How Amnesty Could Be a Great Idea

If there was, say, an amnesty from violating the mores of political correctness in this country – a bullshit ideology from the 20th century – what impact would that have on detoxifying the American electorate?

I think it would be easier to solve intractable political problems.

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  1. I’m putting this on several threads.


    White woman defends herself and her two daughters from black male aggression and is sent to the psych ward by East Haven Police in Connecticut, who also order an investigation by Child Protective Services.

    The (((psychs))) will fabricate and her two little girls will be sold at auction. Or, it will just be used to repress white women.

      • Here’s something to think about:

        If everyone was receiving a UBI from the government, we could pay our basic living expenses. As the UBI was increased over time, the benefits of wealth would be shared more equitably in our society.

        If you wanted to, we could all move to Kentucky and be neighbors and relax and experience a steady increase in our standard of living.

        Why do you object to this? It is a solution to our problems. Someone is trying to help you see how you can achieve your ends through the Chinese model of capitalism

        • UBI gives you the freedom to navigate between the Scylla of unemployment and the Charybdis of working some BS make-work job. Just think of the creativity that could be unleashed by those no longer forced to work at some BS job and able to perhaps start a small business or engage in other meaningful pursuits.

        • We could all live in rv’s and every time a White person is assaulted like this we could mass converge on the city and tie up the whole damn place with protest until they stopped this nonsense.

          Of course it’s likely Wang is just another Jew trap like Trump but every betrayal just leads us closer to Ragnarok. If we can get it why not get some Wang bucks while we’re going down.

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