#MAGA: President Trump Backs Down On Government Shutdown

The Art of the Deal … Trump can’t even get $1 billion now for his wall from the Democrats, but Congress is ready to cough up $10 billion for Mexico and Central America:

If the GOP Congress isn’t funding the border wall, what is it doing? The Senate is advancing criminal justice reform and working on securing Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights:

Oh, it gets even worse.

$0 for the wall.

and WORSE …

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  1. At this point, I’d be more willing to vote for Stephen Miller than Trump. We’d have more of a chance of the wall being built with him than we ever will with loser Trump. I am so disgusted with that con artist that I am spitting tacks.

    Now, they’ve outlawed bump stocks. No real investigations into all these suspect shootings but going after law-abiding citizens is a priority.

    MATF = Make America Trump-Free

    I’m voting for the most unknown candidates on the ticket in the 2020 election cycle. And, if that includes socialists, commies, felons, embezzlers, homos, pedos, etc., so be it. It’s not any worse than what we have now.

    • What America and West in general really needs is conscription and basic knowledge about Art of War.

      When was the last time, when genetic white liberals won in the election with slogan “We Will Build The Gate For Mass Immigration” or ” Make America Small Forever ” ??????

      The Global Elite is rotten to the core and must be completely removed,, that is important . Walls, gates, doors, windows and everything else is absolutely irrelevant.

      And average Joe must understand this. Who does not know me, I live in the 99.999999% white country without a wall and without a immigration.

      Understanding genetic white liberal problem and dealing this problem is much more important than walls gates gardens barbecue places or whatever you like in your soil.

  2. I think we need to swallow our pride and align ourselves with every anti-Trumper and every Israel-basher on the planet. And the ones off-planet, too.

    The moneyed capitalists need to be destroyed. All of them. Speaking of Trump, including the ones who use fronts.

    • “I think we need to swallow our pride and align ourselves with every anti-Trumper and every Israel-basher on the planet.”

      The far-left BDS movement is a billion times more critical of Israel than even the Paulite wing of the GOP ever was. The right-wing in America is completely controlled by Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers. The tactically smart thing for you to do at this point is to align yourself with the Glenn Greenwald and pro-Palestine sections of the left. Attack Israel and attack soulless capitalism, but put aside your differences on race. Otherwise, the alliance dies.

  3. Look at some of those tweets above, it sure looks like Beto was the better candidate.

    Fool me once….. yeah, yeah
    Fool me a gazillion times, there’s no hope or help for me.

    • Beto was absolutely the better candidate, as he wasn’t a cuck. Cruz is a cuckservative for Israel and endless wars and soulless capitalism.

  4. Plus, MAGAzombies are starting a GoFundMe to help Trump build the wall. The one that the Stable Genius can’t seem to get done, or even propose enough money to complete in the first place.

  5. This was Fash the Nation’s big hope: The Lame Duck Session Wall Fight!

    America is dead. If our movement doesn’t start pushing for an alternative we will be trapped in a hybrid of the Soviet Union and South Africa.

    Strange how people who can be so minute in their analysis of various smouldering trees cannot see the big raging forest fire.

    Folks, this is nothing more than emotions talking. Remember that we are Aryans, our nation began at least 6,000 to 8,000 years ago, and that America is only one small facet of the Aryan Expansion, which includes landing on the Moon, and all the future expansion in space. The Yamnaya are dead. The Corded Ware culture is dead. America is dead – but the nation is eternal.

    Mourn America, then move on.


    • America as founded by Whites is LONG dead. So is the JEWOP. The 2020 election cycle will have millions and millions of brown Nuevo Americanos turning 18.

    • Anti-Whites have enough money to pay off national debts. So all we have to do is create a self sustaining industry, that strips the generational wealth from the traitors and we’ll be fine. White Genocide lawsuits forever.

    • The Aryan Sanskrit speakers colonized Vietnam and Cambodia also. The Buddha (Siddhartha) was Aryan so this influence extends to Japan and other Asian nations as well.

  6. We should allow ourselves a brief amount of time to mourn the passing of this formerly great Republic. Then roll up our sleeves and prepare to replace it with something much better.

  7. Far to many of us have not grasped the concept that the system is unnatural and unworkable. We seem to think it would have worked if only somebody like Anne Counter, Patrick Buchanan, or David Duke had been elected instead of Trump.We cannot fix the system while being part of the system. Nor can we vote our way out of this. This should NOT be construed as a call to violence but a call to political sanity. As Ezra Pound once said: “All of America is becoming one vast insane asylum” It is a political experiment that failed! Its failure may have been divinely ordained or it may have been the end result of a deeply entrenched hostile elite who are apparently immune to periodic electoral cycles. It wont matter which theory is correct in the long run. There is a natural law that regulates the affairs of men and nations just as gravity governs the Cosmos.One of these laws is the Law of Political Scale. There comes a time when a nation becomes too big and too diverse to govern itself effectively and internal collapse is its inevitable fate. John C. Calhoun explored this topic. Even Jefferson has doubts that liberty would be safeguarded if all the lands from the Louisiana purchase were incorporated in the United States. Instead he envisioned multiple nations coming out of it who would be friendly to the United States in terms of trade and foreign policy. We live in the last days of empire. It is time to think in terms of political devolution and alternative nationalism. Decouple our fate from the United States and a world of possibilities enters. Consider the United States and the white race contained therein. One of these has a future. The other does not. Learn to think racially and act politically for therein is your salvation found!

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