Prison Reform Gets Senate Vote

SPOILER: James Fields, Jr. goes to prison until at least 2437 while all the thugs and criminals currently locked up in prison get an early Christmas present from Trump. Still not tired of winning


The Trump family has been pouring on the political pressure to get this done:

Maybe this will help James Fields, Jr. who was sentenced to life plus 419 years in prison? It’s not like this is a major priority of the Koch Brothers along with the tax cuts, deregulation and DACA amnesty, right?

Note: Whoops, I forgot Jeff Sessions called Fields a terrorist and he is facing the death penalty.

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  1. the Jew.Gov/Trump

    will now turn tens of thousands of thieving, raping, murdering niggers

    loose on the White population

    even faster than they already were being turned loose.


    • Here we go again–another article–another it’s all about the Jews response–wake up people–the problem is not the Jews! It’s the dumbed down, fat, ignorant, addicted to boozing and all forms of entertainment, lazy, indifferent, brainwashed American people (esp. males) that have gotten us to this point. Because of how we now are we don’t even have the motivation to do something. This is what the decay and fall of a once great nation looks like. It’s way beyond your just blame the Jews mindset.

  2. FTN has been saying over-and-over that McConnell wouldn’t bring this up. I don’t know how much longer they can keep running cover for the Trump regime. Their criticism of Poppy Bush was tepid at best till someone pointed out he kicked the borders even farther open. Bush I was terrible on immigration, foreign policy (Eye-raq “Saddam is Hitler”), guns (1989 import ban). Mr New World Freaking Order! Skull and Bones CIA man. Trump is cut right from the same mold as the Bush crime family.

      • The Five Stages of Grief: Stage 1: Denial*

        America is dead. Mourn her or curse her (or both), then move on.

        A quick reminder of the various ways to legally split up the country:

        1) A Convention of States

        2) A treaty between the US and an organization that acts as the nucleus of the new nation, to which territory will be ceded, requires 2/3rds of the Senate and in practical terms would require a general strike to force the hands of the puppets in DC.

        3) A Constitutional Amendment legalizing secession, in my mind the proper method would be a single vote at the state level with 75% in favor, or 2 consecutive votes with 2/3rds in favor, or three consecutive votes with 50% in favor spaced one year apart.

        4) A Supreme Court ruling affirming the inalienable rights of States to secede

        5) Appealing to the UN Treaty to which the US is a legal signatory and via which numerous Partitions have taken place (Eritrea, South Sudan, former Eastern Bloc, etc) – not likely to carry weight here, but useful for showing that the New World Order supports Partition when it suits them.


        * PS At least Fash the Nation is at the “Bargaining” phase (lame duck session Wall fight), after the New Year they will enter a period of Depression, perhaps stop doing shows, and then -maybe- move on to a period of Acceptance where they join us in a FULL THROATED call for Partition (not just the hints at it we have seen recently – eg referencing Tucker’s call to “split up the states.”)

        • @Afterthought As the divide between us is mainly based on ideology, I don’t see how we can neatly split up into separate states. There might be enclaves within cities or towns that don’t fit in with the prevailing political view, for example. Those areas could evolve into micro versions of city-states. There could even be divisions of rural counties, and so on. Do you agree that partition might be this messy? If so, how would you deal with it?

  3. Let’s be honest- the US prison system is a real toilet filled w/ non-violent drug offenders and a lot of these incarcerations are simply judges filling for-profit prisons w/ warm bodies.

  4. ok, the thug life photoshop was funny. i laughed.

    “These historic changes will make communities SAFER and SAVE tremendous taxpayers dollars. It brings much needed hope to many families during the Holiday Season.”

    almost as funny as this.

    on a more serious note, obama was president for 8 years. they had absolutely, positively zero interest in prison reform. that should show you what a complete and total loser of an issue this is for trump. not even the worst president in the history of the united states, a man who hated america, was interested in this.

    obama spent zero political capital on this issue.

    huge unforced error from trump.

    also note obama didn’t pardon any of these long dead african athletes either, or whatever stupid initiatives trump has on ‘righting historical wrongs’. leftists understand how to exercise power, maintain and consolidate power. conservatives, well…

    cue the totally stupid comments about non-violent drug offenders. what idiocy.

  5. side note: trump is trying to meet with the people who run baltimore, about ‘economic opportunity zones’. a long discredited, jack kemp initiative from the 80s, and of which paul ryan was also a big proponent.

    oh god. not this stupid stuff again. extra, EXTRA tax cuts for useless africans, who produce no economic value in the first place, and which is supposed to lift up their economic standards more towards the mainstream. good grief. it didn’t work then, and it won’t work now. or ever. tax cuts by themselves are not a winning issue – extra EXTRA tax cuts for africans produces NOTHING. no additional economic activity, no additional tax revenue (what’s the difference between collecting 25% of nothing versus 10% of nothing?), and above all, it produces no new votes from africans.

    that’s not a good a sign. it probably means that standard issue GOP ideas are what trump is mostly hearing now.

    • This is classical Republican MO. Bringing back to life failed social programs that pander to POC and don’t benefit us.

    • Double the child tax credit and Whites will buy homes, start families, and set up small businesses to escape wage cuckoldry.

      Blacks will buy more weed, more crack, and piss away the rest partying it up at the nearest Family Dollar.

    • Check out the smiling negress in Rand Paul’s twitter. Any time you see a negro beaming like that with a group of hu-white men in suits, you are about to get screwed, yet again…

  6. more pandering for minority voters who will never vote republican.
    Trump is a disgrace…
    i cannot even say anything when normies run their indoctrinated mouths about him anymore.
    He is the enemy of the white race, like all ZOG puppets.

  7. Every black in the country is now going to vote GOP because of this legislation. Even the dead ones. In a make believe session.

  8. According to the U.S. Justice Department in 2005 over 34,460 White women were sexually assaulted or raped by Black males. The number of Black female rapes by White men is statistically 0 because they have fewer than 10 cases nationally.

    • “according to the Jew-S Justice Department”?

      the actual number of White girls and women brutalized and raped by niggers is at least twice the (((official))) number.

  9. Releasing a few thousand prisoners at the federal level won’t do much of anything. That’s why Kushner feels safe in supporting it.

    If there were actually a mass release of prisoners, that would be the last thing any Jew would want. If there were suddenly a ton of White Aryan Brotherhood members, Black Muslims and Mexican Aztlanistas roaming the streets, you could be expected to hear about a synagogue shooting every week.

    I’m convinced that’s the real purpose of mass incarceration. Because people in prison tend to be very Jew-wise.

  10. Here’s one of the crimes that a felon can have committed and still apply for early release, according to an analysis of the bill by the National Association of Assistant U.S. Attorneys: “Conspiracy or attempt to engage in human trafficking, including of children.” Jesus. No wall, no pulling out of foreign wars and entanglements, no ending of Obamacare or the public funding of Planned Infanticide, and now pedos get a pass. God save us.

  11. Maybe this will help James Fields, Jr. who was sentenced to life plus 419 years in prison?

    Maybe, but only if Fields is black and was sentenced for Crack cocaine or attacking whitey. In that case, he’s golden.

  12. Perhaps they are letting all of these non-white predators to create anither crime wave ahead if the gun bans gun grabs and mass imprisonment of white nationalists

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