Steve Bannon Addresses Oxford Union

Steve Bannon had to be smuggled into Oxford Union in the back of a police van yesterday and when he got there he spent his time condemning Nazis and the KKK in Charlottesville:

“Former Donald Trump adviser Steve Bannon reportedly had to be smuggled into a university talk in the back of a police van to avoid angry protesters.

The controversial right-wing strategist spoke at the Oxford Union last night where some 1,000 protesters clashed with police outside the campus.

He sparked furious scenes at the student event as he compared the KKK to Black Lives Matter.

Hundreds surrounded the police cordon and body-slammed into officers protecting the two main entrances as officers blocked marchers getting inside.

The gates were said to have been shut by police two hours before Bannon was due to arrive at the event and numerous police officers in full riot gear were needed to get him inside, the Oxford Mail reports. …”

Everyone hates Steve Bannon now.

We hate him.

The Alt-Right hates him.

President Trump hates him.

Marine Le Pen recently cut ties with him. Jair Bolsonoro recently said he has nothing to do with him. Bannon’s shtick is trying to coopt populist movements he had nothing to do with creating. He even came to Alabama and tried to associate himself with Roy Moore.

Bannon’s latest project is trying to centralize European nationalist movements into something he calls “The Movement” which will be under the thumb of an obscure Belgian Jewish lawyer known for fighting anti-Semitism whose political party has virtually no power:

“Steve Bannon has met most of them. But the former White House chief strategist didn’t partner up with any of them when he set out to unite the continent’s fractious hard right under the auspices of a single club that he calls “The Movement.”

Instead Bannon, whom many believe played a critical role in getting Donald Trump elected as president and who is bringing the funding for the new movement, chose Modrikamen as his main man in Europe. He’s a Jewish lawyer whose party has one seat in parliament and who has been at the forefront of the fight against the kingdom’s anti-Semitism problem. …

Whatever the reason for Bannon’s choice, the fact that Modrikamen, 52, is Jewish and has led the charge against anti-Semitism in his country can’t be bad for the movement he heads — his members are regularly accused of xenophobia, racism and anti-Semitism. …

In his own country, the leading far-right party, the Flemish Interest, “are not people I’m particularly keen on having contact with because of their history,” he said. Nazi collaborators supported the movements that eventually evolved into the party of today. …

Bannon, who has said “ethno-nationalists” are not welcome in The Movement, Modrikamen has to walk a fine line between promoting the idea of strongly individualist nation states and tight borders on the one hand, and the racism and xenophobia prevalent on the far right.

“I want to protect The Movement from extremists, from racists. I want to be its guardian in a sense,” he said. And while Modrikamen excludes neither Flemish Interest nor the Party for Freedom, “pushback is not surprising” given his selective approach. …”

More on that here:

“BRUSSELS (JTA) — Europe has pro-Trump populists far more powerful and better known than Mischael Modrikamen, the leader of Belgium’s small People’s Party. …

Instead Bannon, whom many believe played a critical role in getting Donald Trump elected as president and who is bringing the funding for the new movement, chose Modrikamen as his main man in Europe. He’s a Jewish lawyer whose party has one seat in parliament and who has been at the forefront of the fight against the kingdom’s anti-Semitism problem. …

In 2014, he said about his party in an interview for Le Soir: “We condemn the far right, we condemn racism. We are part of the democratic camp.” In 2010, the French edition of the news site Slate called Modrikamen “Belgium’s Sarkozy.” …

The Movement is planning an international summit next year, he said. Support for Israel is currently in the statutes of The Movement. …

Last month, Gerolf Annemans, a European Parliament lawmaker for Flemish Interest, said his party would not join The Movement because of Modrikamen, whom Annemans called a “charlatan.”

Marcel de Graaff, the leader of the Dutch Party for Freedom in the European Parliament, also said his party “distances itself” from The Movement.

“We welcome Steve Bannon’s support,” he said, “but within The Movement there are people whom we absolutely do not want to be associated with.” …

Modrikamen has bitter experience with guarding political bodies from extremists.

In 2010, he ejected Laurent Louis, at that time the only lawmaker of his newly founded Popular Party, after he had expressed racist comments. Louis had “an impeccable record” before joining the ticket, Modrikamen said. But after his expulsion from the party, Louis became one of Belgium’s best-known career anti-Semites, a provocateur and a convicted Holocaust denier.

“When he started to express unacceptable views, we immediately reacted by expelling him. And this was at the cost of the public funding for the party that we totally lost. But we were firm on our principles,” Modrikamen said. …”

What’s the goal of The Movement? Gatekeeping out ethnonationalists.

This is Steve Bannon’s most blatant attempt yet to coopt and subvert nationalist movements on behalf of his Jewish donors. They want to hijack European nationalist parties and make them as ineffective as the GOP under Donald Trump which has done nothing for the last two years except push for “pro-Israel” policies. This was the real purpose of the Alt-Lite in the United States.

The Snake must be chased out of Europe before it is too late!

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  1. Thanks. Very informative. Didn’t really know how much of a scuzball Bannon is. Still hoping and praying you patriots form a monthly think tank : Wallace, Spencer, Hill, Duke, Brimelow, Taylor, and I’d even try and get John B. Wells to join you.

  2. I loathe Bannon. Anyone who aligns himself with a (((lawyer))) or a (((politician))) is doing their bidding. Jews don’t align with – or support – anyone who is crusading for their own people and not crusading for Jews. Why the heck is Modrikamen in Belgium anyway? He should be in Israel with his fellow Satanists.

    Oxford let Bannon speak only because both their bosses are in the same cult.

  3. The Jew Kay government allowed this drunken zio-propagandist to travel to cuck island, but banned the world renowned historian and director of the Institute for Historical Review.

    England is truly the juden’s bitch.

  4. Bannon condemns the KKK- but do they even do anything much these days? Just a few obese men sitting around doing nothing. They need to get fit, get active and update their image. I’ve never seen a klansman or woman on tv who doesn’t have the figure of a grizzly bear.

    • The Klan was subverted by the FBI. And it was this subversion that did all the dastardly deeds. Most people don’t know that it was created to protect whites during Reconstruction.

  5. Mr. Bannon has been a help, but, listening to his sanitized rebuttals can be vexingly ridiculous, and this appearance was certainly no exception.

  6. Wait… So Bannon is physically attacked by anti-White thugs. They would tear him limb from limb, if they were allowed to. So he responds by attacking the only Pro Whites who would stand up to these thugs in the street.

    Its got to be a mental illness with these people!

    • People are going to make fun of his group, calling it ‘The Bowel Movement’ or ‘Bannon’s Bowel Movement’. Bannon is a funny guy.

  7. The Earl of Spencer and “Doctor” Duke are not much better than Bannon. Unless you are explicitly and unapologetically pro-White/anti-jew you’ll get no support from me.

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