South Africa Politician: Kill The Whites

A few months ago, I was told by “journalists” that this wasn’t happening in South Africa:

“The leader of a South African political party has called for the killing of white women and children in a row over the taxi industry.

Andile Mngxitama, president of Black First Land First (BLF), was speaking at a rally on the weekend in Potchefstroom near Johannesburg when he made the violent comments.

He tells the cheering crowd: ‘For each one person that is being killed by the taxi industry, we will kill five white people.

‘For every one black person we will kill five white people. …”

The ADL and SPLC condemned Tucker Carlson’s report and President Trump’s tweet about the issue. Vox explained that “whether or not it’s actually true is irrelevant.”

President Trump is taking the issue so seriously that we haven’t had an ambassador to South Africa for nearly two years. Last month, he nominated a Jewish handbag designer with no diplomatic experience who is a member of Mar-a-Lago to be our next ambassador.

Note: You would think this would be an easy win for Trump that he would take during the upcoming avalanche of shit from House Democrats and the Mueller report.

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  1. Very worrying and disturbing. I wish I could confront my history teacher with this as I recall him boasting of his participation in anti-apartheid actions in the eighties (in Holland). I wonder how the people of Orania are doing, the little enclave of Afrikaner people.

    • My Sociology prof. assured me that everything would be wonderbar after I expressed concerns about the future of whites in South Africa. I wish I could continue that conversation now. I studied engineering but took psychology and sociology whenever I could. Interesting stuff really and an easy A if you don’t wander too far off the reservation,

  2. Yeah just kill the cwakas and everything will suddenly be ok….
    The dindus will suddenly have a stable economy, clean streets and drinking water and a steady supply of food in their supermarkets. Heck, they may even have a space program one day!
    The sooner these shitskin bigots are left on their own, the better.
    Now that Canada and a few other nations have signed the global compact on refugees, I trust they’ll begin accepting white South Africans, or are they the wrong kind of refugees?? I hold the theory that the Left want WSA’S to remain in South Africa as they’re concerned about black inability to cope without whites…..but they have no concern about those same whites being butchered-and make no mistake-they’re being butchered, by blacks.
    We’re constantly to keep giving our hard earned to these useless charities to go to starving Africans to allow them to breed like flies, while the ones in South Africa and the West beat us up, rape and murder us and ravage our welfare system. Na….fuck ’em. I’ve never paid these charities a penny, and never will. Worthless swine.

    • john, we Whites are being butchered over here by the nogs. Just because the media won’t show it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Colin Flaherty on Minds still posts the latest wonderful news about the treatment we’re getting from these filthy apes, but if you go to any of the other ‘major media’ sites, even the so-called right wing ones, there is nothing. Just the other day a bunny stalked a White mom and her little girl and finally broke into their house and killed them both. Hear about that anywhere? Here’s the link:

      • Gabby

        You’re spot on!
        In Australia-on legacy media-the only news we got from South Africa in recent times was ‘ball tampering’ by Aussie cricketers. Do we ever hear about African gangs and their one-race crime wave in Melbourne? No, instead there was a story about cats ‘terrorizing’ a street full of elderly residents with their fighting and growling!
        Thankfully, the right is on the rise worldwide as people now have the means to get the real stories.
        Enjoy your weekend and stay strong Gabby.

  3. Don’t count on Drumpf to do anything, he gets scared if someone complains about his stupid tweet about SA.

  4. at last, an honest Black politician.

    ‘Murka’s political class – Jews, White shabbatz goyim, ethnorcs – also intend to kill us.

    all of us.

    but they’re still lie’ing about it.

  5. What will the pathetic Western countries do if this happens? Stand against this and essentially prove that their treason against SA was a huge mistake; or do nothing and prove themselves to be cowards and hypocrites?

    • They would prevent them from leaving, and help the Orcs slaughter them given what the Jewish controlled governments have done to Serbia, Ukraine and other white nations.

  6. “Whether or not it is actually true is irrelevant.” Do left-wingers have even a smidgen of honesty or decency? And these are the folks who claim to be our moral betters.

    • The answer is no. And they do not even have enough decency or honesty to be aware of the fact, let alone ashamed of it. This is why we should show these people no mercy when their comeuppance comes.

    • In 20 years, the “names” will still not be dealing with the word racist, nor pointing out the fact that genocide has nothing to do with violence. In 20 years, they will still be writing essasys/reporting the bad news, and asking why won’t Whites oppose their destruction?

  7. Psalm 28:4 Give them according to their deeds, and according to the wickedness of their endeavours: give them after the work of their hands; render to them their desert.

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