Yang Gang Is The Funniest Foreign Intervention Ever

UPDATE: I’m just noticing that whatever used to be the Alt-Right has as of late really stepped up the policy game, the political science game, the leadership game, the unity game, the propaganda game, the optics game and well in advance of the 2020 election too.


Here’s my theory on Yang Gang:

Hey look, the odds of Chairman Yang winning the nomination are now twice that of Elizabeth Warren, and Yang is now tied with Beta O’Dork who is rapidly losing steam:

This could be you up here with Yang flying over the electoral college:

The Nate Silver meme has been rolled out:

Wow, you guys really got him bent over a barrel:

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  1. I’m not going to rule him out, but if you think an Asian won’t bow down to a Jew you have another thing coming and it ain’t $1,000.

    On that point, who ever said whites were going to get these handouts? When have whites ever been included in the socialist handout schemes!? I hope all this Yang Gang banter is just anti-Trump and not a real attempt for change!

    • White women have been on the gibs train since the 60’s especially if they are single mothers. They have shelters to go to if they are shit out of luck and other government funded support services. They get affirmative action college admission and cushy aid and scholarships if they can pass 10th grade math. The entire system is designed to screw middle and lower class white men as far as I can tell. Mission largely accomplished.

      • No, women don’t get al that stuff. Single mothers do get stuff, but the rest – especially shelters – is bunk.

    • “When have whites ever been included in the socialist handout schemes!?”

      Are you really this ignorant of history? Ever heard of FDR? New Deal? LBJ? Social Security? Medicare? Whites have not been excluded from any of these programs. Welfare and food stamps have always been open to whites, too. So why do you think whites won’t be included in Andrew Yang’s plans?

        • “You’re clearly an idiot.”

          You’re just embarrassed because I called out your BS. Go on then, prove me wrong. How were whites excluded from the New Deal? How are whites excluded from Medicare? What is your proof that Yang will exclude whites?

          I have no doubt that you will respond (if you respond at all) with insults instead instead of answering the question – and then tomorrow you’ll be whining on another thread to Brad about how “whites are never included in SOCIALIST programs.” Like a fish.

          • @Joseph Neira author of Raven’s Dream

            1) All FDR new deal stuff and social security was pre-empted by the Gold Confiscation Act of 1933. America robbed everyone immediately bankrupt and you are telling me they gave back some of it through these programs….ok? Do you think the IRS is giving you money when you get a refund? Same principle.
            2)Whites were excluded from MediCare because they paid more than their share. This was done via employers who were mainly white AND during payroll. When a white person finally gets to draw on it our white society has already collectively overpaid. This is taxation one. Taxation two is the loss of businesses that shutter their doors after years of tax scams like this which then funnels and collectivizes industries leading to massive job competition a greater need for Medicare use (Hegelian dialectic). Taxation three on Medicare came when minorities and illegals are given preferential treatment and people that worked their whole lives and paid like my grandparents were dropped because of “new laws.” They didn’t agree to these changes, it wasn’t a contract, and this can happen at any time to those of us that have paid in.

            These answers I feel like explain whites getting screwed by the programs. They were never intended to help us. In fact, whites are dying off at an alarming rate. These social programs are doing exactly what our leaders created them for-our wealth/property redistribution to the third world, and our death.

  2. Google Corrine Terrone and then Vann and Green in Georgia.

    The first is a working class white woman getting the Twitter treatment for defending herself and her two daughters in vibrant Connecticut; the other two are the black men just arrested for murdering (and almost certainly raping) two working class white women and a man in Georgia.

    Our time is now, encouraging people to invest in any way in the political system other than to defy it, particularly through local 2nd-Amendment organizing, is self-destructive.

  3. Remember that all this 2020 circus is a casting call from the ‘Trillionaires’ that own us. For those of us that want a safe, orderly, honorable, Christ centered society for white children then we need to trigger our like-minded people to action. Participating in the circus or sitting on the sidelines is willing participation in genocide.

  4. You are providing the most comprehensive analysis and commentary on Chairman Yang, HW. To hell with whatever the Times or the Post has to say.

  5. Ok Hunter let’s try it. It looks like Trump won’t have any serious challengers in the primaries, so voting in the Democratic primary probably won’t hurt. Absolutely none of the current candidates have anything to offer, Yang at least is attempting to address a problem which is shortly coming down the pike, Robotic displacement.

    From the left’s perspective of tackling this issue, I would not trust any of their candidates with a solution.

    If, by a long shot, we were to get a Yang-Trump contest the issue might get brought to the forefront. Also, Yang might force Trump to actually do something about the Health insurance issue before the general election.

    We need a Democrat candidate that will force Trump to move on his promises, Yang just might be that man.

  6. Like it or not a guaranteed basic income for all citizens is inevitable. We no longer have job security in this country. And what jobs there are do not offer a living wage. Nor is it possible to save any money for retirement.

  7. This clown has about as much a chance at getting the Democrat nomination (let alone winning the general election) as I do.

    As I have oft said, in the absence of suitable pro-White candidates voting in US elections is about damage control. Thus anyone associated with the frothing at the mouth lunatic Democrat party of today is out. In particular, Yang is anti-gun. That’s more than enough for me to rule him out.

    Do what you want, but you guys are making a huge mistake in supporting this dude. Is a (highly unlikely to actually come about) $1000 a month payment your price? Is that enough for you to throw in with an anti-White gun grabber? That is really sad.

    On the up side, Yang will probably go down in flames by the time of the Democrat Convention. When that happens, do us all a favor: Hold your nose and vote for the candidate that is likely to do the least amount of damage to your interests.

  8. Here is another angle. Most people in favour of the 1000 bucks want it to help pay the bills and equalize with the blacks, right?

    The other angle is that inflation will soar, bringing about ACCELERATIONISM. The destruction of a corrupted America. Want the second revolution? It will come.

    Both options now seem to me to be acceptable, though I thought differently before.

  9. He said something pro-white, he must be /OurGuy.? I guess there are useful idiots on all sides of the spectrum. And I thought your generation was supposed to be the smarter one.?
    Ok, let’s do the math. 1,000 a month. After rent and utilities,? Oh, and don’t forget obamacare, didn’t really think you were going to get that for free did you White Boy?
    Now, what are you going to eat? Soylent Green? LMFAO
    Yea, we’re fucked!!!

  10. UBI is a silly idea when the full-time workweek can simply be reduced for everyone to 3-4 days and 30 hours – similar to what the French do. Make a federal law stating overtime starts at 30 hours/week, and suddenly AI and UBI aren’t the big, unavoidable issues people make them out to be.

    Yang is a non-starter.

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