NY Times: Geno-Economists Say DNA Can Predict Our Chances Of Success

You’ve got to love The New York Times.

The lies that we are all forced to live under in the Editorial section are constantly being undermined by what is on display in the Science section:

“IN 1999, a trio of economists emerged from a conference at the University of California, Los Angeles, squinting without sunglasses in the unfamiliar sun, and began a slow walk through the hills overlooking the city. The three of them — a Harvard economist-in-training, Daniel Benjamin, and the Harvard economists Edward Glaeser and David Laibson — were reeling. They had just learned about a new field, neuroeconomics, which applies economic analysis to brain science in an effort to understand human choices. Now they were strolling through the taxonomy of midday joggers and dog-walkers in Los Angeles, talking all the while about how people become what they are. Benjamin recalls feeling very out of place. “Everyone was so beautiful,” he says.

The economists spent the walk discussing what else they could measure across such a wide variety of human beings. By the time the sun began to set, the conversation landed on the very building blocks of life. “If economists are studying the brain,” Laibson asked, “what about studying genes?” …”

He went into his program believing that our social environment is largely the cause of our outcomes, and that biology is usually the dependent variable. By the end of his time, he says, the causal arrow in his mind had pretty much flipped the other way: “I tried to show for a range of outcomes that the genetic models were overstating the impact of genetics because of their crazy assumptions.” He sighs. “But I ended up showing that they’re right.” …

If what Benjamin’s study claims to measure is controversial, consider what it doesn’t measure. The study only draws on the DNA of white people — Europeans, Icelanders, Caucasians in North America, Australia and the United Kingdom. And that’s in part because only those groups, along with Chinese nationals, have given over their D.N.A. in large enough numbers to achieve the statistical power that geno-economics researchers need. …

But even if the same numbers of people from all races provided their data, one group would still have to be excluded from the study: people with recent genetic roots in Africa, which is to say both Africans, African-Americans and many Latinos. This racial exclusion has to do with the origins of modern humans. When a group of people on what is now the continent of Africa decided, some 50,000 to 70,000 years ago, to go see what the rest of the world was about, they formed what geneticists call a “population bottleneck.” The small group that walked off the continent formed the small gene pool from which all non-African people — whether a Caucasian or a Han Chinese — descend. …”

The world in which we can predict all sorts of things about the future based on saliva samples — personality traits, cognitive abilities, life outcomes — is happening in the next five years,” Benjamin says. “Now is the time to prepare for that.”

Basically, if there was any merit to ideas like the blank slate, dogmatic anti-racism and human equality, which are heretical to question in our society, this sort of thing would be impossible. You wouldn’t be able to use these polygenic scores to detect genetic differences that lead to favorable economic outcomes between Whites much less between Whites and other races.

It just so happens that Zhores Medvedev, the Soviet scientist who discredited Lysenkoism and who was declared insane, stripped of his citizenship and confined to a mental hospital, died on Thursday. How many American scientists do you think will be discredited like Lysenko when the truth comes out about race realism and blacks find out they were lied to about Wakanda?

Note: A few months ago, The New York Times ran an explosive editorial by a geneticist about how race actually exists and the establishment is at risk of being discredited by science. He argued that “well-meaning people” had dug themselves into “an indefensible position” and needed to be preparing society for a soft landing from egalitarianism.

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  1. Have you read Adjustment Day? It is by the same author that did fight club. In Adjustment Day America has split up into three ethno-states. Caucasia, Blacktopia, and Gaysia. Blacktopia leads the world in science and brings forth the science they hid from the white man during colonialism. Caucasia is like a Mormon settlement with multiple wives in a feudal agrarian settlement. Gaysia is a nation for LGBTQ people. When a child is born heterosexual in Gaysia they trade it for a Gay child born in Caucasia. Anyway I think it is the authors way of using satire to lampoon liberal insanity. No Hispanic state they were all deported back to Mexico. Alas Blacktopia is in the deep South.Very similar to the 4 states the Black Panthers want for their own Ethno-State.

  2. “This racial exclusion, [Negroids vs all other human life forms!] has to do with the origins of modern humans. When a group of people on what is now the continent of Africa decided, some 50,000 to 70,000 years ago, to go see what the rest of the world was about, they formed what geneticists call a “population bottleneck.” The small group that walked off the continent formed the small gene pool from which all non-African people — whether a Caucasian or a Han Chinese — descend. …” Emphasis Added

    It would appear to this writer that an equally viable condition could have occurred, that a threatened group could have been fleeing for their lives in the face of extinction from the savage Negroids.

