Elliot Abrams Hired As “Special Envoy” To Venezuela

We last saw Elliot Abrams, one of the leading neocons behind the Iraq War, when he was angling for a State Department job in the earliest months of the Trump administration. At the time, he predicted that he would be hired in 2018 or 2019 after Steve Bannon’s departure from the White House. Now, he has been hired to bring regime change and democracy to Venezuela:

“Elliott Abrams, a controversial neoconservative figure who was entangled in the Iran-Contra affair, has been named as a Trump administration special envoy overseeing policy toward Venezuela, which has been rocked by a leadership crisis.

Abrams’ appointment, announced Friday by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, is something of a surprise — President Donald Trump nixed his 2017 bid to be deputy secretary of State after learning that Abrams had criticized him.

Abrams will now be one of several special envoys Pompeo has brought on board to tackle thorny issues. He takes on his role at an unusually volatile time in U.S.-Venezuelan relations. …”

It is hardly an exaggeration to say that one of the top reasons (the other main reason being the wall) that Trump was elected president was to get rid of these people. Here we are two years later and John Bolton is National Security Adviser and Elliot Abrams is back at the State Department.

Virtually nothing has changed under Donald Trump. Not our foreign policy. Not our immigration policy. Not the GOP’s obsession with tax cuts and deregulation. Not even our trade policy.

Note: I don’t even care for the Maduro government in Venezuela. From what I have seen, it is understandable that so many people there want to get rid of it. Still, they don’t need vultures like Elliot Abrams, the Bank of England and Mark Zuckerberg wading into the situation.

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  1. The right wing stupidly believes that “socialism” is to blame for Venezuela’s political and economic crisis. No, it’s due to aggressive meddling in that country’s affairs by Washingcoon. I hope Drump is the JSA’s last president. The world will be better off once the chinx take over.

    • I never would have predicted Trump would end up being an accelerationist president. His grandchildren (except maybe Kushner’s and Ivanka’s devil spawn) are probably going to end up “spirit cooked” just like the Russian Czar’s.

  2. There is no excuse for continually going to the poisoned neo-con well over and over again. For every gov’t department secretary or White House advisory role, Trump had the ability to go outside the usual suspects. He’s just another tool used by the establishment to get their way. Except for economics, Trump is a failure. The Fed is destroying his progress in that area, so even there he’s messing up. His low taxes and fewer regulations scheme isn’t original, so Trump adds nothing new to the presidency except bragging on social media.

  3. Huh? Wait! Wasn’t L. Paul Bremmer available? Kissinger’s acolyte did such a terrific job in Iraq following the illegal 2003 invasion.

    Why wouldn’t drumpf have chosen to appoint a “special envoy ” who could single handily ferment a Venezuelan version of an insurrection and ensuing chaos?

    Was Paul brushing up on his Farsi for zog’s next target: Iran?

  4. All Trump’s election offered was a 4 year window to campaign for splitting up the United States. Not Taking Back America, or Taking America Back, or Making America Great Again – splitting it up.

    Instead we started that 4 years with Hitler salutes and armed marches through Whitefish and now we have less than 2 years to go, 3 more weeks of which will be squandered on waiting for Trump’s secret plan to build the Wall which should have been started summer 2017.

    Will there be State of the Union? Yikes! Do you need any better barometer of the situation?

    Will Trump come out and say that the state State of the Union is “strong” or “stronger than ever” because of his big fat ugly bubble?

    The Enemy is nearing final victory because they did the math. Why can’t our side do math? The only play we have left is splitting up the (dis)United States. They are cleaning our clocks because of our emotional attachment to something that is long dead.

    We need to get our minds right. Think. Say. Do.

  5. Perpetual war for perpetual peace. Take the troops out of Syria (not likely to happen) and send them to Venezuela. Just think of the opportunity to create millions of new 3rd world refugees to MAGA.

    • Herr Oberstleutnant, I propose seeing intervention in another country’s civil war as an underhanded false-labeled manufacturers’ resource war. Dead center of the X-ring at a hundred meters.

    • I wouldn’t dare do that. But, it’s not ONLY the tribe. For example: Marx may have had the original poisonous ideas, but Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot made them all too real. Without Gentile cooperation, Jewish influence stays in the shadows.

      • Imagine a football team that gets beaten year after year, decade after decade. Imagine the coaches and players on this team aren’t interested in learning tactics that work. Imagine all they do is stand on the field complaining that the players on the team that beats them all the time are Jews.

        Do you think the audience would have any sympathy for them?

  6. Fuck that lying motherfucker Trump and all of his excuse-makers in these circles who are worse than he is when it comes to always lying.

  7. i thought you said you were gonna stop posting about US politics.

    you’re just like a sports fan.

    “That’s it! I can’t take this team or this league anymore. I will never watch another game.”

    yeah, sure. see you next season, larry. everybody in this bar knows you’ll be back for the first game next year. so shut up already. you’ll never stop watching the jets/browns/raiders/whatever team it is.

  8. Jewperson Elliot Abrams has been getting his mug on TV since the late 60’s, early 70’s, sort of like that loathsome little Jew Ben Shapiro.

    When I was younger it didn’t register with me that Abrams was a Jew. He seemed more like the slick Ivy League type rather than the Jew ethnic genius type. Abrams spent a lot of time talking about Vietnam.

    Abrams went full Jew back in the 90’s and became more obvious about it then.

  9. This is why the shutdown ended – because it would be impossible to bomb Venezuela into Zionism if the government is shut down

  10. Neo-conservatives apparently never die…they just move back into the White House. (There, fixed it for you).

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