#MAGA: Senate Passes Criminal Justice Reform

My head is spinning from all this winning.

Criminal justice reform has passed the Senate on the same day that the Trump administration banned bump stocks, it was announced that Mexico and Central America are getting ten billion and Trump is getting nothing in wall funding because he blinked on forcing the government shutdown on Friday:

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  1. Interested to see what Fuentes the Nation has to say about this. They’re going to have to go dark or be a laughing stock. MAGA is done. Come back to earth, nnnguys.

    • Prisons DO need reform. There’s white boys in there as well. Naturally there’ll be a few things both left and right will agree on. Can’t attack something needed just because our enemies are for it too … as they’re for it for different reasons than us.

  2. “This will keep our communities safer”

    Every time I see this bullcrap it makes my teeth grit. How exactly does going easier on criminals make us safer?

    I’ve got nothing left to say about this clown except that I hope that Mueller digs up enough dirt to permanently wreck him AND his wretched family.

    • How exactly does going easier on criminals make us safer?

      It means going easier on Niggers, because as we all know, the police just arrest random nogs on the street and charge them with whatever crime they can think of at the time, while ignoring obvious White murderers and robbers.

  3. So Ethnarch was wrong?

    Can’t wait for the next Fash the Nation Deep Dive!

    Maybe they’ll do one on Partition?


    • I stopped listening to Fool the Nation months ago. I used to respect Ethnarch…..but he’s better at history, things gone by, than Now and Future. And….I think he likes being in a Boy’s Club.

  4. Well, it looks like all the DC pedos are safe with this Administration.

    Google Ivanka sitting on daddy’s lap. She’s caressing his face for crying out loud. It’s the symbolism folks. Now tell me that picture doesn’t scream TOTALLY IMPROPER BEHAVIOR.

    He’s one of Jeffrey Epstein’s fans. That’s probably his connection to Steve Bannon.

  5. Is drumpf even a vertebrate? He governs in the most spineless manner that I’ve ever had the misfortune to witness.

    Drumpf’s actions are those of a nyc libtard. His agenda has been zio/neo-con and left of center.

    Is there a “Lemon Law” on presidents?

  6. Yay. Who needs any of the promises Chump made when we can now rest secure in our beds knowing that Tyrone and “Horhay” gets “another chance” to enrich our rapidly browning neighborhoods?…

  7. From the constant kissing up to israel, to the open borders, to the bending over backwards to black criminal demands, to the blatant civic nationalism…all of that has been trumps legacy so far, and I can’t see how any sane, racially aware white person can truly believe that trump means welI at this moment. Trump is not advocating for racial separatism or white unity during his presidency, he is just a civic nationalist coward looking to gather as many jews and non-whites as he can to ally with the white kwans against the so called “liberals” and “democrats” and panders for their votes. He’s the ideal president for the tea party/freeper cuck, not for white nationalists.

  8. Meanwhile Israel first senator (((Ben Cardin))) tries to sneak in legislation to infringe on the first amendment rights of Americans.

    Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin is making a behind-the-scenes push to slip an anti-boycott law into a last-minute spending bill being finalized during the lame-duck session, according to four sources familiar with the negotiations.

    The measure, known as the Israel Anti-Boycott Act, was shelved earlier amid concerns about the infringement of free speech, after civil liberties groups argued that the original version would have allowed criminal penalties for Americans who participate in a political boycott of Israel. Some of the more aggressive elements of the provision have been removed under pressure, but the American Civil Liberties Union, which spearheaded the initial opposition to the bill, is still strongly opposed.

    In a letter to Congress, the ACLU warned that the amended version still creates unconstitutional restrictions on free speech. “We understand the Senate is considering attaching a revised version of S. 720 to the end-of-the-year omnibus spending bill, and we urge you to oppose its inclusion,” reads a letter dated December 3.

  9. It’s not that I don’t agree with more of the post mortem on Trump on these recent articles, I just don’t agree on the *theoretical* disapproval of this law. Personally, I think the criminalization of drug possession has been part of the gutting of the middle and working class. I’ve seen its devastating impact on all sorts of people, including huge swathes of especially young whites.

    I have to study the text of the law. I don’t trust it. Jared Kushner is never to be trusted.