    • Balls. Skeletal remains in China have been found, that predate the (((Out of Afreaka))) fraud by thousands of years. Jews possess a LOT of Negro DNA. Hence their constant advocacy for the Congoids everywhere excepting Israel.

  3. I live in area wich has Portuguese, Poles, Germans and Negroes.
    Portuguese are dumb, lazy and gross, Poles are dumb, lack initiative but are likeable, Germans are hard working, intelligent but very gullible, naive and bow down to their women, Negros are retarded, treacherous, lazy, crIminals, subservient, some are funny.
    Women don’t differ too much from race to race. They talk, talk and talk, and have only inane ideas.
    It’s in all the genes.

    • No, Dear Nemo, you are incorrect.

      Moreover, you fall into grievous reductionism by failing to observe individual exceptional.

      Some is in the genes, not more.

      • Aren’t people like Thomas Sowell outliers, which make them exceptions to the rule? In other words, the general rule is correct, but not true in every single case.

        • I do agree with rules of thumb, Mr. Lamoureux, so long as one evaluates the individual for possible outliers, as you say.

      • Mr. JDaniel, “Moreover, you fall into grievous reductionism by failing to observe individual exceptional.”
        You are indoctrinated with Jewish nonsense.

        Stereotypes are funny and true.
        You must be a white American male, 2% Ashkenazi, 2% black, 5% Choctaw. overweighted, overmedicated, and the only thing you care about is to finish your 8h work and start watching that baseball thing with a beer and a donut.

        Have an excellent week!

  4. They are wrong.

    Until his death, my uncle was the leading scientist in the world in Behavioral Embryology (why we become what we are) and his model, now accepted throughout the world was thus…

    Genes (inherited traits)

    Environment (food, parents, community, air, time in history)

    Nervous System (soul of the individual and it’s state of mind)

    All three co-simultaneously co-acting with each other, from conception, to produce who you are.

    Take the same genes, and put them into different environments, and you get a very different outcome.

    For Identitarians and Nationalists this is a vindication, because it clearly demonstrates how inexchangeable aspects of a person’s development are to his well-being, upon which the heath and welfare of communities are baset.

  5. So a group of Jewish scientists writing for the mouthpiece of Jewish neoliberalism argue that the rich are genetically superior to the poor and therefore the injustices of Capitalism are justified? Why is that surprising? Of course they would! It has nothing to do with race, they made it clear that everyone in their study was White.

    Well it DOES have to do with race actually, Jews are the most economically successful group so according to the NY times, they are the superior group we must all bow to.

    • Jews are successful for 2 reasons. 1) Their mono-maniacal obsession with promoting their own kind – WHICH WE NEED TO LEARN TO DO. 2) their success lies in the fact that their “religion” permits them to lie, cheat, steal, deceive, and murder, in order to benefit themselves. These “beliefs” are an advantage when dealing with honest, good, Human populations. They breed for those traits. Remember this.

      • Very right you are, Miss Denise.

        Yet, I do believe you have omitted one reason which is particularly applicable to The White Southern Race – apathy, or, rather, an indifference that became learned when, in the middle of the previous century, the frustration of defeat became too much to bear.

        In The South we have everything we need to rule ourselves, yet, by our absencia, we create a vacuum which others are only too willing to fill.

    • And the Oscar for Least Convincing Attempt by a Jew to Sound Antisemitic goes, as usual, to Jijcf.

  6. This only proves what we understood instinctually.

    Can you imagine the reactions from the SJWs, conflict theory ideologues, protarded egalitarians, and the foremost (((deceivers))) of the “black slate ” bullshit.

    Just like some kooks still believe that the earth is flat even when presented with overwhelming evidence to the contrary; the dysgenic mobs of cultural marxists will never accept that their most cherished beliefs are null and void rubbish.

    I wouldn’t expect our enemies to raise the white flag of surrender, after the science of genetic racial differences are revealed as unassailable and their moronic delusion of race as a “social construct ” discredited forever.

  7. They’re finding more and more paleontological evidence in Europe and Asia, to the effect that the idea that Eurasians are descended from, or evolved from a common ancestor with Niggers, is simply not true.

    • ‘Evidence’, Dear Jimmie, always appears just about the time whoever is ruling feels the need for it to be…

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