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  1. i called it, i said when i saw him take a front line position rather than work his way up to a position it was going to end poorly for all involved. you cant do what he did in the past then just step straight in without proving yourself first

    im not unhappy to see him gone tbh. while he did some reasonable things he was toxic elsewhere

    • So religion and economics aren’t important enough to warrant discussion? Or are they just not important enough to warrant division?

      History proves your off-the-cuff, profanity-laden commentary shortsighted.

      • >>So religion and economics aren’t important enough to warrant discussion? Or are they just not important enough to warrant division?

        Religion: we don’t know who is or is not right. We won’t know until we’re dead and I don’t see how it matters so long as we don’t have a nation of our own in which we can actually live according to whatever moral code we choose to follow.

        Economics: we don’t know what will or will not work. We won’t know until we try and I don’t see how it matters so long as we don’t have a nation of our own in which we can actually construct whatever economic system we choose to follow.

        Remove Merchant, remove Dindu, then worry about how much money (if any) you’re going to print and which god (if any) you’re going to pay homage to with it.

        • Excellent response, Power of thy Sword! Remove Merchant, remove Dindu! Then worry about the rest. I agree 100%.

    • Isn’t it fascinating that the two most caustic, rude, and downright crazy commentators on this site are the ones defending Heimbach and trying to find him a place in ‘the movement’?

      Heimbach attracts trouble wherever he goes and only appeals to the worst Whites. That much is obvious.

  2. Heimbach needs to somehow find a way back to the Holy Rus’, and find his place within Orthodoxy.

    America is the Land of the (((Antichrist))) and Heimbach will be lost as long as he stays here.

    • WP, I would concur. While the milquetoast SCOBA-dox in Amurrika are clearly corrupt, and already flirting with every and all forms of standard apostasy (as Rome has already done) – witness this article:
      And other forms of liberal ‘touchy-feely’ crap, via the various antics of twits like Franky Schaeffer, Stephanopoulos, the Dukakises (actress and politician), etc., the antics of the GOA, collusion with apostate seminaries like Jesuit Fordham, along with the fag-friendly elements in same – (It’s out there, and there are a LOT of Laity in ERROR about this sin!) – http://www.orthodoxandgay.com/

      We also are saddled with the Ay-rab Antiochians, making the Western rite to be the ‘nigger at the back of the bus,’ while pretending to be Americans – when they are phyletistic Byzantine Baklava bigots, etc., etc., etc…..

      Well, Heimbach and his former father-in-law, Matt Parrott- along with Dr. M. Raphael Johnson, [cf. his book, “The Third Rome: Holy Russia, Tsarism and Orthodoxy”] – these three (who were shamefully and unchristianly treated by both conservative and liberal cowards in American Pseudo-doxy, and smug ‘holier than thou’ Mischlings like that Suaiden jerk) were so afraid of these three, clearly articulating the valid strand of “Orthodoxy, Autocracy, & Nationality” for an American audience, that they almost denied that historic Orthodoxy has long considered such a worldview, to merely be the flip side to a valid Christocracy in theology! And these AMERICAN PHARISEES IN ORTHODOXY KNOW THIS; and yet were self-conscious cowards in AVOIDING building the Kingdom of God, here and now- even after the Clintons’ WAR ON SERBIA, twenty five years ago! Did they not get a clue, with Jews like [Kanne] Clark, and Madeleine Albright!?

      At least Heimbach saw that reality (the war against Christendom), and initially strove to do what was right according to his knowledge at the time. And anyone denying THAT was the reality of what that picture of him, swinging an Orthodox cross at the scum that were attacking him, is little more than a LIAR! This is not some small tangential sect, this is the NORM in Russia. https://nationalinterest.org/feature/third-rome-rising-the-ideologues-calling-new-russian-empire-16748

      Now, because he [Heimbach] was cut off from the life-giving Vine, he had nowhere to turn, and no one to guide him away from his own darker side; and I frankly consider the American Pseudo-dox that jettisoned him, Parrott, and Johnson, fully to blame for everything that has befallen them, since. One who is not a Catholic christian (whether trad RC, or Orthodox) does not know how important the grace of the Sacraments are, and even such fallacious and spurious claims to being anti-phyletism, and peacenik non-confrontationalism on the part of these Novus Ordo [sic] Orthodox, [who are HAPPY that Iakovos of unhappy memory marched with MLK – arrrrggggh!] are as guilty of this brother’s descent, as the Pharisees were for causing Judas to betray Christ. I personally know faggot Orthodox clergy, who prance in their klobuks and robes, worse than any lace-biretta’ed Roman bishop. They ALL disgust me, frankly – and yet they still serve, still sodomize the youth of the parish, and y’all are afraid of a Christian National Socialist?!? How judaized are you creeps, anyway?

      So much for the “fellowship of the saints”; a pox on their houses. We are to ‘help an erring brother,’ not leave him in the dirt. We are to stand against JEWISH SCHEMES, not baptize them as normative for an entire nation! At least Heimbach was a NORMAL heterosexual, virile man, and not the like of the globohomo Pizzagate creeps, that Ann Barnhardt writes about almost daily; showing how even Bergoglio is a poofta, and is DESTROYING CHRISTENDOM, via their actions!

