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    • They ARE (at best) a silly toy. At worst they are an accessory that makes one’s shooting less effective. In any event to give the anti-gun/anti-White left an inch to exploit is extremely foolish. I was hoping Trump was smarter than that…

      • You’re right. This is more than pros or cons for bump stocks. This is Trump aligning himself once again with our anti-White enemies whom I thought he ran against.

        I see Trump being a 1 term president and the last Republican president. The Republican party needs to die and the sooner the better. It is probably the biggest obstacle to White survival.

  1. Useful for spraying a crowd I suppose, but…

    Bump stocks are retard hobby stuff for guys who shoot bleeding zombie targets.

    Serious rifle shooters don’t bother with them.

    • I agree…also useful for stirring up fallen leaves (re: Hickock 45 ). I’ve got no use for em’ either, but there’s that slippery slope thang’…

    • (Blank) is retard hobby stuff. (Insert obligatory “used to murder” comment). Serious shooters don’t bother with (blank). It’s always the same up to and including the coming semi-auto bans and confiscations. Always the same. “It’s not something I bought so f the people who will be fugitives if they don’t surrender (blank)”. “(blank) is a toy for losers”. . Most gains by those who would exterminate my people come from such lackluster cowardice.

  2. Back during the reign of Edward I of England, the jews tried to get him to ban weapons of the citizenry. He refused and shortly thereafter booted them out of England (which lasted for almost 400 years until jew-funded Oliver Cromwell let them back in). Anyway, I got to thinking. It was during this period that Spain was under muslim tyranny. Is it possible that the jews wanted weapons banned so the muslims would be able to invade easily? No way of knowing now, of course, but they were hand in glove with the muslims in Spain.

    • They sided every Muslim invasion if Europe. Which resulted in large numbers of them being killed or booted out other the country.

  3. What has been done here is actually worse than simply banning bump stocks (which would still be bad). They have redefined the terms in existing firearm legislation. This opens up the possibilities of banning any number of things using this same type of redefinition. If “machinegun” can be redefined to include bump stocks, then who is to say that semi-auto firearms are not “machineguns?” Or revolvers? Or any kind of gun that has any sort of mechanism or “machine” parts? Trump is worse than useless.

  4. I wish I had purchased several bump stocks so I could experience the satisfaction of NOT turning them in. Stupid, oppressive laws should always be cheerfully and enthusiastically ignored.

  5. It’s amazing. The good things Trump ran on have all gone up in smoke. Everything globohomo wants is sailing through. Voting is a sham. Even alt-right cucks are starting to get it. Trump was either a great flim-flam man, or he was castrated by the (((Deep State))).

  6. Did we ever find out what was behind the harvest sacrifice in front of the Black Pyramid in Sin City?

    No, but we did get a ban on bump stocks!

    Still want to bet on America? Time to get real!

  7. i have never voted in ZOG (S)elections EVER in my life and never will.
    There is only one way out of this current breakdown of the uSSA and removal of our rights along with the south african style genocide that will soon start when whitey becomes a minority to mestizo cactus coons.
    There will never be another non hispanic politician , judge , ect ect once mestizos replace us in 20 years or less.
    i wonder how long it’ll take ZOG La Raza puppet tools to implement reconquista laws and openly murder whites in the streets?

  8. NRA members must be tickled pink just about now for supporting this fraud.
    Actually this is classical Republican playbook: Rally your White supporters at election time. Once elected throw them under the bus.
    I deceived myself into thinking Trump was different. Never again.

    • Oh, “he’s just a fellow warrior,” dontcha know.

      if you expect him to actually do something other than break every promise and truckle to our enemies, that shows you’re just “childish and looking for a daddy.”

      These are the arguments I see from the rock-bottom, drooling MAGAtards on some sites.

      Well, if both of those are the case, why do we even need Trump? Or any politician, statesman, or leader? We’ll be perfectly fine without them, and, frankly, if they’re not supposed to produce macro-level results and we’re just “childish” to expect them to, then they’re 110% stinkin’ useless, a waste of time, energy, and mental bandwidth.

      Yet they still worship at the altar of Trump and expect everyone else to, while literally saying that you can’t expect any results at all from him.

      Ugh. One feels stupider merely from perusing their babble. .

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