Daily Beast: Andrew Yang Is a Hit With The Alt-Right

Took long enough:

“Presidential hopeful and Universal Basic Income enthusiast Andrew Yang is shaking up the Democratic field—at least among the extremely online. After collecting more than 65,000 individual donors following an appearance on fighting commentator Joe Rogan’s show, he’s nearly guaranteed himself a spot on the debate stage.

Yang’s meme-friendly campaign and his promise to pay everyone in the country $1,000 a month, forever, if elected, have collected a wide range of adherents. But Yang’s run is also notable for how many adherents it’s won among members of the racist alt right.

White nationalists like Richard Spencer, Faith Goldy, and Nick Fuentes have all tweeted, seriously or not, about their support for Yang. …”

I was wondering what was taking so long.

I’m guessing it is because #YangGang was such a strange development that it has left the usual suspects grasping for the right narrative about “white supremacy.” The shorter version is that disaffected populists have rallied behind an outsider candidate for the fourth election cycle in a row.

This is the Hegelian path to the White House in 2020:

If we just ignore them, they will go away … LMAO:

Note: True Conservatives in the GOP Senate are going to vote tomorrow not to build the wall, but it will be okay because everyone has already moved on from it.

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  1. Only in a true jewmockracy would the elections look this dumb.

    Acting like a bunch of niggers, tricked to vote for a chink, on the promise they’ll get a thousand dollars

    each month.

    Well listen up. jews own the dollar supply. They have since 1913, at least.

    I am still amazed people want to join in on this jewish counterfeit.

    • Secure this bag bro-

      Thats all that matters.

      We have a candidate that can be embraced by the Alt-right and Antifa. We can put our differences aside, secure this bag and resume fighting on brand new computers bought with YangBucks.

      This is the start of a revolution. A revolution to secure this mf bag.

      • Oh, come on, he’s a nonwhite promising $1,000 a month, he’s not on the side of White people, and if by some kind of miracle this gook was actually elected, don’t you realize he’d flood the country with tens of millions of chinese?

        • So we should instead get Joe Biden, as that’s what’s likely to happen otherwise.

          We’ll get:

          1. Not $1000/m.
          2. Tens of millions of Mexicans, Squatemalans, and Chinese.
          3. War with Israel’s enemies.
          4. Robot factories.

          With Yang, we get:

          1. $1000/m.
          2. Tens of millions of Mexicans, Squatemalans, and Chinese.
          3. War with Israel’s enemies.
          4. No robot factories.

          I’m confused as to how this is so confusing to you. Either you get neocon/neoliberal platform, or you get that same platform but with no robot factories and $1000/m.

          • At this point, I don’t give a shit who’s elected, both sides are nothing but traitorous swine. If Vlad Tepes runs, I’ll vote for him, but that’s it.

          • You know, the jews, nigs, spics, chinks, all of them must be laughing at us for Whites pushing this inane boomer hate. Nice job, causing generational hate between White people for no reason whatsoever. Kindly tell me what we should have done, even if we had known what was going on. I was 16 when the 1965 immigration bill was passed. Tell me, oh intelligent one, what I was supposed to do, or any of us since we were all too young to vote. And by the way, keyboard warrior, what are YOU doing to counter the destruction of the White race? Are you taking over police stations, blocking roads, or even protesting somewhere with a sign? No, you’re a coward attacking old people, just like the niggers do.

    • The choice is between $1000/m and getting completely dicked over again.

      It’s not hard to figure out which is better, given that the platforms are basically the same otherwise.

      • True; anyone in the running is going to be Anti-White. People are just pointing out that at this stage, it’s easy to get gaslighted with the rhetoric. As many did with Trump.

      • Are you honestly stupid enough to believe you’d get $1,000 a month? You’re as likely to see that as you will be to see a Wall, the invaders deported, a viable healthcare system, and American troops out of foreign countries.

      • The level of stupidity of these people thinking that they’re going to get all this money is simply astounding. It’s literally nigger level stupidity.

        • some of the people pushing this are shills but most are just venting at Trump after he surrendered on immigration – it’ll fade after a while.

  2. it’s all just a goof.

    a way for disappointed Trumpaholics

    to have a liitle fun.

    and shouldn’t life be fun?

    of course it should.

    sabre-tooth tigers had fun right up to the moment they went extinct.

    and so should Whites.

  3. The fact is, there is no one (I’m aware of) pushing the agenda of us “racist populists” nearer the right side of the top middle. That’s hardly a surprise, though. The right has for too long been chasing an idealized past of rugged individualism killed off long ago by (((central banking))) and the popularity of safety nets, among other things. Old Hickory ain’t coming back. We on the right have been supporting breaks that help the rich to consolidate more power and money, while being told to be proud of getting a slightly-larger amount of leftover scraps as a result. Plus we get to fight and die in senseless wars for a country that rejects us. Old paradigms need to be destroyed.

  4. It’s funny that UBI will get voted down by leftists, even though it’s been one of their big demands for years, simply because it helps white people too much. Lol

  5. Yang is a manifestation of Whites losing hope now that Trump has been exosed as a fraud.

    Yes, it’s tempting to throw the towel into the ring and put out your hand for free dollars. Although Yang’s giveaways are possible (it’s just as easy to print money and give it away, as spend it on useless wars), it’s wrong, and it just won’t happen.

    Yang is just a slant-eyed Trump clone.

    • >Yang is a manifestation of Whites losing hope now that Trump has been exosed as a fraud.

      >Yang is a manifestation of Whites losing hope now that Trump has been exposed as a fraud.

      So very true. Trump was and is a skilled actor. The success of Trump’s TV show “The Apprentice” is testament to Trump’s acting ability.

      In 2016, Trump again demonstrated his acting ability, playing the role of a white nationalist, reading from a script prepared for him by the Jew Stephen Miller.

      But in the end, it was just another act by Trump, and he fooled millions of us (myself included) into voting for him in 2016. We wanted to believe he was real (I wanted to believe he was real), but he wasn’t.

      In 2019 Trump has dropped the act, and now openly shows himself as just another so-called conservative who dances to the tune of Big Business and Jews.

      As just another white who is frustrated by the lying and deceitful Trump, Yang is more deserving of my vote than Trump, if I vote in 2020, which I may not. At this point, the only thing I’m certain of for 2020, is that I will not vote for the actor Trump.

  6. The most interesting thing here is how it proves that the left can’t meme. The left never produced any good anti-trump memes in three years. The right has already produced countless excellent anti-Trump memes just in the last month. Trump is screwed.

  7. Yang is addressing the real-life concerns of real-life Americans. There’s nothing “stupid” about that.

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