioner Richard Ross said four people were arrested, including a 23-year-old man who allegedly got into a fight on the north end of Independence Mall as the protests wound down and punched a responding police captain. The others arrested were a 31-year-old woman for disorderly conduct, a 35-year-old man for failure to disperse, and a 26-year-old man for failure to disperse and marijuana possession. Their names were not released. …”


6 arrested in Portland:

“Dueling rallies concluded with police trying to separate members of Vancouver, Washington-based Patriot Prayer and counter-demonstrators as the two groups quarreled in the streets Saturday afternoon.

Media at the scene reported small scuffles breaking out, and police reported six arrests. The scene unfolded days after Portland City Council voted down Mayor Ted Wheeler’s proposed ordinance to regulate some protests. …”

The Alt-Right has finally accepted the fact that we have a weak president who doesn’t control his own administration and that life has been getting worse for two years now:

“The Trump Administration is the worst of both worlds in that it creates the illusion of a vigorous, nationalist government—that accomplishes nothing. The president’s opponents can call themselves the #Resistance and pose as rebels and underdogs, while never paying any price for their actions. …”

As we see in Philadelphia and Portland above, now that the Alt-Right has learned its lesson and has stopped engaging with these people, they have moved on to attacking conservative events. They continue to do this every weekend because they have nothing to fear from the Trump Justice Department which has chosen to prosecute the Rise Above Movement and Julian Assange.

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  1. OD is doing the greatest service to the Confederacy by identifying all these vermin. Get their pic’s up EVERYWHERE.

    • In 2016 Whitaker said in exasperation about Trump and the WN leadership’s support of him, “They are actually serious about this guy!”

      There is no chance in a rigged game. No one gets to that level in politics, unless they are liberals or respectable conservatives. They have a vetting process.

  2. Anybody still sticking his neck out for the orange buffoon deserves whatever he gets. The silver lining is that these Antifa goons don’t realize they’ve won, and they keep making asses of themselves.

    They’re attacking the most cucked-out useless opposition, like Patriot Prayer. How long before they get the “hate group” designation from the lugenpresse? Seems like being attacked by masked lefty goons is all it takes now.

    • Conservatives aren’t opposition to the left. The job of the conservative is to make the left’s idiotic policies look rationable and reasonable.

      Now conservatives are useful idiots that have outlived their purpose, and now the left is putting them up against the wall.

  3. That opening “press” blurb was sooooooooooooo effin’ gay! Gag reflex kickin’ in…those “counterprotesters” better watch out! Badass ol’ Drumpf is ‘a-comin’. (not)

  4. Philadelphia: a verifiable SHITHOLE due to itz majority of nonwhites and nutbag black, brown, and leftist city government. Get a good chuckle though if you watch the “parking wars” TV program where the city fucks, and fucks hard, it’s many, many, nigger residents.

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