Jussie Smollett Race Hoax Collapses

I didn’t write about this story when it first broke.

This was one of the most obvious race hoaxes that any of us had ever seen. I figured that I would wait until it inevitably collapsed before writing about it:

“Chicago Police say they are still searching for the assailants who attacked “Empire” star Jussie Smollett early Tuesday morning in what Chief Communications Officer Anthony Guglielmi says they are investigating as a “possible hate crime.”

Wednesday evening, Guglielmi said police have established “potential persons of interest” in the assault. He added that, “A community alert (with) photos is being constructed and will be disseminated shortly. …

Guglielmi told USA TODAY that Smollett, 36, was approached in the early hours of Tuesday morning by two people who “gained his attention by yelling out racial and homophobic slurs towards him,” adding that they punched him in the face, poured a chemical on him and wrapped a rope around his neck.

Smollett went to Northwestern Memorial Hospital to have the cuts on his face and neck treated. He was described as being in good condition and on Wednesday, his representative, Pamela Sharp, told USA TODAY that he was “recovering well.”

Sgt. Cindy Guerra confirmed to USA TODAY that Smollett said in a follow-up interview the next day that his alleged attackers yelled, “This is MAGA country.” …

Smollett was allegedly attacked at 2:00 AM in Chicago during the polar vortex by two white men in ski masks who recognized him as “that f—got Empire n—.” They yelled “this is MAGA country” and poured bleach on him and wrapped a noose around his neck.

The ADL, AJC and SPLC all ran with it:

The story began to rapidly fall apart this week when it came out that Smollett had tampered with his phone records which had been turned over to the police:

“Empire” star Jussie Smollett says he’s “continuing to work closely” with authorities investigating a “possible hate crime” committed against him after the Chicago Police Department rejected his phone records.

Sgt. Rocco Alioto told USA TODAY that although they appreciate Smollett’s cooperation, the submitted records were rejected because they “do not meet the burden for a criminal investigation as they were limited and heavily redacted.”

Chris Bastardi, a spokesperson for Smollett, confirmed to USA TODAY that the actor “voluntarily provided his phone records” shortly after the altercation, adding that any redactions were “intended to protect the privacy of personal contacts or high-profile individuals not relevant to the attack.” …”

Now, it turns out that the whole thing was some kind of gay love triangle that was staged by Jussie Smollett because he was being written out of Empire:

“CHICAGO — Chicago police confirmed Thursday that detectives are talking to two persons of interest in connection with the alleged attack on “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett.

Multiple sources have told ABC7 Eyewitness News that police are investigating whether Smollett and the two men staged the attack allegedly because Smollett was being written off of “Empire.”

A source familiar with the investigation told the ABC7 I-Team that Smollett failed to appear for an interview with detectives earlier Thursday. …”

Smollett recently went on Good Morning America to blame society for doubting his story.

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  1. Reading that SPLC tweet, you just know the only ‘victims’ they concern themselves with are non-white ones. The victim industry in all its glory for all to see there. Lousy swine !!

  2. Anybody remember the Atlanta child killings decades ago? The media put forth the narrative that white racists-possibly even the KKK- were journeying down to black areas at night and killing black children. Every night the TV oozed anti-white racism. When a black pedophile was arrested they changed gears and and dropped coverage as if it never occurred and they never apologized to the white community for their constant vilification and defamation.!

    • Absolutely correct. I’m glad you brought this (Atlanta) up. I was just old enough to remember this and it was taken for granted that it was some “KKK” terror campaign. Of course, anyone with a functioning brain would see how preposterous that actually is. Even then my relatives asked how the f*** white men could abduct these niglets without being seen. And of course, OF COURSE, it turned out being a f*ggot pedo n*gger. Down the memory hole……

    • Allow me to be a little pedantic here. The majority of Wayne William’s victims were old enough for him to be classed as a pederast rather than a pedophile. (that is say someone who’s kink is sexually mature teenagers rather then pre-pubescent children) Even in the case of the two or three that were in single digit ages, it’s useful to keep in mind blacks mature physically quicker than do other races and thus were likely to show a degree of sexual maturity. There is a difference between the two words.

      This, of course, does not mean that Williams was not an awful monster who in a sane society would have been executed decades ago. I’m no fan of blacks. But creatures who murder children of any sort are amongst the worst of all criminals. It’s a toss up in my mind who are worse: criminals who kill or sexually assault children or cop killers.

      But your post is 100% as to how the press at the time openly hoped the killer was White and were horrified when it was found that the FBI profile of a black killer was correct.

  3. The Jews came out in full-support as they always do to point out the white man is evil. Of course it’s another hoax like all the fake hate crimes the kikes at the ADL and SPLC add to their yearly reports to bring in Sheckles. Kikes love hoaxes they pulled of the holohoax which is def the biggest ever fake crime in history. God I hate kikes… and faggot niggers too.

  4. Hate crime hoaxes are always used to stir up hatred against White people and ONLY White people.
    Any perpetrator of a hate crime hoax should be charged with a hate crime.

  5. No surprise. Anyone who has half a brain and is not blinded by anti-White ideology knew this one was a hoax as soon as the story broke. The fact that these hate-crime hoaxes are often so dramatically over the top to the point of absurdity probably has something to do with the low average IQ of blacks.

    Anyway, at the time I heard about this one I suspected it was either this guy going “cruising” and getting roughly treated by another homosexual or he was buying drugs and got into a tussle with the dealer(s). Looks like I was close…

    • Yup.
      He’s a black, a homosexual, AND a Jew. What a combination….
      Talk about hitting the diversity lottery.

  6. Whenever I try not to be a Jew-hating race realist, another story such as this one comes along that vindicates my original belief. They tell us to be inclusive and tolerant. Tolerant of what? The endless lies, hoaxes and attacks against us? And they wonder why we feel the way we do…

  7. Thanks to everyone here who contributed to our efforts to expose this latest race hustle hoax. We did our bit to shoot down these lies in my former city of Chicago. We were successful. Thanks everyone.

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