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    • It’s possible that this vote was a thank-you card to Susan Collins and with the debt paid K will gradually drift to the right. The GOP did not make it easy for Kavanaugh since they refused to nail down the fact that Dr. whosis was lying. If they lacked the guts to do this during the hearing or thought it would be counter-productive, they could have done it after confirmation. Yes, Kavanaugh could be another stealth pro-choicer and if so Trump should be fiercely denounced by pro-lifers and the talking point of his supreme court appointments exploded. Maybe we could even guilt him into appointing Amy Barrett.

  1. The Kavanaugh memes were getting as ridiculous as the “God Emperor” bit. Kavanaugh keggers? C’mon, goys, it’s not 2016. #MAGA is a bust. Can we get serious?

    If you’re waiting for salvation from the Sanhedrin, what the hell is the matter with you?

  2. 2019 = the movement pushing a single word: “Partition”

    Telephone poles, sidewalk chalk, internet forums.

    No explanation, that comes later.

    Burn it into the neurons of the world.

  3. Anyone who looked up his background new he was a moderate GOPe type.

    We have Trump derangement syndrome on the alt-right. Our people mindlessly support anything Trump does. If Dubya had nominated Kavanaugh, conservatives would have opposed him as weak ideologically, let alone the alt-right.

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