The Pittsburgh Massacre: Why is Anti-Semitism on the Rise?

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

I’ve given this a lot of thought and have come to similar conclusions. It’s not just Jews who are responsible for this. There are also Yankees who come from a Calvinist background, but who over the course of several generations have lost touch with their religious roots. They have become puritanical degenerates ready to scold and excommunicate anyone who questions gay marriage.

Have you ever wondered why the UK is so screwed up? It is rooted in evangelical Christianity: the emotionalism, the sentimentalism, the smug, crusading do gooder missionary who knows it all and sees himself as a model of all humanity. In the UK, there are now post-evangelical evangelicals who have ceased to believe in God and who have also lost touch with their religious heritage, but who are still animated by its impulses which have been hitched to various secular ideologies.

Jews are the most extreme case. Rabbi David Bar-Hayim fails to mention here that the vast bulk of Jews in the United States (at least 75 percent to 80 percent) would fall into this category. Just as there are post-Calvinists and post-evangelicals, there are post-Jews. These post-Jews are also highly concentrated in culture forming institutions like the media and the universities.

Jews are the vanguard of these degenerate social movements and are often conflated with them due to their own historical experience and high level of commitment to atheism and secularism. The cosmopolitan elite, however, includes not only post-Jewish atheists, but also post-Catholic atheists and post-Calvinist atheists and post-evangelical atheists who bring their own baggage to the table.

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  1. We can start with entertaiment and sports industry dominated by blacks.It’s how the subverting natural sense of identity especially with thump hip hop music; whigger.Country folk lore and classical culture for the young generation.

  2. Hunter, I urge you to read “The Slaughter of Cities” by E. Michael Jones. My husband and I are currently reading it, and it’s quite interesting. Even only a few pages in, it seems to explain much of what has been happening in America.

  3. “Have you ever wondered why the UK is so screwed up? It is rooted in evangelical Christianity: the emotionalism, the sentimentalism, the smug, crusading do gooder missionary who knows it all and sees himself as a model of all humanity.”

    The Briddish Elite that sold out to the jews as far back as Cromwell at least, and allowed them to use the Empire and its muscle to act as its Golem enforcer of the Jew World Disorder couldn’t have had anything to do with it, right?

  4. Can one of you “southroners” define what “yankee” means to you? Is someone from Ohio a “yankee”? How about Minnesota?

    • @hansfranksavatar

      Can one of you “southroners” define what “yankee” means to you? Is someone from Ohio a “yankee”? How about Minnesota?

      A Yankee is somebody from the North who happens to be an SJW/Communist busy body, a stooge of the Jews, or a Jew.

      For example, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi are Yankees. Danica Patrick is just some gal from Wisconsin.

          • Depends on the German- when, where and how they came. and what they did during the Civil War.
            If from Ohio, during it’s Founding and building times- coming form the North East and Pennsylvania. most likely they are Civil War Yankees. and Yankees of a sort as they intermarried with Founding stock English Yankees.

            They have much to be proud of. Amazing culture and people.
            and were not in the habit of cheering for the enemy. Loyalty was not something that had to be debated. It comes natural.

        • Hillary Clinton isn’t a Yankee either. Her family is pretty new here. Only from the Grand Parents or great grand parents on both sides.

          it depends on your ancestry if you are from Ohio. Are you from new comers? or from the first families that built it from before it was a State? If the latter- then you are a probably a Yankee. And that’s a good thing. Never mind these dingbats.

          • As a born and bred Minnesotan, yes, this state could easily fill in for the ‘dumb yokel’ type of Yankee, exemplified most recently in Garrison Keillor and his “Lake Wobegon” scenarios.

            Trouble is, ‘Yankeedom’ is of recent development among the rank and file of Wobegoners… (meaning voting Socialist/Democrat), though Minnesotans have a long history of anarchic sentiment, via their Protestantism.

            Just as the Greek-Americans in “Assachusetts” (and most of the rest of the country) are all overwhelmingly ‘Democrat,’ primarily because ‘Democracy’ means something different in Greek, than it does in modern American English (and because so many Greek emigres were not of the intelligentia or the noble class)…

            Well, the same can be said of Scandic/Germanic Minnesota- except the Greeks at least had their Ethnic Orthodoxy, whereas the confessional Lutheranism of each of the Scandic countries (Augustana (Swedish) Lutheran Synod, Danish Lutheran Church, Lutheran Church of America (Norwegian) were all amalgamated into the godless, apostate ELCA, starting in the mid- 20th Century, and the Social Gospel took over from Confessional Lutheranism, somewhere around the late 1960’s… and then all hell broke loose. But that is something we all know about Let me try to delineate a bit more, as far as Minnesota is concerned.

