Rick Scott Wins Florida Senate Race

We have another loser.

Rick Scott has defeated Bill Nelson in the Florida Senate race:

“Florida’s long-time Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson conceded to Republican challenger Gov. Rick Scott Sunday, drawing the hotly contested race to represent the Sunshine State to a close after 12 days of legal wrangling.

According to the Florida Secretary of State’s office, Scott led Nelson by approximately 10,000 votes after the state’s 67 counties completed machine and manual recounts

Nelson, who served three terms in the U.S. Senate, met his match in Scott, who launched a competitive campaign for Florida votes. Scott, a two-term governor of the state, said Nelson called him to “graciously” concede and that Scott, in turn, thanked Nelson for his years of service. Scott has now won narrow victories in three statewide races since 2010. …”

The Democrats tried and failed to steal it.

We’re going to have a 53-47 Senate after the Republican wins the runoff election in Mississippi. It will effectively be a 51-49 Senate though with Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse. There is also Lisa Murkowski who refused to vote for Kavanaugh. Aside from judicial nominations, what is the Senate going to do for the next two years anyway? Comprehensive immigration reform?

Note: Don’t be surprised if a Republican Senate and a Democratic House might get that across the finish line for their donors. The Republican House has blocked it before.

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  1. It is evident, from watching him, that President Trump is already trying to lay the groundwork for a successful run for reelection in 2020.

    That revolves around two things –

    #1. Shoring up his base, with The Wall, or something close to it.

    #2. Shoring up the discrepancy between those Blacks who approve of him (near 40%) and those who just voted for The GOP in The Midterms – less than 20%

    Prison Reform is aimed at #2.

    The showdown over the budget, coming, will be aimed at #1.

  2. It’s going to be gridlock for 2 years if we’re lucky. I won’t be surprised if a “bipartisan” pro Amnesty bill passes both houses. Will Trump sign it? All the coming caravans can’t keep pilling up in Mexico. God forbid the military is used to drive them away. The military is too busy being used to start WWIII.

  3. I can’t stand the man and haven’t been able to figure out how he lasted so long other than he had outside (((help))).

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