Yang’s Strange Alt-Right Fandom Explained

So, I just came across this article by Samuel Argyle at The Outline:

“I first became aware of Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang when I saw him on Joe Rogan’s podcast. If that doesn’t sound strange enough, the clip itself came to my attention when it was tweeted out approvingly by a former colleague of white supremacist Richard Spencer. In the tweet, Yang was referred to as “pro-white” because the video shows Yang claiming that the suffering of white men is “diminished” in American culture due to their racial identity, a concept that he finds “destructive.” In recent months, notable alt-right figures have continuously retweeted Yang’s tweets and interviews, as well as tweeted pro-Yang endorsements. They’re part of a growing trend of Yang praise among other racists, white supremacists, and problematic media personalities including the The Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin, white nationalist James Allsup, and Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. …

There are multiple Twitter accounts run by alt-right trolls dedicated to the cause, as well as several anime-themed YouTube videos (reinstilling the right’s racism towards minority Americans) and articles on The Daily Stormer and popular alt-right blog Occidental Dissent. Appearances on both Rogan and Sam Harris’ podcasts as well as Carlson’s show don’t help Yang’s case for avoiding the attention and ostensible support of delusional, racist, and privileged white dudes, but he’s clearly found support in a strong politically-minded, doomsaying base that helped a fellow outsider win in 2016. …”

Yang has this figured out.

Samuel Argyle doesn’t … at least not quite yet. Maybe he needs some help?

If the 2016 US electorate were like the Milky Way galaxy, this arrow is roughly equivalent to the location of the “Alt-Right” or “Far Right” neighborhood in American politics.

This is, like, the planet that this website is on:

Now, if this is the location of your political planet in the galaxy of American politics, how would the political spectrum look to you? You wouldn’t feel represented by either political party. You would disagree with conservatives, progressives and libertarians. That’s the reason why there are so many angry people in this corner of the universe who support political revolution.

Try not to laugh.

Think really hard about it.

Is this a Nazi? Is this a fascist? Is this a Nazbol? Is this a populist? Maybe it is just an angry White working class guy with no money and his crew trying to blow up the system. He looks really scary, but in person he is affable and quite moderate. He is a radicalized centrist.

What is the place for people who are in the middle of the American electorate who are socially conservative, economically progressive? There isn’t a place … especially if you are White. Has it never occurred to anyone the effect that toxic people like this have on American politics?

Seen from our perspective, it sure is strange that this person is “mainstream,” but we are “fringe.” We’re on the “fringe” of the two parties because we’re in the middle. These tiresome people are as far to the Left that you can travel and it seems to being working out well for them.

When the definition of “racism” and “white supremacy” is inflated to the point where White people with socially conservative values, which is to say, people with a positive sense of identity, a love of their own culture and heritage are EVIL oppressors who need to be destroyed by self righteous SJWS what do you get? You get a lot of strange things happening in the center of the electorate who are screwed over in every election by being forced to choose between conservatism and progressivism.

The League of the South’s plan to restore the Confederacy at Charlottesville to escape from Trump and SJWs didn’t work out so well.

“Hate” is a strange word. You have all these people in the Alt-Right warming to Yang because he is perceived as being far closer to them in the American political spectrum than people like Elizabeth Warren (so tiresome) or Kamala Harris (equally tiresome). Asian-Americans aren’t “hated” by the Alt-Right. Jared Taylor of American Renaissance speaks Japanese.

If anyone spends any time in this corner of the internet, one of the things you will almost certainly find is that “racists” and “white supreamcists” actually like Japan, South Korea and China. They also like Poland, Hungary and Italy. This is simply a reflection of their social conservatism. These countries are admired for their efforts to preserve social cohesion.

These “god damn zipperheads” have to be stopped is a hilarious joke in this corner of the internet. From our perspective, Japan and China seem to be doing just fine in the 21st century. It is the United States that is teetering toward the abyss, overwhelmed by reckless immigration, deindustrialized, spiraling levels of suicide and opioid abuse, a culture that is rapidly degenerating and burdened with a chronically dysfunctional government and so on. Yang certainly has benefited from that stereotype and we think he grasps the situation in way that simply isn’t true of many “journalists.”

Just look at what happened in New Zealand. There you have a classic example of someone who wants to burn it all down because they see no other solution. It happens again, and again, and again. These people have been popping off for years. It could be stopped with a few magic words. The revolutionary message “It’s Okay To Be White” would lance the festering boil of political correctness.

If there was some room in our culture to not be a self-hating White person in America, you would be amazed at how fast things would start to reorient to the FDR days. I think Yang grasps this. Can you afford to have four more years of Trump and AOC? Endless news cycles of faux outrage stirred up by witch hunting on Twitter?

I’m tired of it. I’m tired of Hannity on AOC takes. I’m tired of our president who is an idiot surrounded by other idiots and hacks. I just want it to be over.

This is how it ends:

Note: If you had a better viable path forward, you could also detoxify immigration and build a $25 billion border wall instead of standing like Custer over the issue. You look ridiculous doing that.

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  1. I have often said that nazbol is radical centrism. Far left says “kill the rich”, far right says “kill the jews”, nazbol says “why not kill both?”

  2. The anti-whiteness campaign really kicked into gear with Occupy Wall Street. That started essentially as a populist movement, made up of people who were just pissed at being ripped off. But then the Obama government sent in guys like Van Jones to divert it away from the initial focus of economic and finance reform and steer the movement into anti-white identity politics.

  3. I’m very surprised by how many respectable WN’s are on the Yang band wagon. If you are relying on this Chinaman to save you, your reliance is misplaced. Why do you think he’s any more sincere than TRUMP or any other mainstream traitor? Why do you think he will keep his word about anything? What will stop 40 million non-WHITES from flooding into our country and claiming their $1,000 /month stipend?

    You think Yang is going to close the borders and stop them? I doubt it.

    Yang is interesting as is the reaction to him, but he’s just another mainstream politician who will lie to us, swindle us out of our votes and turn on us. Do not be deceived by this fraud.

    • Galaxy Brain take:

      If you gave everyone Universal Basic Income, abolished wage slavery and simply gradually increased UBI as robotics and artificial technology automate the economy and put people out work, then you could unscramble America’s demographics and change everything without a civil war. The people who wanted to live among other blacks could do so. The people who wanted to live among other Whites could do so. The people who wanted to mix could do so. The people who wanted to live other Hispanics could do so.

      Problem solved

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