The Church of Morris Dees

Have you been excommunicated from it?

Who made this guy the Pope? Who made all these things we call morality in 21st century America, the whole list of -isms and -phobias, which really have nothing at all to do with true morality, the new gospel?

These people and their mindset are not helping matters. They are the real “extremists” with a zeal for witch hunting and destroying the lives of good people by whipping up outrage mobs who are asking very important questions about their society. They are making our culture so toxic and dysfunctional that it is driving people mad and giving them no outlet for escape except through trying to bring on a violent apocalypse.

How many times does it have to happen? The New Zealand mass shooting should have been a wake up call for the establishment. The same was true of Dylann Roof and Robert Bowers. The best thing that could ever happen for the human race is for all that negative energy to be released somehow in a positive resolution of their grievances. Unthinkable, right?

I’m not going crazy. It is the world around me that is going crazy for being structured in such a ridiculous way. How we got to this point in the West with political correctness and wage slavery is a very long story but what matters now is finding a way out of it together so that we can begin to solve a multitude of problems.

I keep returning to the idea of forgiveness and absolution for sin which as I have been strongly alluding to lately is a question we have dealt with before in European history. The world could use either one big indulgence for any number of errors or the reassurance that your salvation as a Christian is not in the hands of an outlet as loathsome and morally bankrupt as the SPLC.

We need a REFORM of a wide range of abuses – solutions to longstanding problems and grievances – because the more I think about it the more I see some parallels between where we are at today in the West and where we were at the dawn of the modern era when a different paradigm broke down.

Note: If I seemed a little woozy to you lately, it is because I am coming off a three day fast. A side effect of fasting is mental clarity. It helps me focus my thoughts, stay fit and develop spiritually as a person. You should try it.

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  1. Man up bro! Its a sirvival of the fitest game on this planet. The juden will not have any mercy on you no matter how much you cry!

        • There are few White Americans who have anything resembling a Christian mindset. Those people are identity Christians. They are feel good Christians. They are not intellectual Christians. Christianity never translated well to a New World context. In the South, evangelicalism only goes back to the Great Awakening and Second Great Awakening.

          • @HW

            The Second “great awakening” realistically killed evangelicalism. People have no idea about this stuff. The Wesley’s were looked at by contemporaries as a little kooky, and possibly errant in doctrine. Now these guys are revered like church fathers. It got worse after them. Charles Finney, Charles Russell, Holy laughter and all who will tent revivals, Joseph Smith, Church of Christ, seventh day advents, etc. Read Billy Sunday stuff, he was a nut!

            Almost all small countryside churches were eaten up with some form of second awakening idea. There were still many good preachers however but a huge problem in the early 20th century was lack of clergy. Many pastors were circuit riders preaching at several different churches at different weeks of the month. So unfortunately many people throughout America got one Sunday a month to hear a sermon. I think this has a lot to do with the spiritual condition today, our grandparents grew up lacking a good link to historical Christianity.

        • also take note of this, HW:

          Luther’s Theses…

          led directly to the Thirty Years War.

          don’y worry, be happy HW:

          these things have to happen from time to time

          • It was also unnecessary.

            If the Catholic Church had reformed itself, there wouldn’t have been a problem. There was only an explosion of violence because all the attempts at compromise failed. I also completely disagree with the idea that there is some coming violent apocalypse. In fact, I think Yang is right that the wealthy won’t allow that to happen. They will just buy off the population with UBI.

            Yang is clearly a Silicon Valley type reactionary. That’s why we see things so similarly.

      • “I keep returning to the idea of forgiveness and absolution for sin.”

        HW, seriously? Moslems, Jews, Sodomites, Pagans, NONE OF THEM HAVE THE GRACE of God, which is a prerequisite TO BE SAVED, which only then leads to [and/or ]the RIGHT to Absolution for sin.

        “YOU WILL DIE IN YOUR SINS” is the consistent witness of ALL Christianity. DON’T- DON’T apply universalistic heresy to the understanding of the price paid on the Cross.

        The Christchurch shooting was the ‘wages of sin’ for EVERY SINGLE MOSLEM in that ‘synagogue of Satan.’ Neither you, nor I, nor the State, nor the Pope, nor the Jews, and most of all, ANY IDIOTIC MOHAMMEDAN can weigh in judgment on Brenton- because the reality is, ‘All such are deserving of death’ – or haven’t you ever read Romans 1?