            You get the 19th Century Norwegian/Swedish/Danish peasant mindset, that, given the heady brew of ‘All men are created equal’ luring them here, began to actually think of themselves AS the Equal to the Kings and Aristos that they had left behind! Now, dumb farmers are ubiquitous the world over… but the Finns are/were the dumbest of them all in this arena, and this is a verifiable statement; in that the Arrowhead (the area north of Duluth, and the Iron Range) were largely Finnish in nationality, and yet THERE was the first place to go ‘Red’ in the early 1920’s, when the Bolsheviks (Jewish Commies) started their ‘conversion’ experience to make America the next Communist Russia, not five years after the October Revolution!

            There is a lot of Jewish/Bolshevik agitator crap that still has yet to be exhumed, to be ‘mined’ (as it were) from the actions of Yid-loving subversives on gullible Minnesotans, back in the early days of the 20th Century. [ Jew Fred Friendly’s book ‘Minnesota Rag’ gives just a tantalizing glimpse into the shift from ethnic isolation, to muticultural Minnesota, a hundred yeaers ago…) It’s all still hidden in the newspapers, journals, membership lists and the names of the early Union organizers ‘up north;’ and was only incarnated in the public eye via the one Iron Range Jew to become famous – one Mr. Zimmerman, who became a ‘folk hero’ in the 1950’s – Yes, the Jew Bob ‘Dylan.’ – (who still had to hide the fact he was a Yid….)

            Were these peasant/yeoman Minnesotan stock (now just talking about Minnesota Scandihoovians, you understand) good citizens, and useful members of society? Oh, ja sure, you betcha! But they also were not grounded in the exacting disciplines of rhetoric, philosophy, and the common intellectual hierarchy that medieval Catholicism had bequeathed to the West, via the University. We had the U of M, but that was mostly for the Anglos in the Twin Cities for a loooong time… Because of the Reformation, and the fallacy of ‘all men can understand the Bible, apart from the voice of the Church,’ Most MN emigres – coming from Lutheran Scandinavia and Northern Germany, were ALREADY the archetypical revolutionary- they had imbibed Lutheran error for centuries, and had then descended even further from intellectual rigor, by devolving into a sickening Pietism, via the writings and life of Hauge.

            About then, the ‘Norwegian Bachelor Farmer’ – who knew how to grow corn, or wheat, but not much else, began to vote in large numbers as a Democratic Bloc …but couldn’t spot a Kulturlos Jew, or a greasy Middle Eastern charlatan, if you paid them – think of how “Ali Hakim” cons the folks in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s first musical, Oklahoma – even though Scandic Eddie Albert portrayed him in the movie, it would have been better to have had Peter Lorre, or some other Jew do so – but then, R&H were both Jews, and they had just gotten started in THEIR Kulturkampf, and needed the shekels to write their future miscegenationist musicals like South Pacific, and King and I, and their ultimate anti-Nazi paean, Sound of Music — but I digress.

            So, yes, Minnesotans are a lesser, stupider type of Yankee, when compared to the once-Calvinist, WCF type of New Englander. who even into the 1950’s were said to always vote Republican – think about it. Just stop, and think of it. All personifications of Upper Midwest folk: from Ole and Lena, to Mrs. Olson, to The Farmer’s Daughter, to Hubert Humphrey, to Garry Keillor’s smug stupid liberalism, to the recent nadir of Minnesota voting in TWO nigger Moslems in the recent midterms, show a total LACK OF INTELLIGENCE. It’s the image of the gullible boob, present (yes) in Yankee Mark Twain, but also made quite clear in native Minnesotan Sinclair Lewis’ books, such as Main Street, Babbitt, and Elmer Gantry.

            It’s one of the reasons I never fit in. I’m not Scandinavian, and I couldn’t stand that ‘Jante Law’ conformity, that is so stifling in the frigid Tundra. What is that?

            You’re not to think you are anything special
            You’re not to think you are as good as we are
            You’re not to think you are smarter than we are
            You’re not to convince yourself that you are better than we are
            You’re not to think you know more than we do
            You’re not to think you are more important than we are
            You’re not to think you are good at anything
            You’re not to laugh at us
            You’re not to think anyone cares about you
            You’re not to think you can teach us anything

            and the unspoken last one, ‘Don’t think we don’t know a lot we could mention about you, either!’ –

            Uff Da.

