Political Correctness Is a Terrible Moral System

Far from losing my mind over the Yang thing, I have been studying and thinking in depth about this issue for a year now in its historical context.

I’ve really been meditating on it for almost 20 years now. There is no place in our society for White people with a positive sense of identity and a love and appreciation of their own culture. I shouldn’t have to explain to you how that is a terrible thing for society.

New Zealand. Dylann Roof. Robert Bowers. The list goes on, and on, and on. The more that I think about it the more that I realize there was just no outlet for them. They felt like they were not being heard. They felt like their path forward in life was completely blocked.

Once again, I have returned to this subject again and again over the years. I really started to focus my attention on it exactly a year ago after Michigan State. The subject that I wanted to explore was the disappearance of what I recognize as traditional Christian morality and its replacement by this absurd moral code of -isms and -phobias that people fight incessantly over on social media.

We no longer have a shared morality in the United States that is distinct from our politics. When I think of morality or what makes someone a good person, I think of it in terms of my understanding of religion and the classical virtues. I enjoy reading Aristotle, Bernard of Clairvaux, Luther and a wide range of people from before the 20th century. I do not think of the orthodoxy of disciplinary institutions like the SPLC and the ADL or whatever is the current conversation on woke Twitter.

These people sound like moral idiots to me. It is why I have nothing but contempt for them. They are a modern day Inquisition or witch hunting party on the hunt to burn heretics at the stake. These people are destroying the social fabric of our civilization. When I think about my disgust for them, I find my mind zeroing in on a single word: Schwärmer. They are people who Luther would have considered “enthusiasts, zealots, extremists, sentimentalists, dreamers, visionaries.”

The SJW is the modern day version of the Schwärmer whose entire existence is driven by being upset over the most absurd things in life: historical monuments, the color of hats, being “triggered” by microaggressions. They are one of the many plagues in our culture. There are lots of modern day plagues which our culture should be focused on. There is the suicide epidemic, drug abuse, nihilism, obesity, the collapse of law and order, the dissolution of the family, the waning of religion, mass shootings, the collapse of the White birth rate and so on, and so on.

When I look at this through a historical lens which is the way I tend to approach everything, I perceive it as being a serious crisis. It looks to me like a civilization going through either its death throes or an extremely serious crisis. I tend to keep pace with current events while simultaneously reading about the past. The hopelessness, resentment and disaffection that I see swirling around me will all come to a head one day because the system we have now is simply unsustainable.

The way we look at morality in the West is one of the biggest problems. Morality is now this list of -isms and -phobias. SJWs are the enforcers of this moral code which was created in the 20th century. Disciplinary institutions like the SPLC and ADL are a like a modern day version of the Renaissance Papacy. These institutions are hopelessly corrupt, morally bankrupt and counterproductive. They desperately need to be disbanded before the inevitable explosion happens.

The sudden surge in pro-Yang sentiment from the weirdest places is an expression of the pent up desire to be released from what it is in essence a modern day version of Purgatory. If you listen to these NEETs making the Yang memes, they want things like a girlfriend and an income – VERY UNREASONABLE GOALS IN LIFE, I KNOW. It is a terrible reflection of our society. We are living in a screwed up culture that has been getting more degenerate for the longest time now.

Once upon a time, there was a moral consensus in the West. It was called the Christian religion. Martin Luther’s insight was that your salvation is through your faith and is a gift from God. No one can stand between you and God and certainly not an institution like the SPLC sitting in judgement of you and charging you with made up sins like “xenophobia” and “racism” and “anti-Semitism” and “nativism” and “sexism” and “transphobia” and the like. ROLL YOUR EYES.

None of that has anything to do with morality at all. A good person is an honest person. A good person is a courageous person. A good person is a charitable person. A good person is a humble person. A good person is a kind person. A good person is a temperate person. A good person tries to reconcile themselves with God and live in the light of Christ and avoid vice and sin.

These fanatics aren’t good people. They’re bad people who lack a moral compass. They are even given a pass for engaging in violence. Such is the moral poverty of the “mainstream” of American politics that it turns a blind eye to it and is deaf to the voice of reason.

I can’t stress enough how absurd and destructive the moral paradigm of political correctness has become. We need to get rid of it and return to the source of our traditional moral values. As the humanists would have said, “ad fontes.” Let’s go back to the sources.

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  1. My favorite SJW obsession is the supposed trans murder epidemic. This mostly effects Blacks, apparently because the murderers are white supremacist as well as transphobic. In reality the trans murder rate is well below the natural average, even below the female murder rate.

    These people fixate on the stupidest of first world problems when there are ACTUAL problems in the first world among those actually marginalized (that is, proles and lumpen of any race, or gender or sexual orientation) but they don’t have any contact with them. And those problems have nothing to do with the Confederacy.

    • I’ll also note that the only racism that is actually institutionalized, the Jewish supremacy, is not an acceptable topic of discussion among the self proclaimed “woke”. They literally ban you for mentioning it.

    • If you haven’t noticed yet, Yang is the only candidate who has a plan to solve that problem. Give everyone $100 per cycle to donate to any candidate of their choice and you wipe out the power of the Jewish oligarchy.

    • “Once upon a time, there was a moral consensus in the West. It was called the Christian religion.”

      No, HW. I’ve mentioned this before, and I do so, again here. The moral concensus was the LAW OF GOD- every country had an iteration of it. Canon Law in Papal Rome, Theodosius’ code in early Rome, the Byzantine canons and the decrees of the Seven Ecumenical Councils; Lex Rex by Rutherford in early America, Blackstone’s commentaries, Morris’s Christian Institutions, the Westminster Confession of Faith, even Luther’s writings (though he was at base, clearly antinomian, because his skewed version of ‘grace by faith’ [Alone] – that last word, NOT BEING IN THE SCRIPTURE!)

      – ALL of it attests to the RULE OF THE LAW OF GOD. The ONLY group that DENIES THIS LAW……

      ARE THE F*CKING JEWS. Their chicanery, their dissembling, their LIES, and their TALMUD, have DESTROYED the rule of Law in the West.

      They claim that Akiba was more important than Moses, who gave Israel the LAW OF GOD, in the first place- and that the TALMUD outweighs the TORAH every single damned time!!!!

      So, until and unless we REMOVE THE JEW- totally, forever, utterly OUT OF OUR PALE OF SETTLEMENT, we CANNOT, WILL NOT, have a godly law order.

      Read “The Institutes of Biblical Law” by Rushdoony, to get a gist of what that sort of ‘Godly Commonwealth’ might be like. And weep for its absence.

  2. Hunter, your writing has become quite lucid lately. This was a good post, but this part stood out:

    “A good person is an honest person. A good person is a courageous person. A good person is a charitable person. A good person is a humble person. A good person is a kind person. A good person is a temperate person. A good person tries to reconcile themselves with God and live in the light of Christ and avoid vice and sin.”

    All true. But such a person, in the current year, will be ignored, lonely, passed over, poor, childless, loveless, everythingless. In a word, low status.

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