        OUR JOB as Christians is to live OUR lives in ‘fear and trembling’ working out our salvation, in a world given over to sin and depravity. If we are called to stand for God, then (as history clearly shows) we rid ourselves of the “Amalekite” in the land- think of the wars and the Crusades, Mr. History buff. Ever hear of the Barbary Pirates? WE INVITE THEIR HEIRS TO LIVE IN OUR LAND, when we should have been sinking EVERY DAMN SHIP that crossed the Mediterranean from Africa, for the last ten years. The Doctrine of Just War allows for it in the West, and it is only the GOD-DAMNED JEWS who have EMASCULATED the West, so that she does not do her duty.

        Tarrant apparently believed he did his Duty.

        • Tarrant was just another desensitized nihilistic murderer. If that’s not the case, I will stand corrected. I just watched the video and didn’t feel compelled to write anything more about the latest mass shooter.

  2. The segregationists in the South should have drawn and quartered this guy back in the 60’s. Along with his supporters and money supply.

    It just goes to show whitey won’t put his life at risk no matter what’s at stake. If hardcore whitey didn’t do it back then, no whitey will.

    Instead of sending their sons and daughters off to ZOG wars, they should have sent them off to Washington to destroy from within. Even a tried and true blueprint goes ignored by stupid whitey.

  3. Hunter
    The Reformation was not about indulgences. Like everything else in our world it was just the excuse for undermining the Church.

    The fundamental differences in Catholicism and Protestantism is the theology of the Will.

    Put simply, Catholicism believes Man was created with a Will that he has control over. If a man does evil he takes responsibility for it and takes the consequences.

    Protestants hold that the Will of mankind was a creation of God like everything else, so by extension, even evil is God’s creation; an absolute absurdity. Why try to do good if God pulls all the strings?

    It also provides automatic absolution for committing evil. Hence Protestants can easily adapt and accommodate unbridled Capitalism. Therefore we have the close association between the rise of Capitalism and Protestantism, together.

    Once, we had Christendom, the unity of all white Christian people. We could have resisted the (((external enemy))) and often did under the unified Church.

    We shot ourselves in the foot with Protestantism. We divided. And as any general knows, splitting your army is death. Now for just one example of our ill-discipline, we have the Baptist Zionists to deal with and many other challenges. Protestants have always had a soft spot for (((them))).

    The faults in the Catholic Church could have been sorted out by other means.

    We are still paying the price for that fat bastard in the photograph above.

    • The thing that set off Luther above all else was the lingering doubt that he wasn’t justified before God and that nothing he could do and had done would ever be enough to satisfy God and achieve salvation. Lutheranism also DOES NOT offer automatic absolution for committing evil. This position is known as antinomianism and was strongly condemned and rooted out in Lutheran Europe.

      It is also a myth that Protestantism made any difference whatsoever in bringing about modernity. It was France, not Prussia or Sweden, that spread militant atheism and modern values across all of Europe in the Napoleonic Wars.

      • @Hunter Wallace

        “It was France, not Prussia or Sweden, that spread militant atheism and modern values across all of Europe in the Napoleonic Wars.”

        “To the meaningless French idealisms: Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, we propose the three German realities: Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery.”

        — Prince Bernhard von Bülow

      • The French Revolutionaries supported Protestantism and the Jews. Same thing really.

        Protestantism, Freemasonry and Jewry certainly accelerated in Revolutionary France. Whenever Protestants got power, Jews thrived. In Revolutionary England Cromwell invited them back, along with an alien Protestant king from Holland, after three centuries of exile.

        That’s when when we also had a resetve bank foised on Europeans too. Get the connection?

        Protestantism was the cure for indulgences. Only trouble was the cure was much worse than the disease.

        From the site “TraditionalCatholicPriest”:

        “… it was the wish of the Assembly that Catholicism should cease to be the religion of the State and that liberty of worship should be established. It subsequently declared Protestants eligible to all offices (24 Dec., 1789), restored to their possessions and status as Frenchmen the heirs of Protestant refugees (10 July and 9 Dec., 1790), and took measures in favour of the Jews (28 January, 26 July, 16 Aug., 1790).”

        • Jake,

          Excellent post. The French Revolution was anti-Catholic not Pro Catholic. It was evil beyond words. Republicanism in action.

  4. Great article, @Hunter Wallace; the moral clarity you have hit upon here, for me anyway , cuts through all the *whatever* . PC is the Church of No Redemption. That laughable use of the word “hate/ful” (followed by “vile” somewhere in the same sentence) has lately struck me as the height of insanity- — and yet it is now mouthed by those in the very highest positions of power.

    How do we get out of this hellscape alive??

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