France’s Carbon Tax Ignites Working Class Revolution

In 2017, the United States shot past Saudi Arabia to become the world’s largest oil producer:

“While many people assume Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest oil producer, that’s no longer the case. In 2017, the United States came out on top as the leading global producer of oil and other petroleum liquids. Overall, oil companies in the U.S. pumped out an average of 14.5 million barrels per day (BPD), according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA). That production level accounted for 15% of the world’s total output that year, which was ahead of both Saudi Arabia (at 13%) and Russia (at 12%). …”

Gas prices have dropped below $2 per gallon in half the United States:

“There are 24 U.S. states and counting in which gasoline is going for under $2 a gallon, its cheapest in nearly nine months and a drop that reflects a new push lower for already plunging oil prices.

Louisiana, for instance, can claim $1.85 in a New Orleans-area station as of Thursday afternoon, while parts of Michigan were at $1.89 and New York posted $1.80 at select retail spots. Missouri was charging $1.78 at a Costco Wholesale Corp. COST, +0.12% members-only station. Texas prices touched $1.64. …”

In France, gas is $6.26 per gallon in Paris:

“On Jan. 1, the tax on gasoline will go up by around 12 cents per gallon and on diesel by approximately 28 cents per gallon, according to Transport Minister Elisabeth Borne.

Gas taxes will go up by another 5 cents per gallon by 2020, with diesel jumping an additional 2 cents.

On Monday, gasoline cost around $6.26 per gallon in Paris, while diesel was around $6.28 a gallon.

Macron has so far refused to reconsider the hikes, which he says will help reduce France’s dependence on fossil fuels. By raising the cost of diesel, the French government hopes to convince more people to buy less-polluting vehicles …”

Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris climate agreement and has gone on an offshore drilling spree while Macron has been raising taxes to fight climate change:

“PARIS (Reuters) – When Emmanuel Macron rose to power, he put the environment at the heart of his agenda. Eighteen months later, anger over those policies has stoked protests that are a huge challenge for the French president.

Rioters torched cars and buildings in central Paris on Saturday following two weeks of protests caused partly by higher fuel taxes which Macron says are needed to fight climate change. Some protesters called for him to resign. …

Unveiling a medium-term energy plan for France last week, he held out an olive branch by saying he would review fuel prices each quarter, but said the carbon taxes would stay.

His goal is for France to cut carbon emissions by 40 percent by 2030 and boost the use of cleaner energies at the same time. Emissions are currently rising and 75 percent of energy use in France originates from fossil fuels.

“When we talk about the actions of the nation in response to the challenges of climate change, we have to say that we have done little,” he said.

Macron has also said he will fight to try to save the Paris climate agreement, which aims to keep global temperature rises to between 1.5 and 2 degrees Celsius, a critical threshold.”

No one in the United States is protesting $1.87 gas.

Macron has become a symbol of globalism and high gas prices.

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  1. Emmanuel Maricon is a clown that is acting in the same foolish manner as the rest of the Judeo-Globalist establishment – including the Cuckservatives and faux Left.

    If you’re trying to kill a person, pet, population, or race, you might want to let them enjoy their final days/weeks/years without being mocked, insulted, and baited to the point of insanity.

    But the Jews and their puppets seem to be physically incapable of implementing this “death with dignity” plan.

    They overreach and celebrate before they hit the finish line – this is when God strikes down their hubris.

  2. 1. The French are not a stupid people nor are they particularly patient. If this is the beginning of a true French rebellion then they will shake the entire continent to its core and probably destroy the EU’s economy in the process.

    2. The French who are rebelling are not doing so for racial reasons. Multiculturalism is deeply embedded in France’s culture and even if Macron is overthrown it will not end.

    3. The EU is very unstable, financially speaking, because northern Europe is running out of youths to produce taxes which are transferred to Southern and Eastern Europe. Either way, the system only has a few more years of life left in it.

  3. was it really worth saving france over and over?

    if only the french rioted this hard against the third worlders who are taking their country away from them.

    is this the future? absolutely retarded riots over gasoline tax rates and other total non-issues? while pretending the nation is not turning into eurabia. who cares about saving your country when you can riot over 35 hour versus 32 hour work weeks or 5 weeks of vacation instead of 4 weeks of vacation.

    especially nonsense since the price of oil is GOING DOWN. also, how are they supposed to meet their (also stupid and nonsensical) global warming targets, if they deactivate half their nuclear reactors as they’re planning to do.

    LOL @ the french. time to write them off. macron gonna shake his angry fist at putin while france disappears into the history books.

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