Apple CEO Tim Cook: Banning “Hate, Division” Is The Right Thing To Do

Just read the Breitbart article:

“Apple CEO Tim Cook advocated for censorship of “those who push hate [and] division” across his company’s digital platforms during an Anti-Defamation League (ADL) event on Monday in New York City, NY.

Cook was awarded the ADL’s first “Courage Against Hate Award” at the ADL’s “Never Is Now Summit on Anti-Semitism and Hate.” The ADL described Apple’s top executive as a “courageous and visionary leader” who is “dedicated to fighting hate” and “racist vitriol.” …

ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt praised Apple’s deplatforming of Alex Jones and Infowars while linking “immigration” with “hate.” He said, “[Tim Cook] has also shown leadership in tackling consequential issues that are core to ADL’s global mission in fighting anti-Semitism and hate in all its forms. On issues like immigration, LGBTQ rights, to online hate, and civil rights. … Apple was the first company to remove Alex Jones’s hateful anti-government conspiratorial rants from their platform, and other tech companies, as we know, followed their lead.” He described Cook as “nothing short of courageous” in his advocacy for online censorship.”

Even Breitbart is acknowledging that Big Jew is the force behind Big Tech censorship. It impossible to spin this one as being about “globalists” when “fighting anti-Semitism” is the stated goal. Oh, and do you know who is an expert on “sin” now? A faggot speaking at a Jewish conference.

Conservatism isn’t the answer to people like Tim Cook.

The only way to deal with these CEOs is to raise their taxes, regulate the hell out of them and crush their monopolies with antitrust. I would go even further and nationalize these companies.

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  1. I hate to be a black pill, but our elistist aristocratic masters are almost there to achieving their goal of globalization.

    You all know the only way out of this. It could get ugly but everyone seems too comfortable and just letting it happen without peep.

    Sly mof###*ers

    • Don’t give up hope just yet, mate. The French are throwing a monkey – ergh, frog – wrench into the system and may yet flip the EU table over. If they succeed then you can bet the protests will spread.

      At the moment we need to encourage the Yellow Vests protests to spread to Britain. If we can get this to hop the Channel then the entire system will begin to fray apart.

    • People believe Freemasonry, the Shriners ect.. are good folk helping society. The lower ranks of these subversive groups have no idea the upper ranks worship the dark dank side of life. The sooner you learn about these groups the more you’ll understand how this world works through these organizations that hide behind being good for humanity.

      The biggest trick the devil did was con the people he didn’t exist. We’re at war and it’s a spiritual one.

      • Our own brainwashed White people who support their own destruction and go along with this satanic globalist plan are worse than the zio jew. They are point blank f##*ing traitors and deserve in the end their folly. It will come but at what price? Does everything have to be destroyed to stsrt fresh? If it be then let it be. We’re not getting out of this by putting on yellow vests.

      • The Zionists are very aware of spiritual and moral law. They know by God’s law if they can corrupt a people into sinning enough, then those people become the legal property of others. Americans do not know this law. That is why the Jews are into every one of our institutions such as movies, music, TV etc – so they can corrupt the citizens into sinning enough to cause them to become spiritiually legal slaves. They did the same thing to Russia 100 years ago and won, and tried to do the same to Germany almost 100 years ago and lost.

        Just as they took over radio, TV, Hollywood, news, they now are taking over tech and Silicon valley. I would go so far as to say they even had Steve Jobs killed because he was against globalizing Apple.

        Google is founded by 2 Jews and their financier and her husband, also both Jews, now run YouTube. Apple is next. They will not allow anything to exist they do not control.

        Americans once-great companies have been turned into wealth redistribution engines for the 3rd world.

        Gorbachev called it International Sociaism.

        Never forget that it was a Jew, Karl Marx who invented communism.

        “My people perish for a lack of knowledge”.

        • @Nutella
          Never forget that it was a Jew, Karl Marx who invented communism.

          “My people perish for a lack of knowledge”.

          No, its from lack of wisdom. Knowledge is learned from books, wisdom is learned from the heart disseminated from books, truth or fiction.

  2. Look at the evil face of that filthy fag. Not happy with all his wealth, no … he wants tyrannical control. Here’s an interesting thing. I know a few CHRISTIAN Jews. They ALL are conservative, vote least worst republican, think EXACTLY like us all here on this site, hate Obama etc. I could go on. It seems Satan has focused his best and brightest on Jews, TO GET THEM TO DO THINGS THAT WOULD MAKE EVERYONE HATE THEM !!!?? There almost can’t be another explanation. The 85 % that vote demoncrat and absolutely suck, are wide open to be possessed, and are targets because Satan wants us to hate them. You have to agree it’s weird. I do not even know of a saved Christian Jew that does not think like us. Yet all the other ones are scum. What else could it be ?

    Meanwhile, filth like this CEO needs to be sued charged criminally, and boycotted by us.

