Is 2020 Already Over?

They’re afraid.

Drumpf and MIGA have lost the internet to Yang:

r/The_Donald is so mad he is dropping racial slurs! LMAO

My god at the rate the Yang memes are dropping.

It’s hilarious. I can’t keep up with them all. It is like all the energy of the Hive Mind that was lost after 2016 is suddenly back after being dormant for two years. Seems like a pretty large mutiny is going on.

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  1. Well even if that chink will hand out the jewish counterfeit money, the dollar dont have much future.

    The Dollar Has No Future: Putin Ready to Go After US’s Ace in the Hole!

    • Of course the dollar is doomed. That’s why getting some bags of cash to exchange for something that will have value or that you’ll need in future is a major plus.

      • The US dollar has lost 97-98% of its value since I was born in 1963. (“1963?! It’s a boomer, get a rope!”) It was linked in value to Saudi oil, which not only is worth less, but we supposedly don’t need because we make enough of our own oil. With all of the debt we’ll never be able to repay (so we won’t), the dollar is only worth anything at all because we’re the world reserve currency. The lone bright spot is that most other currencies are similarly worthless. Even buying and holding onto massive quantities of gold by Russia and China isn’t bolstering the value of the ruble or yuan. (((Central bankers))) really are wizards; they manufacture value out of nothing, and make value based on something tangible disappear.

  2. CPAC seems to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. It’s like the veil was lifted from their eyes and they could finally see reality. The amnats were all relatively new to politics and had no real experience with movement conservativism. And all along they had Republican operatives whispering in their ears how they are the cutting edge of the Republican party and there are insiders secretly on their side and so on. We warned them that the entryist strategy had been tried perennially over the past 50 years, from JBS to paleocons to covert white nationalists, all with failure. They really thought they were the first people in history to think up such a brilliant strategy as “dress well and use dog whistles.” They thought at least the momentum was moving their way and that there was a political realignment occurring that they could attempt to steer.

    But then CPAC rolled around and it was like 2016 had never happened. The overton window had not moved anywhere. There was no hint of realignment. It was still Reagan and Israel and tax cuts and socialist boogeymen coming for your burgers.

  3. For years, we have been griping about the GOP and how we are getting scammed by conservatives. Over the last two weeks, something has changed and now everyone is getting on board with that

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