          • LOL, Father John. We’re transplants to upper Wisconsin ourselves from the East Coast, and I couldn’t agree more. We have much the same here as you do in MN. We call them scrub-Swedes. We keep pretty much to ourselves, probably being considered ‘Catholic outta-staters’ still by the natives, but that’s all right, too. Part of the problem is that they have little or no experience with the negro or spic so think they are just the same as they are, just a bit more highly colored. One nice lady in town here told me she would love to just wander around Chicago to take in the sights. We even have a couple of transplanted lesbians running a store in town and most of the people seem unaware of their affiliation, which I spotted within 1 second. The best thing about where we live is the isolation. I haven’t seen a nog in about 2 years.

    • Dear Mr. Frank,

      For me, a Yankee is someone born, and or raised principally north of The Mason-Dixon Line, though, that said, many of the border areas, such as lower and central Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, have Southerners.

      Obviously there are many sorts of Yankees, though, for the sake of brevity, I’ll say there are 3 larger categories – New England Yankee, Northeastern Non-New England Yankee (Eastern New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland) and, lastly, The Midwestern Yankee.

      For me, the only type of Yankee I have a problem with is the one with I think of as afflicted with what I refer to as New England Yankee-itus, or, that is, this belief that their understanding of life constitutes a set of universal values to which the whole world ought aspire, and, if they do not, then it is incumbent upon The U.S. to bludgeon, ridicule, bomb, blockade, and usurp them, until they do.

      Moreover, let me mention that, among Yankees, particularly of The Midwestern ilk, there are Copperheads, or, those who, though they are Northern of custom, generally agree, and or feel sympathetick to, The Southern Way of thinking and or Weltanschauung.

      There, I hope that helps.

      • you forgot the Cali (know it all) category of yankee. really the term ‘yankee’ is applicable to anyone who from another region moves to the South and/or 1) whines about and/or 2) denigrates its culture, traditions, and history. This designation also especially includes carpetbagger politicians/academics who move to the South, and insert themselves into our political/educational institutions with the explicit aim of ousting every form of conservatism or conservative values/laws and Southern history they can. in mannerism, yankees are generally obnoxious politically, socially, and personally. even if secularly inclined, in ethos exhibit mindset of foaming at the mouth evangelicals, and puritans/prohibitionists whose mission is to ensure that no one is having fun anywhere at any time. that about sums it up.

        • but those kinds of evangelicals are mainly Southerners. Not Yankees. As are most of the 500 dry/ blue law prohibitionist the USA are in the South. Unless you want to count the Yankees in Alaska- who also have a large number of blue law dry counties.

          Yankees are great. And that pretty much sums that up.

          There are a lot of foreigners, new- Americans and Jews in the Alt Rightosphere,.i notice.

        • Dear Kikz, you are right, though, the far Western Yankee I consider to be the most virulant kind of New England Yankee.

          Moreover, I did not attempt to give a complete answer which could take up an entire book, some of which you have correctly mentioned!

        • Yankees are people who descend from those who fought for the Union in the Civil War. And inside the North itself they are people who descend from the original New England founding stock. Nearly 100 million people. 20 + million from the Mayflower alone. Yankees have an amazing history and culture(s) too. It is not defined by our enemies,new- Yankees or shills for foreign powers looking to start trouble amongst Americans.

          ” in ethos exhibit mindset of foaming at the mouth evangelicals, and puritans/prohibitionists whose mission is to ensure that no one is having fun anywhere at any time.”

          You say that like it’s a bad thing.

          I didn’t come to carpetbag. But i saw Pastor David in the article and read the postings. So i comment. Not wanting any Yankee to be made ashamed by any eternal victim group or anyone else whose identity and cohesion is built in part or in whole on bitching about another group.

          anyway, That was transcendent of Pastor David Bar-Hayim. I am grateful. He is trying to be a Light unto the nations. to say that it’s okay and normal and healthy- and Biblcially sanctioned to want to preserve your nation. Even a sacred duty to. Even some sub-nations -like in the US. with our Southerners and then the different Yankees.
          I sometimes listen to him . Also Pastors Kahane- both brothers. And Pastor Ginsburgh,.
          They are devoted to the nation of Israel and Jewish people. They say the darnndest things sometimes. But so do we. So it’s okay.

    • While geography has something to do with it otherwise is is someone who is arrogant and knows all about the Southerners and has a desire to crush all historic Southern ideals.

