Nigel Farage Quits UKIP

Here in the United States, we tend to look at Tommy Robinson as a milquetoast Alt-Lite Zionist, but to Nigel Farage he is a dangerous rightwing extremist who creates bad optics:


I have lost all respect for Nigel Farage.

It is clear now that Trump, Farage and Bannon are failed nationalist leaders. BREXIT also increasingly looks like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic compared to Orban’s Hungary or Salvini’s Italy which are still in the EU. Who cares about an independent Londonstan?

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  1. He fought the Law and the Law won. What else is new? If you want to do something right you got to do it yourself. Fascists doin it for themselves!

  2. I have never liked Farage, nor UKIP TBH. Something about him seemed greasy and untrustworthy. My impression of him is he is a conservative pretending to be a nationalist. Like Trump he was sent by the establishment to lead Whites into a dead end, while the demographic clock runs out. And UKIP want to be right wing with multi-racialism. White Genocide with flag waving.

    There is no clever, convoluted path out of White Genocide. Conservatism, Civic Nationalism are miserable failures for people who have been trained to think they are smart. All these people ever do is outsmart themselves.

  3. Farage abdicated his responsibility to take a leadership role in pushing Brexit through after the 2016 referendum, preferring his self-promoting tours of Australia and the like.
    More pointless and avoidable infighting on the right, as per usual. When will we ever learn?

    • This case shows that Farage was never on the right.

      How is it infighting when someone is an establishment stooge like Farage, or Douglass Mackey,

  4. In 2016, the British public vote for Brexit= two years later they’re still in Europe trying to work out the best way to go about it. May never be finalized. May end up in another referendum. May end up staying in the EU.

    In 2018 in Marrakesh the British GOVERNMENT-not the people-will vote for the UN compact on refugees to allow their nation to be flooded with third world rapists= will likely be implemented right away.

    Make no mistake-the British government is committing an act of war and treachery against its people-and they must rise up.

    • He left the leadership, not the party.

      What could he have continued to do in leadership? He could have run a blackmail campaign against Conservatives, threatening to run candidates who would take votes in key seats if they refused to actually implement Brexit, as May effectively has just done. But anyone capable of fogging a mirror could do that. It’s a pity UKIP lacks any who do!

      Actions like this suggest that he never cared about Britain, and the British people, at all.

    • He quit as UKIP leader. The conservatives were going to implement his policy for him, so his job was done. Ha ha!

  5. “Who cares about an independent Londonstan?”

    Exactly. They wanted to be independent of Europe, but continue to flood the UK with non-Whites.

    It is the same with Trump’s wall. What is the point of a wall, when the Civic Nationalists would continue to flood America with millions of non-Whites legally? Build a wall to separate a random sampling of brown humanity, from another random sampling of brown humanity? How would that change the outcome?

    • As things stand today, the Trump wall would solve nothing because illegals can simply go to the before and request asylum and they are let in as easily as passing through a toll booth.

      • Not to mention no reduction in middle eastern and african asylum admissions and a massive increase in H1B and student visas which are now basically on a fast track to citizenship. It’s over. Time to plan for what happens after the collapse and not worry about Trump or who the next Supreme Court nominee is.

  6. @Brad Griffin…

    Oh, cm’on, Sir – you’ve deplored many time how fractious folks are on The Right with each other!

    Mr. Farage has a lifetime of work, and you are suddenly without any respect for him, over Tommy Robinson?!?

    Mr. Farage is like President Trump – a bridge, and, now that Nationalism in Britain is passing to the next stage, surely we do not have to disregard the enormous contribution Mr. Farage has made !

    • BREXIT has been a fiasco that has dragged on for years regardless of what one thinks about Tommy Robinson. It’s also not even clear that BREXIT will solve any of the UK’s problems when it has leaders like Theresa May.

      • Right now it’s looking like Brexit is just going to wind up being a watered down version even worse than the mess Theresa May just proposed to Parliament.

        The whole British system is rotten at this point, and their Nationalist movement is probably among the worst in the Western World.

    • Just like our respectable conservatives are terrified of being labeled with that anti-White hate slur. They’re going to get labeled with it anyway because they’re White. It’s already starting to happen. Will these dolts ever get wise?

  7. I watched Nigel a decade ago quite often and some of his EU speeches are highly entertaining. Great orator, always gave gold a plug… but weak as water in the end and it seems he fell right in line with the City of London and you have to wonder the Friends of Israel section of UKIP. What kind of independence party is not interested in independence?

    Who would have thought France would now be the vanguard grassroots movement? Britain has looked finished for some time sadly and a fait accompli when the rising tide of color ends it as a nation state. A walk around Londonistan confirms the demographic change.

    The only whites on the streets there are EU tourists speaking in their tongue, long gaggles of black pupils following their white female teacher and hijab scarved heavily pregnant women with a pram and two rugrats in tow.

    The buildings are an ozymandias-like reminder of the once greatness of the empire on which the sun never set.Thirty years ago I never thought it even a consideration that Britain would end up strangled from within. No wonder they can’t recruit in their military – what is left to fight for, especially when the judiciary has become an open arm of leftwing politics – with prosecution of soldiers involved against the IRA and (female) police only able to go for wrongspeak tweets, leaving robberies unattended and child sex groomers uninvestigated (“musn’t be racis’t Nigel) and openly terroristic Muslims unable to be deported as they “might” be subject to harsh consequences in their own land.

    I watched a reality TV show a few years ago on border security. The two airport border security agents (looking like kids in their 20s) heard a sob story from a Nigerian with a bible in front of him who had blatantly lied and had nothing else but a pitch. They let him through with an agreement he stay in a hostel until his claim was processed. He disappeared.

    At this stage I think Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland should leave.

  8. Your right. They are all failed nationalist leaders – all three of them. They are wasting our time.

    We fell for it in 2015/16 but the masks are off and these men are simply conservatives no different than Marco Rubio.

  9. What a clown Greg Johnson has turned out to be. He is a vicious opponent of Tommy Robinson, relentlessly attacking him, particularly in the hours and days after his courthouse arrest. Yet Robinson is the best hope for the English people taking their country back, regardless of all his flaws. Greg Johnson has shown himself to be a sperg intellectual, incapable of pragmatic politics and realpolitik. That wouldn’t be a problem if he stuck to his books and left the rest of us alone. But his vicious, relentless attacks are destructive for the movement.

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