Israel: Ministers Approve Bill To Block Pornography

A few days ago, Politico Magazine ran a story called How the GOP Gave Up on Porn:

“The Year Was 1976. Republicans were reeling from Watergate. Christian conservatives were defecting to the Democratic Party. And Jerry Falwell, the Virginia preacher with a booming Baptist congregation and a popular radio show, decided he could no longer sit on the sidelines as he saw American culture succumbing to the creeping forces of secularism. The precipitating event was an interview given by Jimmy Carter, in which the Democratic presidential nominee admitted to having “looked on a lot of women with lust,” and “committed adultery in my heart many times.” Carter had never acted on such temptation, he implied, but the admission kept him humble: “Christ says, don’t consider yourself better than someone else because one guy screws a whole bunch of women while the other guy is loyal to his wife.” …”

Meanwhile, this is what is going on in Israel right now:

“The Ministerial Committee for Legislation on Sunday unanimously approved a bill forcing Israeli internet providers to censor pornography by default — a move the bill’s proponents claim aims to clamp down on rampant underage access to adult content online.

Under the terms of the bill, users who want to opt out of the censorship in order to access pornography online would be required to notify their service providers either in writing, by phone, or via the service provider’s website.

The committee’s vote to green-light the measure means the bill will now head to the Knesset to start the process of legislative approval. …”

I don’t even have to say who is the biggest promoter of pornography and sexual deviancy in the United States or who is the biggest supporter of refugee resettlement or who is the biggest enemy of ethnonationalism. Israelis and American Jews are at odds on lots of issues though. Haaretz has criticized both the pornography ban and the ethnostate bill.

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  1. unsurprsing.

    Jews have deployed a kosher Culture of Death – legalized abortion, porn, faggotry, and Judeo-feminism – to kill the White birthrate.

    while sustaining the Jew birthrate.

    • The global jew population has remained more or less constant for decades. The ultra orthodox / hasidic satmar types have large families, but that’s only because half their offspring are retarded and incapable of reproducing.

  2. “Israelis and American Jews are at odds on lots of issues though…”

    How very very true, moreover, the conflict between Secular-Humanitarian Jews (Judeo-Bolsheviks, generally) and observant Jews is vast, in any country.

    Nothing more illustrates this than the alliance between Israel and Hungary, or, more specifically, Orban and Netanyahu, for the very mention of such a thing will send most American Jews into a verbal tailspin.

    • ITZ just more jew subversion and trickery. That Jews are ultimately divided is rubbish. We see them hanging together every day on all matters important to their domination of host populations. Witness the poor White who honestly and innocently questions jewish motives or actions on any topic, for he will be set upon with a whirlwind of hate like you cannot believe. He will feel the vicious wrath of every every jew within 100 miles. Jews are divided? Hardly.

  3. Isn’t it interesting how democracy does what is good for Jews in Israel, but it never does what is good for Whites in White countries?

    • That is why it’s called Jewmocracy. Jewry run the porn industry often the actors are Jewish too. They openly stated their intentions are to undermine Christianity and to turn white men snd women sgainst each other. They have done precisely that and crushed the white birthrates across the West.

  4. “Israelis and American Jews are at odds on lots of issues”

    – No, they are not. They only seem to be at odds because as Whites, we generally assume that someone is either be “for pornography” or “against pornography.” But this is not how the Jewish mind works. Jews want chaos and destruction for us, but they desire a healthy and traditional social order for themselves, so they make and promote pornography in OUR lands but outlaw it in their own land.

    Don’t be fooled into thinking that Netanyahu is some sort of “conservative.” Yes, he is a conservative for HIS people, but no Jew is a conservative for our people.

    Jews do not hold universally applicable views as Whites do. In other words, Jews do not have a single “view” about border walls, immigration, abortion, race-mixing, or pornography. On any issue, Jews always have two views: one view that applies to their people and another view that applies to ours – and these two views are always totally opposed.

    Chaos, destruction, and death for us, order and life for themselves – this is what they believe and what they seek. It is the essence of their tribal mentality and its binary “morality.”

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