    Consider that the indefinite sentencing portion of the Reagan Tokes Act passed in the Ohio legislature last week: https://www.10tv.com/article/ohio-legislature-passes-portion-reagan-tokes-act All it would take to extend a white person’s sentence for up to three times its original length would be the addition of a ‘hate crime’ element to it, either at trial or in prison. A truly violent black felon’s sentence could be reduced by 66% for good goy behavior.

    Further, the Sandra Bland Act (passed a year ago) continues to snake its way through Texas, gathering steam through a PR campaign heralding the liberation of all the black woman Joan of Arc’s. The text of the law does nothing to tame the police state. Instead, it melds the ‘mental health’ system with the criminal justice one. County jails will now have mandatory psych evaluations, and commissars pseudo-diagnosing away all due process and transparency for those awaiting arraignment.

    Reagan’s parents live in Parkland, Fla where Mossad spook cops lobby for ‘pre-crime’ intervention. We’re about to see the other side of (((fiat))) currency and ‘justice.’

    Whites need to stop all the negro-baiting. We need allies. Giving into jewish manipulations and triangulations is NOT helping anyone’s cause but the jews.’

  10. I thought Candace Owens was the latest Conservative Magical Negro, who would lead her Race into the joys of Jeffersonian Republicanism. By the way – child rapers get out of jail, too.

  11. Gee, do you thing James Fields will catch a break from this? Ha ha, just kidding.
    Yes, turning thousands of “non violent” black felons loose will make us all safer. Hell, I feel safer already.
    Thanks again, Mr. Trump. This is exactly why I voted for you.

  12. “Drumpf’s actions are those of a nyc libtard. His agenda has been zio/neo-con and left of center.”

    The only reason I voted for Trump was in order to keep the Clinton’s out of the White House. I would have voted for a fencepost, if it had had the same chance of winning that Trump did.

    The Clinton’s, especially Hillary, are vindictive people. Anybody that displeased them ended up run out of business, unemployed, in jail, run out of Arkansas, or dead. Some, all five things.

    Hillary would have spent a lot of time taking revenge on all of America that had voted against her, while starting a war with Russia over Syria. Which could potentially destroy civilisation. She would have also unleashed her vengeance on the Republicans and piled up more victims of peculiar accidents and sudden, unexpected, and fatal illnesses.

    Everybody I know voted for Trump for the exact same reasons I did. It’s not like Trump is gonna actually be able to do what he promised, anyway. U$Z©G will never allow it. But at least we have four years of the Judeo-Communists and their Neo-Yankee stooges being distracted by Trump from their work of wrecking what used to be a nation. And maybe, just maybe, the onset of WWIII has been delayed for a few more years.

    • The “Well, at least he’s not Hillary” argument needs to be taken out behind the barn and shot in the head.

      • Its not an argument, its a talking point.

        It is repeated millions of times knowingly by Republican operatives and the mindless NPCs they trained to repeat it.

        Owen has repeated it many times on this blog. Similar was repeated by a group of 5 shills at Stormfront during the 2016 campaign and after it. This is how politics is really done. Repeating the same thing over and over.

    • I voted for drumpf for the same reasons that you cited.

      The prospect of World War Three is still very possible. It will all come down to whether the zionists will wait for the next administration to start it or not, or if drumpf bumbles into one.

    • This is simply a sad regurgitation of the lesser of two evils voting methodology that they WANT you to continue.

      Me? I have been trying to explain that voting for either is a fail. For some reason, people like you simply cannot get it.

      BTW: Clinton was never meant to be POTUS. Trump was ALWAYS the shoo-in. You played into the predesignated move exactly as they wanted you to.

      Still happy with your vote? Let’s hear how bad Clinton WOULD have been again. Just to try and make yourself feel better for being hoodwinked.

      • @BMan, I knew drumpf wasn’t a White advocate, but I was admittedly “hoodwinked ” into thinking that he’d build the wall, especially with Sessions as AG and both houses of congress in the gop’s control.

        Considering how you’re able to be such an astounding prognosticator in the vein of Cassandra; what does your crystal ball foretell for the future?

  13. Kafka trap made law. I would rather let 99 murders free (to murder another innocent) than condemn an innocent man. How many times has this bs been repeated?

  14. According to the U.S. Justice Department in 2005 over 34,460 White women were sexually assaulted or raped by Black males. The number of Black female rapes by White men is statistically 0 because they have fewer than 10 cases nationally.

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