    • I used to work at Apple. Steve was a great man. He refused to globalize Apple. I believe he was killed by the Jews via cancer, as Paul Allen was. The Zionists will not allow anything to exist they do not control. They did this same thing to Germany in the 20s, taking control of that productive nation’s finance and industrial might. The WarBURG bankers. That is why the German people elected Hitler – to excise this cancer from their midst. The 6 million number was the number of jobs Hitler created for the German people after being elected.

      The WarBURG bankers caused the greate depression and collapse of world finance with their parasite takeover of the German people’s country. After WW2 they fled to the US and set up shop and the same game here. They have almost destroyed us.

      Zionists invented communism and are using America’s best corporations built by Americans as wealth redistribution engines for the 3rd world. Gorbachev called it International Socialism. And since they Jews run everything you go along or you’re out. Once the foreign invaders get enough of their people out, Cook will be out and it will be another inavding Indian taking over another once great US company.

      We need to put a stop to these peoples’ takeover.

      Facebook, Google, YouTube are, and soon Apple will be all run by the Jews.

      • I’m just saying … get rid of all the BAD Jews, which evidently is about 3/4’s of them (?), but let’s not be ignorant and say ALL Jews are bad. See ? Don’t let the devil win. He wants us to hate ALL so we piss God off. I’m sure God is quite angry with the 3/4’s + of them that are evil. Yes, let’s banish them. But again, EVERY Christian Jew I know directly or indirectly think and vote exactly as we do here on this site. The other non spirit filled Jews I believe have been especially targeted by Satan to do evil so we will hate ALL Jews. The more than 3/4’s I believe are actually possessed !

        It’s a fine line we MUST walk. Please God by blessing the 10 % or whatever it is … while banishing the rest. Love the 10 %. Hate the more than 3/4’s ?

        In a very short time we will ALL stand before God. I don’t want Him pissed at me. Having said that I’m sure He doesn’t want us to stand by, misinterpreting His word and allow the BAD Jews to ruin us.

        Fair enough ?

  3. Darwinian misfires, jews, savage negroids, illegal immigrants from the turd world, and white ‘in DNA only’ cultural marxists are carcinogenic to any healthy and sane civilization.

    (((Big corporate technology companies))) at the behest of the obscenely and disproportional influence of the spawn of satan have slammed “Overton’s Window ” on speech that diabolical juden wants squashed.

    An addendum to the insidious and pernicious influence the anti-defecation league of bad breath exerts: The Chicago police department not makes it mandatory for its members to attend “implicit bias” reeducation Svengali classes.

    The toxic anti-White venom of the adl has its tentacles everywhere without fear of discovery or backlash.

    Come hell or high water, we must stop whistling past the graveyard of Western civilization. No option can or should be taken off the table in rebuke to this pathological scourge.

  4. “On October 30, 2014, Cook came out as gay”

    Homosexuals are promoted by the system because they are predictable, easy to manipulate, and have obvious political inclinations.

  5. As if anything Tim ‘Cocksucker’ Cook says, matters. Now, Henry Makow, otoh….

    “Anti Semitism is treated as though it were synonymous with genocide. It is not. No one is advocating or condoning genocide. Anti-Semitism is the product of a pernicious political and social agenda.”

    Well. I guess that’s it, then….

  6. They took the measure of our movement and found it wanting. Only a credible threat to break away will deter them. Staying within the current paradigm of the United States is death, extinction.

    The FTN folks are waiting to see what happend in the lame duck session. Nothing will happen. Then the Dems will take over and at a minimum run out the clock for two more years, but possibly strike a fatal blow.

    When will folks get that hair on the back of the neck moment? When the knife is halfway across the throat? Partition now.

  7. ADL hates White Europeans and boasted about making Europeans a minority in their own country.

    During the 1960s, Jewish power finally succeeded in pushing through a new immigration law designed to bring more non-Whites into the United States, the Jewish ADL crowed about its success.

    The November 1965 issue of the ADL Bulletin, the group’s internal publication, carried an article by the director of the ADL’s law department, Sol Rabkin, who was present at the signing of the new law by President Lyndon Johnson.(Also present at the signing was Benjamin R. Epstein, then the national director of the ADL.)

    Under the heading “The restrictive national origins quota system is finally abolished — after a forty year fight,” Rabkin boasted: “The Anti Defamation League is proud of the educational role it played in helping
    to bring this about.”

    The same issue of the ADL Bulletin had a notice of the appointment of
    the director of the ADL’s Washington office, Herman Edelsberg, to the
    government post of executive director of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, where he could work more effectively to force the racial mixing of employees in shops and offices all across America.

    In this regard it is interesting to note that the ADL actually has two “equal opportunity” programs. One — that headed by Mr. Edelsberg in 1965 and by others since then — is to give Blacks and other minorities precedence over Whites in hiring and promotion for blue-collar and clerical employment.