      Matt Heimbach had more ancient spirit & knowledge of what it meant to be a soldier for Christ, than most of the current crop of ‘protestants with prosphoras’….i.e, all the “fake clergy” in the fake Orthodox ‘jurisdictions’ in the USA. But that was then, and this is now. I don’t know what is going on in his life at present, but I pray that Matt acknowledge his sins, and find someone to help guide him to repentance and a channeling of his energies in a proper, godly direction. Misericordie, Domine.

  3. I’d like to get Jijcf’s take on this. The NSM are being a bunch of immature fags. The pro-White movement should be big and flexible enough to accommodate many different points of view. Perhaps the LoS will be good enough to consider accepting Heimbach into its ranks?

      • Keep in mind that anything that can be misconstrued as endorsing violence is being collected by Antifa and used to whine to the domain registrar, host and payment processors. That’s a hassle I would rather not deal with.

        • It’s going to happen anyway, I suspect. Though I guess I can understand wanting to keep it open as long as possible.

          Have you ever considered/would you know how to set up a website on a hidden server? Wouldn’t we be able to pretty much say whatever we wanted to say on something like that?

          (Well, right up until someone decides to literally hunt us all down and kill us for saying it. That’s coming too, I suspect.)

    • Chaos and trouble follow that man like a plague and you want him to join the LOS? Whose side are your on Spahnranch?

      • I just thought if somebody gave Heimbach a desk job behind the scenes putting stamps on envelopes it would keep him out of mischief.

  4. Heimbach hasn’t changed or suddenly become a communist. I’d guess that Heimbach got too big for his boots or was getting too much attention and thus overshadowed the leader.

    That’s the ultimate sin in an organization following the leader principle, which the NSM no doubt does.

    • Heimbach has (at least ever since his TradYouth days) always leaned Strasserist, to a degree that many “neo-Nazis” are uncomfortable with. It’s as though they hired him into his directorial position without once having watched or listened to any of his speeches and the “commie” sounding content therein.

      • Well he wasn’t a Strasserist back when he was supporting Israel in 2013 lol.

        Aren’t a lot of rank-and-file “neo-Nazis” working class? I can only imagine that the leadership is so offended by Strasserism.

  5. National Socialism, Hitler, NS symbols, etc, will always be foreign and strange to Southrons. As an authentic and original people, we don’t care for anything imposed, or brought in from the outside without our social/cultural consent. Or perceived to be an imposition. Unsolicited advice is just plain rude and pushy.

    The NSM blends National Socialist and American Civic Nationalist symbolism. Which is fine for places like Indiana, where Heimbach lives, but not for the South. American Civic Nationalism and other foreign ideas are what we’re trying to break away from.

    Heimbach dilutes and confuses the Southern Nationalist message, especially in the upper South where he operates.

    Which is why I don’t care for him. Various pro White organisations can help each other in different ways. But when it comes to public activism, they dilute and confuse each other’s messages with joint demonstrations. We don’t need, for instance, Southern Nationalists marching along side of Cascadians in Seattle or Portland. Or them marching with the LOTS in North Carolina. However, the various groups in the different regions can share tactical and operational experience, especially concerning combating common/similar opponents.

    • Heimbach was always incompetent, to put it nicely. That’s the main reason the SPLC constantly referred to him as the ‘future face of White Nationalism’ – they wanted him to be its face because they knew he’d never build anything substantial.

      • That is also why the left only aloow respectable conservatives be the representatives of the White race. They know losers when they see them.

    • Odd, the leftists do the exact opposite of that, and it seems to work pretty well for them.

      Ever seen a left-wing protest? You’ll see plenty of hammers and sickles and even a few black power flags along with the rainbow flags at a Gay Pride parade or the green flags at a pipeline protests. You never see NRA emblems at a pro-life rally or Christian flags at an anti-tax protest.

      (Well, you didn’t, not until the alt-light Proud Boys/Patriot Prayer types starting doing it. And now Fedgov has thrown several of them in prison for their trouble. Maybe it ain’t a trend that they want to see catching on?)

      Why? Because the Left has a Hell of a lot more cohesion than we do. It’s why they keep winning the culture war and, frankly, it’s probably why they’d win even faster if we ever actually try that “RWDS” stuff that some of us like to talk about. The Rainbow Coalition would happily put aside whatever differences they have when Corpgov gives them the order to kill they’re local Nazis. Meanwhile, the Nazis are busy fragging each other because of some stupid faggotry.

      • You have the proper sentiments, but unfortunately, right wingers are either spiritually or genetically incapable of:

        1. Identifying a common goal that everyone can get behind (saving the White Race)

        2. Judging every action and word by whether it gets us closer to the common goal

        The simple fact of the matter is that the pro-white movement is no different than any other right wing movement in that it doesn’t even share the common goal of wanting to preserve White people. It’s nothing more than a pathetic group of squabbling, control-freak conservatives, many of whom are ex-liberals, who happen to be racist enough to recognize that the Civil Rights Movement wasn’t a good thing after all. I’d imagine that what we see from the pro-white movement in 2018 is what the mainstream conservative movement looked like in 1918.

