Antifa Harass “Liberty or Death 2” Rally In Seattle

As we kick off Year Three of the Trump administration, the Alt-Right has long since learned its lesson and has stopped engaging with violent Antifa groups at public protests.

It’s not worth getting caught in police stand downs in a leftwing city and blamed by fake news “journalists” for the violence that invariably follows Antifa like their shadow. This has created a shortage of “Neo-Nazis” and “white supremacists” which has driven Antifa to harass conservatives:

I agree with this gay Asian journalist.

The problem at these events isn’t anyone but violent Antifa groups. Everyone else wants to obey the law, exercise their First Amendment rights and have peaceful demonstrations. There is only one group that is engaged in a nationwide conspiracy to use physical force to disrupt the lawful demonstrations of their political opponents. The problem hasn’t gone away since the Alt-Right stopped holding publicly announced rallies.

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  1. Glad to see the Rump’s DOJ and FBI tracking swift action to Restore Law and Order and Make America Great Again. (sarcasm warning, for those on the spectrum)

  2. This is what happens when you continuously drink municipal water. Not to mention ALL the other methods they separate you from your health and your sanity. They also hide the truth about history and human origins. You are what you eat, you drink, you hear, you breathe, and what you get injected with. What you produce in words and deeds is the cake you have baked.

  3. Recently an African-American commentator was fired by CNN for remarks he made involving Israel. Correct me if I’m wrong but the ‘left’ has its share of anti-Zionists. And many are also aware of L. Farrakhan’s views on Jews. What I find puzzling is that many on both the left and right seem to have very similar anti-Israeli views and yet see each other as mortal enemies…

    • Well, from what I understand, the leftists view Israel as a white supremacist, colonial power and want it destroyed only because they want all White people destroyed.

      Whereas the alt-right, or fascists such as myself, view Israel as a state of loathsome, alien semites, and want to see actual White people flourish.

      Seeing eye to eye on one point for different reasons doesn’t necessarily make alliance likely. At best, it would be a Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact with both sides eyeing the other for weaknesses from the first.

    • Because Mr. Bandera – a poitical philosophy has more to it than a view on International Jewry.

      Lefitsits, of any ilk, want a country controlled by the government, whereas those on The Right want a society with as little government as possible, and, if there is to be government, to be more local than distant.

    • @Andy C. Ngo
      “Antifa proudly displayed the red flag of communism on their side.”

      The left believe the White race is the cancer of human history and is responsible for all the world’s problems. Communists attract White anti-Whites like flies on shit.

      @Stepan Bandera Jr.
      “Correct me if I’m wrong but the ‘left’ has its share of anti-Zionists. And many are also aware of L. Farrakhan’s views on Jews. ”

      The left hate Israel because they see it as the last bastion of White Supremacy. Saying Jews are White is dumb, but the left is Rock Bottom Dumb. They still don’t haven’t heard of DNA and think skin color = race.

      “What I find puzzling is that many on both the left and right seem to have very similar anti-Israeli views and yet see each other as mortal enemies…”

      WN Jewaholics believe anyone who hates Jews must be Pro White. They also voted for a Jew Tool like Trump, without an ounce of shame. Silly people are everywhere.

  4. This is the best lesson for cucks who swear up and down that they aren’t “Nazis” like those “racist white supremacists” are. If you’re White anti-Whites hate you. You are the enemy. They don’t give a damn about your ideology.
    Now, will cucks learn the lesson?

  5. Hopefully they will continue to go after conservatives and normal people. It will force Trump to do something other than talk at rallies about what he is going to do.

  6. It’s time to use Title 18 sections 241@242 against Antifa. This Federal law makes it a Federal Felony to conspire against rights. We can also sue their leaders in court and if they don’t show up the courts shall grant a default judgment. Thank God their ilk are not tolerated in Blue Ridge,Ga.

  7. America is divided by race religion and IQ. Balkanization is the ONLY answer. “Our” Republic will be a bigger better super Confederate States for white Christians only. First, real southern nationalist patriot MEN need to get the damn conversation going.

    Meanwhile … white patriots, please move south. Let the libtards HAVE their freaks if that’s the society they want ! I have a feeling God is inspiring freaks to move to these cities, and normal people to move out. Then … THE big one will hit 🙂 Until then … let’s talk 2nd Confederacy.

  8. One Antifa protestor quoted in this article asked if people were willing to die for their “YouTube sh*t”. My guess is that most patriot/Constitutional types would not be willing die for their principles, or anything else-unless you put them in the uniform of the state that they allegedly hate and send them to foreign soil. American Patriots need to read my *Rethinking The Propositions* and wake up.
    One a side note, with George H.W. Bush’s death two days ago, I will note that the Ruby Ridge standoff (assassination/murder of Randy Weaver’s unarmed wife Vikki by FBI sniper Lon Tomisha Horiuchi) occurred during the last year of Daddy Bush administration. Bush #1 did Ruby Ridge, Clinton did Waco. Republicans are as bad as the Democrats.

  9. Let’s just face it, we are behind enemy lines almost anywhere we go in this corpse of a once-decent country. Somewhere between ww2 and now, population-replacement HAPPENED already. I honestly see no hope for our side ever peacefully re-taking this country. Not trying to black-pill or “suggest violence”, just stating what I believe to be 100% fact.

    Burn, baby, burn I say. Maybe there’ll be enough of us left after the ashes cool down to rebuild.

    • Agreed.

      We won’t be able to recover all of the territory and white people of the Jew$A within its current borders.

      We need to decide what is worth fighting for, and what we will let the burn and who we will let starve or suffer the fate that they have chosen.

  10. @Stepan

    Jews are so complex that many on the left and right can’t even agree on them. Jews in Israel are rightwing and want Israel for Jews with all others kept out, which perhaps puts them at odds with the left. Jews in the West, however, are largely left leaning and want diversity in the West, aligning them with other leftists.
    In Australia, the right thinks Jews and Israel are just wonderful as they are seen as standing up to Islam-which is hated here. That Jews are largely responsible for most leftist causes in the West has escaped them.
    For my part, I hate Jews, Islam and the left equally and just want Western nations in the hands of Westerners….meaning Europeans.

  11. “I hate Jews, Islam and the left equally and just want Western nations in the hands of Westerners….meaning Europeans.”

    Exactly what I believe. But with the caveat that the South be in the hands of Southrons and not those of the Boston-New York-Chicago government, for which, Washington is merely a storefront operation.

  12. Back in the late 80s and early 90s my racially aware friends and I would get into street battles with s.h.a.r.p. ( shin heads against racial prejudice, or as we called them; scum hung after racialists prevailed).

    These fights were with chains, bats, bottles, rocks, fists, and steel toe boots. Like today, the cultural Marxists were comprised of a mixture of white race traitors and negros. But the mestizos and cunts stayed out of it then.

    There were broken noses and arms. Some on both sides lost teeth, but shockingly, zog didn’t prosecute either group.

    Witnesses called the cops, but neither side pressed charges, so everyone was dispersed and released.

    The current conflict is the same, but the rules of engagement have changed, and zog definitely has a ‘dog in this fight,’ and it isn’t our team.

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