Ukraine Declares State of War With Russia

I will update this article as more information becomes available:

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    • Not Whites fighting Whites technically – more like the Chocolate Kike Poroshenko agitating and provoking the Russians after likely getting covert promises of backup if things turn hot.

      • Nail on the head, Marcus!

        The kikes are, of course, masters at agitating and provoking while wearing big patriot shoes. In Poland you find them everywhere, exept among the hard warking people. There is the PM Mateusz Morawiecki, the First lady, Agata Krnhauser Duda, the leader of the neocon party Law and Justice/PiS(rael), Jaroslaw Kaczynski/Kalkstein, the Marshal of the Sejm, Marek Kuchscinski (names ending with ski are almost a must). According to the surprisingly few true patriots in the by “nationalists” ruled Poland, this kind of behaviour is typical judeorum perfidia.

        Chief of Poland’s Episcopate, Stanislaw Gadecki/Hartman, is the only one among present bigwigs that show no ambition to pose as a patriot. He is honest in a way, as he urges his fellow Catholics to “open their hearts to Muslim brothers”. Naturally, he knows very well that only the migrants without the slightest chance of receving the fat German or Swedish benefits would be silly enough to choose “lifee in poverty” in Poland,

  1. Putin claims the holocaust was the worst atrocity ever, and his government is a strong ally of the South African regime.

    • Remember that there are things leaders must say or be willing to enter into a huge discussion that they might not have time or inclination for.

  2. Wow. I wonder (((who))) might be behind this current Ukrainian provocation of Russia. I recall that there were a (((few of them))) involved 2014 “revolution” there.
    I got a chuckle out of a statement made by one of the BNL Tweets embedded in this article: “All tactical/attack assets are required to be airborne within 15-30 minutes, once and if called upon”. Yes, “Once and if called upon…” If Russia really decides to hit Ukraine, they will indeed be airborne only “once”.

  3. Obviously the US/western power structure made the decision that now is good time to provoke Russia. I infer that part of the reason for provoking Russia now as opposed to some other time is that elites need a solid distraction from what’s happening at the border.

  4. Okay guys, so a few things to keep in mind:

    1. Do not take either Russia’s or Ukraine’s side at face value. Remember, Russia is not a ‘White man’s country’ and the Ukrainians just want Westerners to fight their battles for them. The most important thing that those of us in the West can do is try to make sure that our nations do not get involved in an Eastern Euro battle royale. This is not our fight.

    2. Berdyansk and Mariupol are critical port cities which can only access the Black Sea through the Sea of Azov. By shutting off access to them – the Russians have already put a tanker under the bridge – they are putting the Ukrainians in an extremely difficult position. Ukraine’s GDP per capita in US dollars is $2.6k (worse than almost any nation in Latin America). Their economy is quite fragile and this could be the push that sends it over the edge.

    3. Russia’s internal demographics are worse than people realize. Their birthrate collapsed in the 90s and has never fully recovered. The statistical ‘growth’ is coming from Chechens & Tatars. This means that Russia only has a few more years to act before its military capacity begins to decrease (you need young soldiers to fight a conventional war and the post-90s generation is too small to do this).

    Long story short:

    This situation is an absolute tinderbox and this could well escalate into a serious war between Russia & Ukraine. If not now, then within the next 4 years. If this happens then the Russians will likely overrun Kiev within 3 months (Ukraine has a famously poorly organized military). Hopefully things stop at that point but – mark my words – this will get very nasty if other nations get involved.

    Keep your eyes on Poland & Lithuania over the next few months. They both hate the Russians with a passion and there are strong ties between Poland x Lithuania x Ukraine.

  5. This isn’t good.

    Now the neo/zio-cons and their allies in the deep state have their “Gulf of Tonkin incident ” to escalate hostilities.

  6. Is this going to be the manufactured incident that Uncle Shmuli uses to finally drag us into a war against Russia? Would Drump be stupid and reckless enough to carry out this order from his jew masters?

  7. If Gettysburg can occur over shoes, WWIII can occur over a tugboat.

    Those who have been trying to provoke this have been hard at work for over a decade.

    Wonder if they will enjoy the result?

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