    By the mid-1970s ADL of B’nai B’rith had had very substantial success
    in virtually every phase of its campaign to undermine White society in America.

    It still was moving aggressively on a dozen fronts: introducing resolutions to require “Holocaust” indoctrination for Caucasian children in the public schools; demanding the rewriting of school textbooks and the reworking of school curricula to make them appropriately “multi-racial”

    and eliminate what the ADL complained was the “principally White, Protestant, Anglo-Saxon view of America” presented by older texts and curricula; pushing Christian churches, both Protestant and Catholic, to make even further changes in their doctrines, so that their teachings about Jews would consist of nothing but the most fulsome praise; lobbying the government to punish American companies refusing to trade with the Israeli State; asking for more restrictive anti-gun laws; etc.

  8. Apple moved to China, where they wouldn’t have to pay any taxes if they let the commie party have full access. Cook is one more elitist, globalist fag that sees anything helping him and the self-appointed enlightened few gain total control of every aspect of our lives as a net good, and possibly a divine right. Nationalization won’t help. The superrich will move their companies, money, and themselves wherever they want.
    As the General wrote, there’s only one way out of this. The trouble is, bottom-up revolts don’t tend to work too well. Just in the case of the US, there has never been a successful revolt without elite assistance. From the Whiskey Rebellion to the Clinton-era militias, uppity peasants have been swatted down by their betters through a variety of methods. I wonder if the best option is to separate oneself, as much as possible, from the controlled society we live in. I really don’t know.

    • There has never been a “peasant revolt” across the entire West until now against the Jews. But that is going to change in my lifetime, and it’ll break their power in the West. Jews have a death wish that will be fullfilled as a result.

  9. Time to start #OrcPosting. The Daily Gondor reports that Orcs demand removal of offensive status. They deserve more manflesh – not exclusion. The Elf-Right is aiding Rohan nationalists.

    #OrcPosting : Flabbergasted Meme Confounding the MSM

    • @ Powell,

      “Why do jews and leftists get to determine what “hate “is?”

      Unfortunately, over a century of shabbos goyim reinforcement.

      Die juden even have the audacity to order Gentiles what countries they must fight and die in for their diabolical goals.

    • he who controls the present controls the past and he who controls the past controls the future or as Churchill said history would be kind to him as he intended to write it

    • According to the book of Isiah, the Jews are the Chosen People who are to “feed off all nations”. That is why they hate Christianity so much – because it nullified their preferential status. Jesus was a “stumbling block to the Jews”.

      Jews think it is their manifest destiny to rule the world. Jews invented communism. Karl Marx was son of a Jewish Rabbi.

      World communism is their only goal. That is why they are trying to overwhelm and overrun white Christian civilization – white ideas of freedom are anathama to them.

    • Because they’ve been allowed to by the White anti-White traitors who rule over us. Treason always starts at the top with the most privileged and influential in any society. It’s no accident these traitors have enormous wealth and power at their disposal to accomplish their evil deeds.

      • The reason the Right loses, is the Left *repeats* whatever hurts the Right, while the Right *never repeats* anything that hurts the Left.

        The most recent example is the Right’s refusal to call what is being done to Whites globally a Genocide. They shy away from the word and falsely call it a “Replacement”. The word “Replacement” is BORING and is not QUOTABLE, so it is not repeated by the press or normies, and worst of all, it does not hurt the Left.

        If the RIght won’t repeat what hurts the left, they are going to lose for all time. Losing in this case, means ending our days in the Gulags of a hardline Communist brown country called the USSA.

        • Respectable conservatives do just that: Respect anti-Whites, the vilest, evilest people on the planet. Bob Whitaker said that to be effective against anti-Whites the first thing you must do is strip away every last shred of respect you may have for them. Calling what’s being done to us White Genocide is very easy once you’ve done the shredding.

  10. Jews, the ADL and SPLC are all anti-white hate groups pretending to be ‘anti-racist’ or ‘progressive’……words that are never used to help us. What they literally are is ANTI-WHITE.
    Muh waysism….muh natzees…..muh holacawrst…..muh inequality….
    Save non-whites from all these things….deport them back to where no whites are!!!

  11. Dec. 4, 2018

    An open letter to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, Inc. and the leaders of the Business Roundtable

    Mr. Cook:

    In reply to your Letter to the Department of Homeland Security on Immigration Policies, you, and the other leaders of the Business Roundtable are in violation of, and advocating further violation of US Federal immigration law.

    Contrary to popular opinion, it is completely illegal to admit any foreign national for skilled or unskilled work to the United States, if doing so “adversely affects the wages or working conditions of American workers”.