  5. Was it really anti-Semitism? Should we automatically believe what the MSM says about the motives of the Pittsburgh shooter? I don’t recall seeing any pics of the crime scene. Conversely, much was made public about the Vegas shooting except ascribing a motive to him. It’s not uncommon to discover Jews themselves committing acts against their own people.

  6. This split between religious Jews and ‘post-Jews’ is interesting. It’s clear that many traditional Jews (and many Israelis) feel the way this Rabbi does. Religious Jews in the US also tend to be poorer, and have to deal with the negative consequences of ‘diversity’ in ways that the wealthier ‘post-Jews’ do not. Religious Jews are as aware as any of us that secular Jews are at the forefront of these changes, but they are very reluctant to call them out since they fear that any normalization of anti-Semitism will blow back on them. It’s an interesting problem. And perhaps an opportunity.

    • I am a Jew. There is another factor as far as calling out the Jews responsible for societal decay. Some of the Torah observant Jews are have become dependent on the largesse of assimilated Jews in order to keep their communities viable. The cost of privately educating children in families with an average of around ten kids per family can be staggering. Some assimilated Jews who have money support the schools through their generosity. It seems to me that some of the people who run the schools are then reluctant to risk losing funding by criticizing the assimilated Jews.

      • No, the goyims taxes are funding their ‘repopulation’ as reparations for our…uh…existence.

        You are a liar.


        I grew up in the very heart of Jew territory in the US – NJ outside NYC – and even speak a little Hebrew and yiddish for it. All this poppycock about ‘poor religious jews’ has as much authenticity as 6 million lampshaded, which is absolutely none. And secular jews are as anti-european as the religious ones, who form the nexus of anti-white activism BTW.

        The very idea of an ‘assimilated jew’ is nonsensical. There is no such thing. The absolute crux of jewishness is to not assimilate, ultimately. They dissemble. They mimic. They hijack and appropriate. But they do not assimilate. No one gives up power and privilege.

        Some fall away, eventually, but those types don’t consider themselves ‘jews’ anymore.

        Brad please try to up your game here re Judaism and jews. Your Alabama ignorance on the topic is showing.

      • I have a series at my blog that looks for the decent jew. A decent jew is one that will call out the ones that are hijacking their system and causing the world such problems. I can’t find many because they usually just take advantage of the benefits that the mendacity of the assholes brings them.

        Are you a decent jew?

        • Are you a dumb redneck?

          I’ve always admired your dissident blog and its unique jew-wise Southern sensibility, but please. There are decent people who wander through jewishness, but there is no such thing as a ‘decent jew.’

          You still don’t seem to grasp what the definition of the word is.

  7. I’ve heard these arguements before. Many times…these Jews are not Jews…as EMJ calls them, “the disappearing Jew”.

  8. ‘Anti-semitism’ is not on the rise. It never went away, because you jews never changed your deceitful/treacherous ways and continually sought to wreck every nation/culture in which you insinuated yourselves. Might help if you jews apologized for betraying/murdering The Christ and changed your ways. But, the BIble makes clear that you will be the ‘Eternal Jew’ until the Second Coming.

  9. “the smug, crusading do gooder missionary who knows it all”

    White anti-Whites believe the White race is the cancer of human history. They are consumed by self hatred, because they confuse their feelings of self hatred with Piety. The more they humiliate themselves in cringe inducing public displays of self hatred, the closer to their god they feel.

    They did not become Atheists when they threw down their Bibles, they just picked up a new word religion dedicated to their god of Political Correctness written by the likes of Karl Marx.

    So what we are fighting in the West is not Atheism at all, but a new Word Religion, and this Word Religion they practice is preached by all of the professors in all of our Universities, at Government Expense.

    Political Correctness is not like religion, it is a Religion! All Heresy to it is burned at the stake.

  10. Well, we have our work cut out for us before this jew gets his wish of getting our countries (all of them) back.

    One thing I was missing in it was how somehow (it’s a conspiracy, goy) they manage to get America to fight their wars for them (israel) – meaning it is not only the ones wishing to assimilate.

  11. I saw a clip on TV where some smarmy Jew lamented that Russian Jews were religious and kept their heads down for the most part. He was disappointed they weren’t organizing politically–against Putin, no doubt. (Apparently all the obnoxious ones left for America.) Most AR guys seem to think Zionism is great, but it’s the secular Jews (many religious Jews are opposed to the existence of the modern, fake Israel) that cause most of the problems. Israel is an international crime base–somewhere to run when the goyim know–which is defended with American blood and treasure, and which causes no end of animosity from the Arab world. If most Jews were like this guy I wouldn’t really have a problem with them.

