South Africa Approves Land Confiscation Without Compensation

In August, we said the withdrawal of the bill was only going to be a temporary reprieve. It was nice that President Trump tweeted about the issue, but there was no follow up action.

Now, South Africa is gearing up to take the plunge:

“(CNN)Its proponents say it will help unlock economic potential; critics say it could lead to ruin in Africa’s most advanced economy.

Now, after months of contentious public hearings across South Africa and scores of parliamentary debates, a parliamentary review committee took the next step in the controversial policy of expropriation of land without compensation by recommending that a constitutional change be enacted.

“South Africans have spoken loud and clear, and we listened to their cry,” said Lewis Nzimande, the co-chair of the committee. …”

Zimbabwe is what all “Rainbow Nations” end up looking like in the end. South Africa is just the latest example of the endgame for Whites under multiracial democracy.

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    • South Africa is headed toward a sharp, short civil war, and then a partition of the country. The Boers took on the British Army, caused many British casualties, and then the Brits decided to leave the Boers alone. That will be the outcome of this mess. Lots of dead darkies from direct and indirect confrontations too.

  1. Hopefully some more of the Boers can move to Mother Russia! If there are to be refugees may they be White Christians.

    And the Boers need to dismantle the nukes on the way out!

  2. the obvious course of action is to begin allowing south africans to come to the US. probably not something the US will allow in big numbers, but that’s what trump and staff SHOULD do. i have friends from south africa and anything else aside, they would be highly productive citizens.

    the bad part – how do you know that a million south africans won’t show up in the US…and start voting democrat?

    immigrants from europe vote about 50-50, so that’s about the best you can hope for, on the national questions issue – a wash. nothing that moves the needle politically. so if you’re counting on ‘saving’ the south africans, you might be disappointed when they turn around and vote for the enemy.

    there is probably no place on earth where republicans can bring in reinforcements or allies from. even cubans start voting democrat after the second generation. even the vietnamese do.

  3. I say this with no malice intended- just give Africa back to the blacks. Its theirs. All whites need to emigrate to other white nations and just leave Africa for the blacks, and come what may. My only hope is that the blacks there can look after themselves-so they don’t end up following the whites who leave.
    Trump, Putin, Orban and Salvini should be making offers to resettle the WSA’s-not just a token number, but all of them. Why they’re not doing more is beyond me.
    I want the best for both sides.

    • Yes, Africa for the Africans. The Boers should return to Holland and bring some strong Christian values back to that degenerate mess of a country.

    • That’s retarded John. Wny don’t you give Australia to the Aboriginees and Americans give America back to the injuns then? And we’ll all go home and the coloreds will stop chasing us demanding to live with us. Ha ha! You are a funny guy.

      “my only hope is that the blacks there can look after themselves-so they don’t end up following the whites who leave.”

      Hope less/use your brain more, john.

      They are low IQ and can’t maintain civilization. Without us giving them help they starve.

      They follow Whites to Europe, non-Whites chase us to wherever we live – because they can’t maintain civilization.

      Read some news stories from the last 50 years about Africa and use your eyes.

  4. I hate Trump at this point but I will give small credit where it’s due. His tweet without doing anything was useless in terms of physical action. However it force memed the South African Genocide into the White Publics conciousness. Anyone who started really researching it as a result could be well on the way to being Redpilled, and want to help our kin in South Africa

  5. It is catching. Nambia is going to take White land as well.

    Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for everyone!

    Not only do Whites lose their land, they get to keep the debt. So if a White borrows half a million to buy a farm in Africa, the blacks can take it from you, and you still owe the banks half a million. What a deal! Who in their right mind would invest in Africa?

  6. The nigras will starve. Good. there won’t be enough White people left to feed nigras anymore, in comparison to population levels. And then Nature will rule again.

    • @Denice, I wish that the shaved apes would starve and cannibalize each other, but we both know that the jewnited states would intervene with shipments of food and water, the Christian churches would rally their congregations to not only feed them, but to bring them here. Don’t forget the uber kumbaya Scandinavian nations that care more for non-whites than their own native Nordic populations.

      The best case scenario after the WSAs have left would be for the blacks to revert to the norm, and have intertribal genocidal wars.

  7. It’s getting closer to the time that SA Whites have three choices-fight, flee or die. They have to make that choice and make it NOW.

  8. When the Niggers begin to starve and succumb to disease, and they Will, it won’t be the Chinese or Japanese rushing food and medicine to the scene. Or Israel, or Mexico, either.

    • He picked a Jewish handbag designer for the world’s rich and famous, to be ambassador in a White Genocide zone? Are they kidding??? Would he pick such an obviously unqualified person to be ambassador to Israel? I don’t think so. It is safe to say that Trump is treating South Africa like a joke. He’s rubbing it in our faces now.

  9. This just a thought, but could we throw some of the White South Africans a life preserver by marrying ones that are single and breeding age?

    These couplings would produce the next generation of White warriors.

    This has been done in other war zones (e.g., Ukraine and Croatia) recently.

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