    8 U.S. Code § 1182 – Inadmissible aliens

    (5) Labor certification and qualifications for certain immigrants

    (A) Labor certification

    (i) In general

    Any alien who seeks to enter the United States for the purpose of performing skilled or unskilled labor is inadmissible, unless the Secretary of Labor has determined and certified to the Secretary of State and the Attorney General that—

    there are not sufficient workers who are able, willing, qualified (or equally qualified in the case of an alien described in clause (ii)) and available at the time of application for a visa and admission to the United States and at the place where the alien is to perform such skilled or unskilled labor, and


    the employment of such alien will not adversely affect the wages and working conditions of workers in the United States similarly employed.

    Note subparagraph (II). Note that it is illegal to employ any foreign worker in the US even if they are more skilled than Americans if doing so adversely affects the wages or working conditions of American workers similarly employed.

    Replacing American workers at Apple or at other companies with foreign guest workers is completely illegal as long as American workers are available.

    In short, American workers must be hired first, if they are available. Period. That is Federal law and you and the other leaders of the Business Roundtable are required by law to obey it.

    So why are multitudes of foreign workers currently employed at Apple when 95 million American workers are available?

    Clearly Apple is in violation of Federal immigration law.

    Furthermore, since the prevailaing wage of a US software engineer is currently around $72,000 according to the Dept. of Labor, and as evidenced by many LCAs in the Dept.’s LCA database, importing more foreign workers is obviously driving the prevailing wage down, since it was twice that number twenty years ago. Adjusted for inflation, the prevailing wage has actualy declined in that time period.

    Manipulating wages via immigration amounts to wage-fixing, which is also illegal under Federal law. Yet that is exactly what you and other CEOs are engaging in when you advocate for more immigration when American workers are available.

    Lobbying in Washington DC by high tech firms to increase the supply of foreign workers when an oversupply of skilled American workers is available amounts to collusion on the part of high tech firms and is illegal under Federal law.

    Amazon now has over 100 tech lobbyists in Washington, DC.

    Apple’s lobbying expenditures in DC since Steve’s death have almost tripled.

    Even further, training any foreign H-1B or immigrant worker entering the US on a skilled work visa is also illegal since those visas are only legal if the same skills cannot already be found in the American workforce. If Americans are training foreign workers, then obviously Americans have those skills. That makes the foreign workers they are training inadmissible aliens – which means they entered the US illegally as the above law shows.

    Obviosuly if an American worker is training their foreign replacement at Apple or at any other US corporation, corporate executives are engaging in illegal visa fraud.

    Fraud is a criminal act under Federal law.

    We are certain neither you nor any other American executive advocates engaging in fraud. Correct?

    Federal law is very clear: it is illegal to even admit any foreign national to the United States for work if doing so adversely affects American workers. Driving down the “prevailing wage”, or replacing skilled American workers by training their foreign replacements is patently illegal under Federal law.


    The ratio of labor enforcement agents to U.S. workers has decreased tenfold since the inception of the FLSA from one for every 11,000 workers in 1941[29] to one for every 123,000 workers in 2014.[28], according to this Wikipedia article.

    We hope the United States Government will take every possible action to ensure that Federal immigration laws are not being violated by Apple, Inc. or any other US corporation, which clearly appears to be the case.

    What you and the Business Roundtable are advocating, is quite simply, illegal under current Federal law.

    We are certain you will agree with us, and take corrective action at Apple and at other US companies.

    “Hate and division” are not the issue. Federal law is. You are violating it Mr Cook.

  12. Powell

    “Why do only Jews and leftists get to determine what “hate” is?”

    Because they control the state and national governments and all of the culture making institutions down to the last neighbourhood elementary school and local radio station.

    • See that is what they want you to believe, ‘its the jews’ all the time. The jews are only half of this matrix, the other half is of our are own kind, White traitors. People seem to dismiss what is right in front of their eyes, Freemasonic halls in EVERY community. Do you believe these people organize just be to freindly to humamity? No, thats the big con. These people hold every important positions in our government’s big and small.

      Freemasonry and its offsprings are worse than the jew. They are own who make decisions against our best interests and only for world domination. That’s why the infighting within their own. Trump is a perfect example being of Scottish Rite.

      Do you really think these people will let jews control the world? No, that’s one reason Israel is walled off. They even know themselves.

        • People who reject this by retarded replies as this are only working against your best interests. Your probably one of those satanic queer masonics, aye?

          Open your eyes and see whats hidden in front of you.

  13. “Oh, and do you know who is an expert on “sin” now? A faggot speaking at a Jewish conference.”

    Of course he’s an expert. Political Correctness is not like a religion it is a Religion! and all Heretics are burned at the stake.

  14. The ADL defended a pedophile/murderer by the name of Leo Frank. Also,their office was raided in the 90’s for being in possession of stolen police files.Lest we forget they had ties to Jewish mafia gangsters of the past and yet (((They))) sit in sanctimonious judgement of us???

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