GOP Senate Prepares To Vote Against Border Wall

My head is spinning from all the winning:

“President Donald Trump invited some Senate Republicans to the White House on Wednesday afternoon for a two-hour conversation about trade. But the president couldn’t quite get the looming GOP rebuke of his national emergency declaration off his mind.

“He would like for us to vote against the [resolution]. But he understands and respects that senators may have different opinions,” said Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), who has yet to announce his position but has repeatedly griped about the president’s end run around Congress.

“There’s a border crisis and we have to deal with it. But I still have my constitutional concern,” he said.

After more than two years of keeping his veto pen capped, Trump is going to have to put it to use — twice — courtesy of Republicans. In a remarkable bit of timing, the Senate will hold two votes this week placing GOP senators at odds with the president on foreign and domestic policy, likely forcing the first vetoes of his presidency. …”

Wow, so … the GOP Senate voted to stay forever in Syria and Afghanistan and tomorrow they are going to vote against The Wall? How will that go over?

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  1. Sen. Lamar (R-TN)…”There’s a border crisis, and we need to fix it. But I still have my Constitutional concern.”
    Wow. A walking, talking meme this guy.

  2. In a matter of a few years, whatever is left of #jewmerica will be flooded beyond belief, and even though that chink get elected and for some very weird reason keeps his promise and gives you a 1000 dollars every month;

    That will be the least of your worries.

    This is not about money.

    This is about race.

    And I promise you: 1000 dollars a month will not save a country from being overrun by non-whites.

    • I’m tired of hearing about race.

      No one in mainstream politics cares about the White race especially Donald Trump, the GOP or anyone in conservatism. If they are concerned about the country being overrun by non-Whites, let them do something about it. Otherwise, they are just wasting all of our time and need to go.

  3. This is amazing. Still though, I suspect a lot of ‘real conservatives’ will not be able to believe that the Republican dominated senate would do this to them.

  4. Trump keeps dangling the wall in front of MAGAtards just like Republicans have been dangling an end to abortion in front of pro lifers for years. They’re not serious about doing anything about either but it does keep the suckers voting for them.

    And that’s all that matters.

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