  12. Enduring The Talmudic Decivers

    I endured all 23+ minutes of rabbid crappot’s (Bar-Hayim?) propaganda and must admit was impressed by the almost flawless delivery of his deception for the goyim.
    I then decided to continue my punishment and watch his video entitled: Palestinian People: One of History’s Great Lies- Interview with Rabbi David Bar-Hayim.

    While I find it convincing that the ancestors of modern day Palestinians included judeans, I do not for the moment agree with the statement: “Jews have occupied Israel from time immemorial.” [ rabbid did emphasize the words, “time immemorial” ]. This statement flies in the face of their own propaganda that Abraham was given the land.

    So much for Talmudic veracity!

  13. Anyone who says the ‘religious jews’ are poor is…a jew.

    Because that’s 100% bullshit.

    They run some of the most sophisticated rackets both in the business world and through gaming state and even federal aid systems.

    And the notion that most jews aren’t religious is absurd, given that greed and anti-goyim tribal entitlement is their religion.

    I can’t bring myself to watch this schnoz right now but I’m telling everyone already I’m quite sure it’s disinformation. What else do jews deal in?

  14. Within the limits of an eye for propaganda and the bias of any eye, this is a much needed speech from a articulate Rabbi. It stands in contrast to the predictably manipulative cudgel from secular Jews we may know personally or at large in activist organizations, who equate those that simply want their own nations and borders with the invasion of Poland and death camps.

    Not this guy.

    His message is Torah Judaism does not support the “postmodernist cultural Marxism” derived dissolution of nation states. He does not see our civilizations “on the chopping block” as a tenet of Judaism. Indeed, it is described as treasonous, criminal and massive folly to dilute us into 2nd and then 3rd world states. In his spiritual viewpoint, Jews should all be in Israel. The destruction of nations is a matter for biological Jews who have lost their spiritual roots and become a kind of zombie Jew assimilationist.

    I think also he values our culture, although not said explicitly. I wish there were more of him and way less of the SPLC types that seem so imbued with hatred for us and for that matter the unity of humanity.

    What is abundantly clear is he is an ethnostatist and supports the “nation” as it was traditionally meant, even a religious duty in Judaism.

    The Rebbe does not mention the Talmud, which is maybe something for another speech and I probably will watch him again as he is easy to listen to, clear and logical, with a simple message said well.

    Compare that to the deliberate elicitation of emotion as a device of argument, so frequent with the seculars.

  15. This guy talks a lot of sense-and full credit to him for that. He described the situation in Australia just as it happened-Whitlam opened up the floodgates without a vote on the matter, then did a few other shocking leftist things in his brief time in power, before being sacked…..then enjoyed living off the taxpayers for the next 40 odd years.
    Yes-Jews are a major cause of all thats wrong in the world-but our biggest enemies are ourselves. Our churches-Leftist. Our colleagues-Leftist. Our neighbors-Leftist. The average white in the street…….opposes illegal immigration, but supports legal immigration and miscegenation, and idolizes black NFL players. He’ll condemn terrorism but hates racism.
    Blame the Jew yes-to a point. But mainly, we should blame ourselves-we won’t unite. We won’t stand up, and we aren’t foreseeing the predicament that lay ahead for us despite the obvious early warning signs.
    We’re looking after the world, but not ourselves.
    We’re being nice to the black invader-and ignoring our own children’s future and wellbeing.
    Our biggest enemy is ourselves.

  16. This Rabbi said the open immigration jews are not the real jews. I would say the inquisition wielding, pogrom loving Christians were not the real Christians, except they were, and god bless them. And if jews who do not identify with their host society want to remain jews, they need to move to Isreal.

  17. I completely agree that lost Jews have non-Jewish habits and their desire to be like the majority of non-Jews may agree with them. The reality is that many lost Jews are intermarried to people who may not technically be Jewish, so we can’t necessary call them Jews.

  18. A righteous Jew? They certainly have a category for us called righteous Gentiles. Or as Christ said when Nicodemus approached “Behold an Israelite in whom their is no guile.!” Guile(deception) among Israelites most have been common knowledge in Jesus’s day otherwise the statement makes no sense.

  19. The rise in liberalism was made possible by giving women the right to vote. If only men were allowed to vote, the West would look completely different.

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