Marco Rubio Threatens To Turn Venezuela Into Libya

We are supposed to believe that Marco Rubio has tweeted about Venezuela hundreds of times over the past few weeks because he is actually a “humanitarian.” It has nothing to do with his track record of being a bloodthirsty neocon warmonger with a fetish for disastrous regime change wars:

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  1. After a Conservative President has lied shamelessly to his base yet again, and the BLEXIT startegy has failed for the 100th time, the Publicans try to distract their cucked White base by starting another war.

  2. Those limpwristed deskjockeys are really bloodthirsty, indeed. They’re quick to send others to die on their behalf, and don’t care about the damage done to the citizens of the other country affected. I actually believe most politicians are satanic. They’re always looking to spill blood and spread chaos, all over the world, for their masters. Whether their name is Rothschild or Rockefeller, the puppetmasters are all evil incarnate. A great cleansing of the elite needs to happen, and soon, for all our sakes.

  3. This is typical of the attitude of the (((US imperialists))). Nothing but bloody, genocidal savages among them.

    But it’s also insulting because Maduro is no Gaddafi. Gaddafi was one of the greatest revolutionary leaders in history. Maduro inherited a great revolution but lacked the competence and charisma of his predecessor. Both however, made mistakes that rendered them vulnerable to ZOG regime change.

  4. Gaddafi was holding back the African hordes heading for Europe. He’s gone..Is this guy holding back the South American hordes headed for us?

  5. I’m not sure Rubio even needs a Jewish handler, though no doubt he likes the shekels…

    just looking at the patronym, I’d say its got some sephards/marranos in the family weed.

  6. Hi. We’re the Neocons. We’re going to give you bombings, dead bodies, destroyed infrastructure, demolished buildings, food shortages…….and democracy.

  7. I don’t see the point of siding with communists, socialists, and assorted other leftist totalitarians just because you hate America so much. Especially because this whole thing is a setup to destroy the US so that China and Russia can be the NWO leaders. It is quite evident that the Zionists are discarding America, and setting the stage for WWIII so that the US can be destroyed and replaced by China and Russia as world leaders to usher in the One World Government (with Israel pulling the strings, of course). Don’t be fooled by Iran supposedly being anti-Israel. It’s all a show, there’s no way they would still exist if hey really were a threat to Israel. And the fact that China and Russia, even though friendly with Israel, are siding with Iran and Venezuela show that the Jews really control both sides.

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