Alt-Left Debates Yangism

$1,000 a month or mainstream conservatism?

How mad are you right now about #YangGang?

It is probably a function of where you fall on the political spectrum:

The upper left hand corner is populists. The upper right hand corner is conservatives. The bottom right hand corner is libertarians. The bottom left hand corner is progressives. Generally speaking, there are pro-White populists, pro-White conservatives and pro-White libertarians.

#YangGang are the pro-White populists. They are socially conservative, economically populist voters. They were attracted to Donald Trump because of his positions on immigration, trade, opioid deaths, foreign policy and political correctness. They have always co-existed uneasily with conservatives though because they reject neo-liberal economics. Trump won them over with his “America First” anti-globalist, pro-working class rhetoric on strong borders, trade deals, infrastructure, etc.

What has happened with the Trump-Yang voter is a shift from voting on the basis of social issues to economics. The #YangGang has concluded that Trump and the GOP have failed on all the social issues and so now they are going to vote their wallets in 2020. Yang is offering ideas like UBI, regulating the internet as a public utility, student loan debt reduction and Medicare for All. It’s even worse than that with them because the Trump presidency has been a bait-and-switch.

Donald Trump has delivered nothing but conservative and libertarian policy victories for his donors. Lately, he embraced the idea of RAISING legal immigration while simultaneously suffering a humiliating defeat on shutting down the government to fund the border wall. He has also allowed the issues he ran on like the opioid epidemic, political correctness and trade deficits to spiral of the control. The Trump-Yang voter didn’t vote for criminal justice reform and MIGA.

The Trump-Yang voter looks at the Trump presidency and the GOP and sees them trying to overthrow the government of Venezuela, talking about nothing but protecting AIPAC from anti-Semitism, screwing them over by embracing legal immigration. Frankly, they are coming across as a bunch of tone deaf Boomers trying to refight the Cold War with their “socialism” messaging. I’m not saying this is true of all Boomers, but that is who is watching this on Hannity and Laura Ingraham’s show.

It finally became too much:

This isn’t a radical shift either.

Greg Johnson endorsed universal basic income in 2012. Richard Spencer has talked about it for years. They hate each other, but agree on that issue. Yang 2020 has already managed to get Richard Spencer, Occidental Dissent, Matt Heimbach and Matt Parrott, Daily Stormer, TRS, Ramzpaul, Nick Fuentes, the Irony Bros, much of /pol/ and countless others on the same page for the first time in years. If for nothing else, we should all be glad the abusive relationship with Trump has ended.

For all the people pointing to Yang’s immigration policies, as well as his social policies in general, which is to say, the pro-White libertarian crowd, my response is that #YangGang ought to light a fire under the ass of the GOP to stop jerking you around. Maybe we will consider coming back to the GOP plantation when Trump and the GOP Senate start delivering victories on social issues. In the meantime, we want to chill on social media (we were banned for supporting Trump), collect the $1,000 a month (you can always give us your handouts) and watch Conservatism, Inc. go up in flames.

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  1. people need to understand that UBI is a banking mafia scam to put a bandaid on the problem of stagnant demand caused by the banking mafia’s policy of unlimited cheap labor.

    the banking mafia will be getting paid interest on the money the government borrows to keep the victims of the banking mafia’s policies sedated.

    i’m fine with l’autistes going anti-Trump and supporting the most accelerationist candidate but Yang isn’t accelerationist – he’s a Macron clone aka a banking mafia puppet.

  2. If Yang would only agree not to keep up the attack on gun ownership the dems and, sadly, many GOPers are into – even if he double-crossed the voters after winning like Trump seems to be doing re MIGA, no Wall, etc.- then I think he would be entirely invincible as a candidate. As it is, disaffected white people, particularly those in the South and in rural places, will never vote for him in large numbers so long as he is for restrictions on gun ownership. I vowed to never vote again for national politician to the left of Franco, and I won’t break that promise for Yang either due to his typical left-liberal anti-gun stance. BUT if he wins I will gladly take his $1k a month.

  3. Excellent article. Chris Cantwell is throwing a tauntram, by the way. He’s calling anyone who votes for Yang an “enemy of humanity.” ?

  4. “Let’s go over the cliff faster, and grab a few handfuls of fiat currency on the way down!” Accelerationism cubed.

  5. This ching chong is as credible on helping whitey as Trump was. Just trying to open some doors into the undecided voter bloc. So he can then ban the guns, rescind the UBI plan, and give H1B visas to every gook in gookland.

    “Rich gook just as sneaky as rich NYC liberal.” Ancient chinese proverb.

    • It’s repulsive seeing so many people here drooling over this slope. They have no dignity, to say the least.

    • One of the best takes I’ve seen so far is yours, @Larry Lampshade. They’ll find a way to exclude Whitey, if some form of UBI is ever enacted.

      Hey, you any relation to Grandpa?

  6. Trump and True Conservatism or Yang Gang surpasses vote Republican or read Seige as false alternatives go.

    • I think it is a master stroke.

      It is not in our interest to spell out exactly why here though. Anyway, the avalanche is coming and people can either be mad or accept reality and roll with it. I’m happy to do the latter

      • I guess you know something I don’t because I don’t see any avalanche forming. Trump was propelled forward by a massive organic base of support consisting of millions of people who were fed up with the Republican establishment in a way that Democratic party primary voters are not. Republican elites were out of touch with their voters and thus didn’t see the Trump backlash coming in a way Democratic party elites are not. Yang does not have those advantages. In 2015, Trump polled at the top of the polls as soon as polls started being taken with Trump’s name in them, whereas Yang is at less than 1%.

        I’ve learned not to bet against your and Parrott’s analyses and predictions, but history suggests the most likely outcome here is Yang Gang fizzles in June at the latest after the first debate. Whatever it is that people are trying to accomplish has about that amount of time to get done. In June, Yang will get on the stage like just like Bobby Jindal, Martin O’Malley and other unserious candidates always manage to do in the beginning, then disappear.

  7. The same people who gave us “White Sharia Now” are now pushing Yangbux,

    what could go wrong?

    Yang wants us to have 12,000 per year hush payments while robots take the jobs.

    This is not the best we can do.

    • Wait, I can do the “the same people who gave us X are pushing this” argument.

      The same people who gave us the renewed interest in White nationalism are now pushing Yangbux.
      The same people who seriously support GTKRWN are now pushing Yangbux.
      The same people who eat vegetables are now pushing Yangbux.
      The same people who admire Hitler are now pushing Yangbux.

      See how this can apply to anybody and anything?

  8. The Yang gang has created a momentary ceasefire within the dissident right, who had all been at each other’s throats over one thing or another until a week ago.

    Now we are putting our differences aside to focus on securing the bag. Feels like a heist film. “Guys, I know we haven’t talked in a while, but I’m thinking of getting the old gang back together for one last job.”

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