President Trump Signs Executive Order To “Revitalize” Economically Distressed Communities

In other words, Trump is going to revitalize cities like Detroit, East St. Louis and Birmingham with Jack Kemp opportunity zones:

“President Trump on Wednesday signed an executive order aimed at helping economically distressed communities, building off a provision in his tax-cut law.

The order creates a White House panel dubbed the Opportunity and Revitalization Council, which will be led by Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson and consist of representatives from 13 federal agencies. …

The executive order is designed to supplement a piece of Trump’s 2017 tax-cut law known as opportunity zones. Under the opportunity zone program, investors can receive capital-gains tax breaks if they invest in distressed areas that were certified by the Treasury Department.

More than 8,000 communities nationwide, where nearly 35 million people live, are in opportunity zones. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has said that he expects that there will be about $100 billion in private capital invested in the zones. …”

The Trump administration has been like a Petri dish for every retarded idea cooked up conservative think tanks. The Jack Kemp Foundation which has pushed this is based there.

Note: This episode shows why the Alt-Right is needed more than ever. This is the sort of thing conservatives do when they are in power. See also criminal justice reform.

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      • No it’s really not, this is a very special retardation of a very special type. Most Americans, even those still beguiled by Jewish crap, know Detroit is a money pit.

    • Cuckservatives: “Let’s dump billions into the ghetto in the hope that Blacks will come to the GOP.”

      Cuckservatives: “What do you mean give that White child free healthcare! That’s socialism right there!!!11

  1. more free shit for the most worthless of society while whites voices are not permitted in ZOG political discourse so we live in the shadows on the www ….winning is so tiring.

  2. There are plenty of devastated White towns, all over the once-functional USA. But they don’t matter. They don’t complain. They don’t riot. They don’t whine. White People don’t act as a collective. We are reasonable, kind, and fair. We are being steam rolled, because of our innate decency,

    • That is absolutely true, Miss Denise, but, to my mind, it is not just ‘decency’ but, indifference, sheepishness, and cowardice.

      I live many a year way up north, on the Vermont Eastern New York border, and that area, once a powerhouse of timber, concrete, stone, marble, shirtmaking, and barrel industries is as big a graveyard as any small Southern town.

      Only the insurance business is thriving.

      Many of us have lost the will to fight, sad to say, and many more of us do not much notice, because we are so dang stoned, nearly all the time.

      New Yorkers, in that northeastern area, are just as cuckt, indoctrinated, and docile, as my fellow Southerners, down here in Northeastern North Carolina.

      Hard to understand, really, why such proud peoples now have such little dignity that they, we, won’t fight.

      Hope that changes.

    • Pretty much says it all. Denise. White people are too decent and individualistic and are going to pay for it unless and until they change. This is just more money down the “mudhole”.

    • There is only one issue all White people can unite around and that’s race. This is why our enemies turned it into the worst taboo of all. This is what we must be working to undo.

  3. Ya see the white man keep the money outta the hood cuz he fear the power of black entrepn’rship knowamsayin? Whitey see our crack slangin hustle n know africans is natr’ly bidnessmen. He wanna cut out competition ya herr me?

  4. It doesn’t matter if you invest $10 or $10,000,000 into one of these zones–if you invest in nothing, you get nothing back. These communities are in shambles because they are full of shiftless, unproductive blacks and browns…and not a one of them will vote for Donald Trump in 2020 based on this.

    • They’re not the only ones who won’t vote for this sack of excrement. Learned that lesson, as I said in the lead-up to the election this is it, the last time (If any other candidate had won I would have voted for Whitaker). Against my instincts I held out hope that we *might* have a slim chance to avoid the inevitable. Now it is 100% clear, there is no avoiding what will come.

  5. Eastern North Carolina needs all the help, and any help, it can get, because it has been economically devastated by The Jew England Yankee United States’ Government economick policies.

    Sadly, many of our towns are literally falling in – no jobs, no tax base, no children to be see because young adults see no reason to live in a fresh air outdoor morgue to what the South uset to be.

    General Sherman may have been devastating marching through for several weeks in late winter of 18 & 65, but, he is nothing compared to Jew England Yankee policies that have wrought such havock, over the last 65+ years.

    Privately to myself, it just blows my mind that more folks are not openly hostile and secesh, but, this is the strangest era in the history of Mankind.

    • Junius, only 3% of the colonials fought in our revolution. Until a large-enough minority (somehow) comes together to fight our societal disintegration from beyond the safety of the computer keyboard, nothing will happen. (I include myself in the group of those just complaining right now, btw.)

  6. Any money that is invested in Africa, or Africans in the West, is just money tossed into a bottomless pit. Its money we’ll never see again. Nogs will still be nogs.
    Whites are a kind and decent lot, but its kindness and decency that we should reserve for eachother. Outside of that, the mud savages just use it against us, and it will mean our extinction.

  7. Why is Trump doing this? The gibsmedats have proven they want to stay on the leftist plantation. The days when blacks were economically independent ended fifty-plus years ago, after civil rights and the welfare state came into being. So this is a futile gesture that will only take resources away from the productive (shell out, whitey). No matter the amounts of money poured into Dindinuffinland, blacks tend to decline. They need to be cutoff from white-provided welfare and political payoffs, and be forced to rebuild their own communities. If they can.

  8. Shades of Jack Kemp! The endless vain attempts to get POC to vote Repuke while throwing their real supporters under the bus. But the latter always come back on election day so the sham goes on.

  9. If the critical mass of White America remains, then we will see some of those cities coming back. Once an American city is Detroited it remains Detroited until the demographic shifts. Vertigo Politix explains:

    Chicago : Demographics, Deficits and White Flight

  10. so, essentially, Trump is ignoring the voters who elected him to make change. He is another profligate spender like Obongo. We are not going to vote our way outta this. No one is coming to save us.

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