Journalists Have A Stake In Yang Gang


In exchange for your support, Chairman Yang offer you:

– Drumpf: Season 2 Cancel

– Conservatism, Inc. Collapse

– American Journalism Fellows … just move to Vermont or wherever and cover local politics without living in a crummy apartment being bent out of shape and virtue signaling all day on Twitter. Job security.

– Universal Basic Income /aka/ an end to wage slavery

– Humane capitalism

– Medicare For All


– $100 DOLLA to end influence of a tiny oligarchy of wealthy donors lording it over our politics

– Legal Weed

– An end to decades of political dysfunction

– Student loan forgiveness



– Everyone calming the f*** down

– 215 level IQ Galaxy Brain 4D Chess

Now, let me ask you this: is this an offer that you can afford to refuse, blue checkmark? Do you really want to stay on the Democrat plantation and continue to whip up outrage mobs?

If you weren’t so addicted to fake outrage, you could be with Yang right now flying over electoral college, smoking weed and getting those bags. “White supremacists” get it and you don’t.


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    • I was skeptical at first but it could be transformational. For example, one would have the freedom to take a lower paying job that develops real skills or start a business. I would go further and give home schooling parents a rebate for what taxes go to the school to (((educate))) their children. This is another $12k per child abouts.

  1. The BBC and PBS did wonderful stuff in the past. For the BBC, Kennith Clark’s “Civilisation” is a masterpiece of the cinematic documentary format. If the government had a truly neutral agenda a state controlled press could work very well. Maybe some Big Brained watchdog like a Supreme could enforce government neutrality in the future.

    • I wouldn’t say identical, but the optics and political divide seems settled. Daily Stormer and Fuentes caught up with us on Trump. The Yang thing is fun and the memes are great. Everyone is laughing and having a good time now

      • So is this the point now? Laugh and have a good time, while our race is being genocided? I find NONE of this “funny.”

        Never trust anyone whose real name is known but continues to use a more “masculine” sounding pseudonym. “Hunter Wallace,” indeed!

      • I especially the “1,000 dollars every month” meme with anime girls representing the four political positions.

      • Seriously, Hunter, are you high? Or did you get the bag earlier than the rest? Laughing? Good time? Is this what millennial White nationalism was all about in the end, as well as freebie gibsmedats? It seems to be the default position of the (((media))) engineered American of all ages and backgrounds, but of the young especially, that they must be amused and entertained at all times, even when dealing with matters deadly serious. So this is hardly hardcore rebellion. While understanding the need to mock enemies and traitors, I could never accept the snarky/meme/standup comedy WN of TRS, DS, and /pol because I don’t see how looming genocide is at all humorous. This cabal deflected us to Trump, and we all now see the result. Now it seems even more intent on finishing us off with Yang and his gang bang.
        btw, is his Obamaesque campaign logo supposed to be a sun setting in the West (the end of Whitey), or is it the rising Yellow (Peril) sun of Asia?
        You’ll die laughing.

  2. Haha, I like how much agony you are inducing, I’ll give you that. “OMG Hunter your not taking this seriously enough how dare you have a laugh this is 11th hour man!!!!1”

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