Senate Republicans Balk At Declaring National Emergency Over Border Wall

I haven’t seen a single Republican senator complain about Trump declaring a national emergency to impose new sanctions on Venezuela:

“WASHINGTON — President Trump’s legislative path to a border wall has narrowed significantly on the eve of Tuesday’s State of the Union speech, and his fallback plan to circumvent Congress by declaring a state of emergency could create a major division in his own party.

As he prepares to make his case to the largest national audience of the year, Mr. Trump appeared to be in an increasingly precarious position, unable to sway the wider public to his cause and unwilling, at least so far, to apply the persuasion and compromise that have gotten previous presidents out of political jams.

Anxiety over the damage being inflicted on the party is growing. Last week, in a one-on-one meeting with the president, Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the majority leader, reportedly warned Mr. Trump that declaring a national emergency to build his wall would almost certainly spark a rebellion within his party — and a vote to overrule him. House and Senate negotiators have been moving toward a bipartisan agreement as early as Friday to keep the government funded after Feb. 15 — with or without the president’s support.

But the president’s supporters continue to plead for unity. …

If I understand this correctly, this is how the border wall national emergency will play out:

1.) Trump will declare a national emergency to build the border wall

2.) House Democrats will pass a resolution opposing it

3.) The Republican Senate will have no choice but to vote on the bill and a handful of Republican senators will vote with the Democrats to pass it

4.) Trump will veto the bill

5.) The Senate will fail to come up with a 2/3rds majority to override the video

6.) Trump will be sued by the Democrats

7.) A federal district court judge will strike down the executive order

8.) The border wall be in legal limbo for the remainder of Trump’s presidency until the Republican-controlled Supreme Court strikes it down as “unconstitutional.”

The fear is that the Republican Senate and Republican-controlled Supreme Court will be seen blocking Trump from building the border wall and will be held accountable by voters.

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  1. And this is why the Murican system and Murican Constitution are now considered failures in the 21st Century.

    Even in the midst of an invasion that sees more enemy combatants cross in a month than the Mongol hordes could ever dream of, something as simple as a wall cannot come into being.

  2. Why should Trump show them any loyalty? He gave them several chances to support the wall on their own accord, and they refused each time. If he had any balls, he’d go ahead and hold their feet to the fire.

    But empty threats have been one of the defining hallmarks of this presidency. This will just go down as one more, I bet.

    • Have you never been led on by a pretty girl before?

      Trump dangling that wall in front of us, and pulling it away again is that girl.

      • I hover between that view and the (seemingly) equally possible one that the wall is essential to a successful re-election campaign for him, as it was his central campaign promise. Of course, he may not actually care about re-election, in which case it’s inapplicable. But I don’t know what’s in the man’s head, so I try to keep an open mind.

  3. Drump will continue to enjoy the unconditional support of conservative babby boomers and assorted other hayseeds in Flyover Country. I am seriously beginning to believe this might be the end of the line for ZOG USA. I certainly hope so!

  4. Decepticon Mitch Fires Trump Impeachment Warning with U.S. Senate Demand to Keep Troops in Afghanistan/Syria LastRefuge Feb 4 2019

    Funny they don’t blame Israel , its the “chamber of commerce”.
    I read this site regularly, they at times seem like too neocon , too
    much the cheerleader for Trump , but some of the domestic analysis
    is spot on.

    Who has the upper hand ?

    Trump acts like he is going to succeed.

    Trump never openly attacked Ryan and McConnell whose
    wife and family are Chinese Government direct business
    partners that should be investigated, look it up, its real,
    and in Trump’s Cabinet, instead of being investigated ?

  5. There is no national emergency. We’re a nation of immigrants, a melting pot. Whites are destined to become minorities in their own countries anyway. It doesn’t matter because we all bleed red. We’re all one race, the human race. 3rd world immigrants do the jobs Whites won’t do. Diversity is our greatest strength.

    How do I know? Professor Trotsky told me so.

  6. His own party sabotages him at every turn, and Trump has shown no will to force his promises through when he has had the opportunity. This is a diseased system from top to bottom, and it needs to be destroyed. We might have to do it ourselves, somehow.

    • “This is a diseased system from top to bottom and it needs to be destroyed. We might have to do it ourselves, somehow.”

      Totally agree, Rich. But there is no leader or organized opposition of any kind at the moment. Why? Because White working and middle class Americans have been TRICKED into believing that they are the government and that the Constitooshun was written for their benefit. And so most of us have become docile barn yard animals as a result.

  7. Move the border inward into whiter areas. Most people on both sides of the border are already majority Latino.

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