Theresa May Wins No Confidence Vote

Theresa May has survived the no confidence vote, but will be out by the next general election:


Cuck Island has extended its track record of disappointment.

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  1. “Eurosceptic.” I’m surprised they didn’t call them “Europhobics.” Sharia May is a disgrace. She looks like a vampire who hasn’t had blood in a few centuries.

  2. There was no way in hell they had enough support to throw her out early, but at least she won’t be coming back next cycle.

    As for Brexit, I don’t expect it to progress any further for the remainder of her term, nor do I expect that the next Prime Minister will advance it either. If Britons want sovereignty, they’re going to have to do as the French are doing.

    • A no confidence motion whether it succeeds or not is fatal. There is a saying in voting politics: “Disunity is death.” It means the public won’t vote for parties that infight. The conservatives will likely be gone next election.

    • It’s piracy but I’d suggest that raiding channel ports would be the best solution.

      a ferry full of Hooligans hitting Ostend, Bruges, Dunkirk, Calais would be useful.

      • When I was there the fisherman would run cables across the ports to block entry. No need for hooligans and this time the Belgians and French are on the same side with the English. BTW De Penne is a wonderful town to overnight in before a Dunkirk ferry ride if anyone has plans.

  3. Lord God Almighty. He must be cursing England with a vengeance, for their colletively turning their backs on their only rightful King, Jesus Christ.

    Give me Margaret Thatcher, any day…. if one HAS to have a female in charge.

    • Thatcher sold out what was left of the UK to the (((bankers))) who moved their headquarters back there from New York. She was almost as bad as Churchill.

  4. Was that a Conservative Party VonC or a Parliamentary VonC?

    If she wasn’t up in front of parliament it was a sham.

    Anyway. Someone should challenge her for leadership now.

  5. It’s irrelevant who’s in charge. My ancestral homeland is lost. If May is not at the helm, then some other treacherous, Zio wretch will be. A new leader means nothing if the same old corrupt system remains. All you former Trump supporters should know this.
    Brexit or no Brexit-Britain will still be minority white around the time I turn 100, and migrants will still be arriving. Those are the facts.
    Nothing short of a full revolution and total cleanout will alter their path to oblivion.

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