        The reason why the pro-white movement will fail is that it can’t even unite around the basic principle that Whites are under attack, and that if we want to live, we need to do something about it. I’m not even throwing this out there as a sideswipe against Southern Nationalism. I’m throwing this out there as a sideswipe against anyone in any faction who claims to care about the existence of the White Race but, in fact, has other overriding concerns. One of two things needs to happen:

        1. We either all unite around the common goal of preserving the White Race

        2. We drop this blatant lie that we give a shit about the White Race and instead call ourselves what we are, which is a loose coalition of impertinent ethnonationalists (there’s no inherent connection between race and nationhood or ethnicity) and social and/or cultural conservatives (*puke*)

    • https://jacobitemag.com/2017/06/14/political-violence-is-a-game-the-right-cant-win/

      The American Left picked up on affinity groups in the late 1960s. They started as a means for organizing protests and turned into a means of organizing movements. To coordinate, they send members back and forth to spokescouncils. The idea is to create a very collaborative discussion. This is partly due to the influence on the modern hard Left by Quaker organizers — if you remember those lengthy Occupy meetings that just went on and on and on, it’s because that’s how decision-making is done in Quaker meetings, and Quaker organizers taught the technique to Lefties in the ’70s anti-nuclear movement. And it spread, because lefties in different movements talk to each other and work together all the time.

      By contrast, righty organizations have historically been slow to organize. When they do, right-wing activists tend to stay in their own lanes and not work together, share notes, or reach out to one another’s followers. Think about the mishmash of signs you typically see at a Lefty protest, and then try to remember the last time you saw, say, an RKBA sign at a pro-life rally. More unfortunately, when righties do become active, they tend to do something like start a blog. Or make a YouTube channel. Or write a magazine article. In short, they become street-corner evangelists. They tend not to do things in meatspace.

      Lefties do the work in the real world. Guess who wins?

    • Though I do not have any views on Heimbach, Jimmie, I certainly agree with you on your statement about Nazism and The South.

      All the Southern kids I know who are Nazis, and i know more than a few in the real world, are a strange brew of well-meaning, highly insecure, and unwittingly very cut-off from their own Southern culture.

      They belong in The League of the South, but, poisoned with Jew-England Yankee-itus they cannot ascertain that, nor can they be told such.

      As one of these younguns told me, ‘Nazism is a lifestyle choice’.

      Though that statement may seem cryptick, Jimmie, I think that, if you ponder it, it is quite revealing.

  6. He needs to use wix to build a website, write tracts, and produce other content like podcasts and articles. He can start a forum and gather sympathetic ideologues. I think the NSM was his last real chance at real world organizing, unless he builds something of his own.

  7. I can’t believe anyone actually took this asshole serious. But its the same thought pattern that had you elect Trump, believing he is whitey’s savior.

  8. Heimbach’s economic rhetoric has to potential to appeal to a lot of people, he should find some way to continue speaking publicly about his ideas, with less clowning around.

  9. Hamback’s ideals are secondary to the fact that A) he is a degenerate, and B) he tolerated degenerates in the ranks of TWP. He could perfectly quote chapter and verse of Gottfried Feder’s works, and he still would be worthless.

    • I honestly don’t care how degenerate he is if he is trying to bring Nazbol/Strasserism into the mainstream. Maybe I would if nazbols weren’t utterly marginalized and persecuted in the US but right now we need all the support we can get.

  10. This is why the White race will die at the hands of our Jewish enemies. We can’t agree on the color of shit and do nothing but argue and fight about this and that. Not that I’m some big time Socialist involved in your guy’s little club, but I spread the word around to whoever will listen.

  11. I feel like NSM would have a lot more respect headed their way without Jeff Schoep and Heimbach involved… Also would it kill them to learn how to spell Strasserism?

    • I believe they’re literally referring to Levi-Strausserism, i.e., the philosophy that those with superior jeans are the ones who will have the greatest success in life. If nothing else, Heimbach was the best at filling every square inch of his pants.

  12. I’m so sick of this autistic infighting. Ohh.. this guy is promoting this other guy who doxxed a guy. He’s persona non grata! Hey.. the great grandfather of this guy’s webmaster was a kike. He’s controlled opposition! Shut the fuck up.

    The people who are supposed to be the leaders of this movement should spend more time worrying about how to prevent the extinction of the white race, rather than releasing a cringeworthy, mega-LARP proclamation on Matt Heimbach’s suitability to serve as Secretary of the Treasure in the Fourth Reich.

    • “the great grandfather of this guy’s webmaster was a kike”

      If you don’t care about Jewish/non-White ancestry among people who control the websites of Pro Whites, then what are you doing in nationalism? Go join an anti-racist outfit, or move your butt to Israel. You idiot.

    • Great response! The infighting is ridiculous! Any decent white guy who wants to get involved is otherwise thwarted by this pettiness and short-sightedness.

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