The Dissident Right’s Foreign Policy

The US foreign policy establishment was horrified by the Alt-Right’s foreign policy views.

The ultimate irony of the 2016 election was that the Alt-Right, which according to the media is a coalition of white supremacists, Neo-Nazis, White Nationalists, racists and other toxic garbage people, are in fact the most stridently humanitarian, anti-war, non-interventionist constituency in American politics. In contrast, it is mainstream conservatives who cheer on global conflict.

The Alt-Right had a meltdown in 2017 and 2018 over Trump’s missile strikes on Syria. It was on edge in early 2018 when it appeared there was an organized campaign to topple the Iranian government. More recently, the Alt-Right has been deeply repulsed by US intervention in Venezuela.

Here’s a short list of the Alt-Right’s current favorite countries in the world:

– Russia
– Poland
– Hungary
– Italy
– Syria
– Iran
– China
– Japan
– South Korea

Now, what is it that is so alluring about those countries? What’s the attraction? Some are considered “America’s enemies” while others are American allies. Hungary, Poland and Italy are NATO members. The United States also has treaties with Japan and South Korea.

Guess what it is?

The attraction is that all of these countries in their own way are perceived as valuing: authority, hierarchy, cultural cohesion. In contrast, you could look at the arrow going through the libertarian right and arrive at the Republican foreign policy consensus, which is to say, the ongoing neocon project of destroying various countries around the world for the sake of the spread of universal “liberty” and “democracy” at the expense of millions of lives.

How many people have died in Yemen? In Syria? In Libya? In Iraq? Once again, it is the funniest irony in the world that no one is more opposed to it in American politics than the “racists” of the Alt-Right while the Marco Rubios of the world are presented as the supreme humanitarians.

Yeah, here is a humanitarian. I’m the racist!

What is the Alt-Right’s least favorite country in the world? Well, there is no doubt about that one.

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God Bless Israel ?? ????

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The level of foreign influence over our government here is … well, it just blows your mind. The whole Ilhan Omar thing really put a bright spotlight on how subservient our government is to the Israel Lobby. How many times will Congress condemn anti-Semitism this week?

Donald Trump sold out to the donor class. I used Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens in the featured image above to illustrate how the braindead grifters of Conservatism, Inc. have taken over the reigns of the MAGA movement. The Yang meme illustrates what we want to see happen. The populist energy has left Trump and shifted to Yang.

If you want to understand the Alt-Right’s foreign policy views, these people value peace and prosperity, cultural cohesion, authority, investment in their own country and an end to regime change wars and Israel’s absurd level of influence over our foreign policy. It is radically … moderate?

Look at what China is doing lifting millions of people out of poverty, investing in infrastructure, avoiding destructive foreign wars, moving ahead in the industries of the future like robotics and artificial intelligence. It will give you a clue why Yang has so rapidly become their new senpai.

Note: I’ve used Dissident Right and Alt-Right interchangeably through this article because we are kind of in between labels at the moment.

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  1. Even if Yang doesn’t win, the level of oppression under any Dem president may let up at least slightly compared to Trump. The GOP is uniquely oppressive of the alt-right because they have to go above and beyond to virtue signal against “nazis”. It doesn’t follow at all that, despite losing so many freedoms under Trump, he is somehow preventing the worst from happening in that regard, and that Hillary would have put us behind bars. I’m really sick of that simplified thinking. I’m not saying that a Dem regime will roll back censorship and so on, but it is interesting that the only person talking about breaking up Big Tech is Elizabeth Warren. Going forward, we should realize that no candidate will support the forgotten white people specifically. But it is possible to strategically support certain policies which would weaken those who prey on us the most.

  2. Being economically liberal, socially conservative, isolationist, for our own tribe first, in favor of pumping money into infrastructure, etc., doesn’t neatly fit into the left/right binary paradigm. So would that make us dissident populists? Independent nationalists?

  3. @Mike549:

    “no candidate will support the forgotten white people…”

    While I take your point, you should never say “the forgotten White people” as it uses the enemy’s frame and language.

    White people have not been “forgotten”. They have not been “left behind”. They have not “failed to keep up.”

    Their country was stolen from them. Far from being forgotten, White people have been ransacked and pillaged, raped and beaten senseless, and robbed blind. White people have been swindled. White people have been looted. White people have been collectively robbed at gunpoint. White people have had their lives ruined, their habitat fouled, their children’s future cashiered. On purpose. Deliberately. By design.

    Nothing at all “forgotten” about that. You want to rob a mark, you don’t “forget” him, you keep him front and center in your target sight.

    Does this remind you of the looting of Russia in the 90s by (((our bestest friends forever)))? It should.

    This is far worse: a combination of (((Bolshevism))) and (((oligarch ism))) conducted simultaneously.

    • Well said, and if Whites think this gook Yang has their backs, they are both stupid and delusional. (((Who))) do they think is behind him, his campaign manager is one of them. These dupes see that imaginary $1,000 and that’s as far as they see, they don’t see him talking about a gun registry, unlimited immigration, or saying that Whites will be a problem as regards chinks. What do they think chinks do with people they consider problems? Look at Tibet and you’ll see.

  4. It is a futile endeavor to engage in the rigged game of politics. In this corrupt, hijacked system that we are forced to abide by, and function within, it is absolutely guaranteed that however we vote, the enemy always win. If voting could change anything, do you think they would really let us do it?

    For every judge, every politician and every industrial leader coming into power there is a ton of data collected by the various intelligence agencies, guaranteed to keep them in check, and do the bidding of their zionist handlers.

    Every politician that are allowed to climb to the top are compromised in the worst pizzagate related way.

    The system of modern day representative democracy is the most oppressive that ever was, because it gives people a false sense of freedom and makes them falsely believe that they actually have a say. It pacifies them and keeps them from rising up and fighting for their rights.

    How can people vote to shut the revolving doors between congress and Wall Street, or congress and Big Farma? Negate or moderate NAFTA or disallow any politician to engage in Trilateral Commission, taking money from AIPAC or attending the Bilderberg illegal lobbyist meeting?

    Nah, the whole thing is a big HOAX.

  5. My foreign policy view is very simple: Death to America, the Great Satan and door through which evil enters the world

    • The (((Evil))) entered from Spain and Africa through Amsterdam and Antwerp, which were used as a base to take the UK, and then on to the US through Talmudic (((central banking))) fiat currency and usury.

  6. You didn’t put the DPRK on that list of alt right faves, HW. It is an authoritarian ethno state, where government corruption is punishable by death and all glory is given to a charismatic Leader who works only to serve the people. What’s not to like?

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