The Weekly Standard Is Going Out Of Business

By the end, Bill Kristol’s takes had descended to the level of a parody account. He was often retweeted as a joke to show just out of touch with reality and the Republican base:

Bill Kristol proposes to replace the White working class:

Bill Kristol cheers on Trump’s initial attack on Assad over the gas attack hoax:

Bill Kristol says that regime change in Iran is the prize:

Bill Kristol backs Evan McMullin in the 2016 election:

Bill Kristol launches Republicans Against Putin:

A few days ago, Bill Kristol proposed forcing regime change on China:

Putin shares the joke about Bill Kristol with Xi Jinping:

The demise of The Weekly Standard is a huge blow to intellectual conservatism. It was the flagship of “foreign policy conservatives,” which is to say, warmongers:

Undoubtedly, most of the neocons who jump off Kristol’s sinking ship will land at Commentary magazine, which was founded by the American Jewish Committee. If they don’t land there, they will just come out of the closest as leftists like Max Boot and write for the mainstream media.

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  1. I remember Stephen Hayes’s stupid book “The Connection” where he took a load of raw and unvetted intelligence from Doug Feith’s office and turn out a 2004 book of lies about how Saddam was colluding with bin Laden. This BS was happily received by neocon talk radio and tv.

  2. I cannot think of anyone more profoundly UNAmerican, not to mention anti-Southern, and anti-White than Mr. William Kristol.

    In fact, he is like a bah-humbug, Dickensonian/Hogarthian caricature of himself.

    Yet, he sees it not.

  3. These are the people who were telling working class Americans their manufacturing jobs weren’t ever coming back, and their communities deserved to die. Working class Whites should get with the globalism program, reskill and become brain surgeons, or hot shot programmers in Silicon Valley.

    Welp. now these unemployed losers can take their own advice:

    “Learn 2 Code”

    Those writing jobs aren’t ever coming back, because anyone on Twitter can write.

  4. A magazine run by and for.zionist ‘chicken hawks.’ Using this rag to insite wars with the enemies not of America, but of the terrorist and parasitic state of israel. None of these cowards put their own skin in this game of jewish world domination, but have no qualms about the physical and mental cost of war on the poor Whites that suffer the brunt of their unholy endgame.

    Pawns in a game aren’t victims of chance.

  5. In a just world this icky-sick parasite would be farmed out to a small, uninhabitable atoll where only Komodo Dragons, Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton, and Alan Dershowitz roam.

  6. Weekly Standard was a jobs program for well connected jews opposed to getting real jobs. Commentary and opinion in the Weekly Standard is similar to that found in WaPo, NYT, National Review, Altantic, Commentary, Forward ……….

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