Trump: Socialism Is Coming

It appears that the Trump campaign has settled on rallying a conservative-libertarian coalition of elderly people with fearmonging about “socialism”:

“President Donald Trump has enlisted his senior economic advisers to flesh out one of his early 2020 presidential campaign themes: Socialism is coming.

In recent months, traditionally staid official White House economic reports and briefings have begun to emphasize the potentially massive costs of an ambitious socialist agenda and warn that America could transform into a Cold War dystopia.

While last year’s Economic Report to the President, a congressionally mandated annual summary of the state of the economy, didn’t once mention “socialism,” the word appears more than 100 times in this year’s 700-page-plus tome. The 2019 report, released earlier this week, features an entire chapter on the subject, which includes a recounting of the economic fallout from socialist experiments in China, the Soviet Union and Cuba. …”

“The socialism versus capitalism message is a home run with every group apart from millennials,” said one informal adviser to the campaign. “The campaign will cast 2020 through the prism of socialism versus freedom.”

This is going to do two things:

1.) It is an attempt to woo back the Mitt Romney voters in the suburbs who abandoned the GOP in the 2018 midterms. It won’t work because they will still believe Trump is an idiot.

2.) It will push away younger voters and populist voters who roll their eyes at that rhetoric.

Much of this depends on who wins the Democratic nomination. If it is a fanatic like Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders or Kamala Harris, it will be much easier to make the “socialism” pitch to moderate voters. They are obviously hoping that Bernie Sanders is the nominee. Then it will be another battle of elderly people trying to relive the 1980s.

Their biggest problem right now is that younger voters don’t believe in free-market capitalism. They want a more equitable division of wealth. These people have only the vaguest idea what “socialism” actually is and for them it means not capitalism. It is easy to see how Yang’s pitch of “$1,000 bucks a month” is going to catch on with them. That’s what they really want, not an end to capitalism per se, but a more benevolent capitalism than we have gotten under mainstream conservatism.

They want this:

Not this:

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  1. Hello brothers. Listen up.

    Having spent the last few days on OPSEC etc as my brothers are getting their doors kicked in by Al-Jacindani Al- Aderni our Imam Prime Minister and her squad of Salafists clothing themselves in blue.

    Here’s a run down of what we have lost albeit predicted by St Tarrant of Christchurch

    Free Speech:

    Dead, hit mobs of leftists reporting to the Salafists, every right wing, club,chat,group,movement…Gone. There is exactly 0 right wing voice anywhere, TV,Social media,Radio. All gone. Multiple arrests, multiple loss of jobs even 2 normie real estate agents fired for mild anti-Islam speech.

    Jordan Peterson books banned from bookstores, Multiple websites banned with laws coming for jail time for visiting them.


    Pistols banned. All e-class military banned. All semi-autos, banned. And that Al-Aderni says is just the beginning. Gun clubs are being burnt to the ground as we speak with no interest from the Salafists in blue to investigate, one 100 year old gun club has shut down because they are being hunted by gangs.

    Well fuck:

    Keep this in mind. The guy we voted for signed our pepe posters then sided with the socialist party and signed our death warrant .. the UN migrant compact.

    I use to think all of you would bail to my country, all my preparation over the years i never thought it would be me trapped. We are trapped. And now all efforts are being made to get my family out. There is no fight here, there is nothing to fight with, nobody to fight with. THEY ARE ALL WEARING HIJABS TOMORROW AND SINGING AN ISLAMIC PRAYER. Like Tarrant said everybody will give up. They did.

    After living here for 6 generations, i’m going back to the motherland.

    When i’m gone, please nuke this shithole.

    • Sounds like the establishment is having a big tizzy in New Zealand. Why not take a holiday over in Australia? When you return in a week or two, they’ll be OUTRAGED about something else they read on Twitter.

      • We had a meeting tonight. 2 bro’s are locked up until the 25th April, they’ve given the Salafist pigs nothing. Focus now is family out.

        And we will stay.

        Fuck it. It’s on.

        • What’s happening to you in NZ is sick and evil, Silver. Whatever your plans are, God grant you success. I wonder how Americans would react to guns being taken, and our free speech taken away. Oh, wait, that’s already happening here, just not as fast as in NZ. “Red flag” confiscations by pig…cops, sorry, and Big Tech slapping down anyone not parroting the cultural marxist line is totalitarianism in slow motion.

    • “After living here for 6 generations, i’m going back to the motherland”

      Mother Russia?
      Im toally jelly.

  2. If “Socialism” means nationalizing the banks and oil companies like Venezuela did bring it the fuck on!

  3. Minimum wage increase is dumb. UBI is a million times better. Minimum wage increase also increases overhead for businesses, which leads to price increases for goods and services, drives smaller businesses into the red only benefitting huge corporations who can eat the wage increase, and also potentially increases unemployment rate. UBI, on the other hand, has the same intended effect of getting more money into more hands, while business overhead (and prices) remain relatively the same. It would actually help smaller businesses because more people would be willing to work part time if they could make up the rest of their income with UBI.

    • The kike oligarchy that runs the US will not allow UBI to be given to Whites so you and HW and the rest need to get that through your thick fucking skulls and use your energies on something besides this slope, Wang.

  4. The whole minimum wage thing is retarded and just appeals to low IQ voters like negroes. First of all it is never implemented right away they always give some date years away and by that time it is never implemented. Second, what does minimum wage even matter if work is automated and programming all the way up to higher paying college degree jobs. Third, if the country continues to be invaded by the third world and jobs are being taken how does minimum wage benefit Americans? It is just a way for rober baron capitalists to act like they care about the middle and working class.

  5. Higher minimum-wage laws are what led to quicker automated kiosk installation at all fast food restaurants. Their worker’s obsolescence was already planned for, btw. It just happened faster due to politicians ordering corporations to hand over all their profits to labor costs. Trying to force businesses to pay for their own self-destruction doesn’t work well. They’ll choose profits over people every single time. Remember, if automation can help build or maintain profitability, you will be out of a job tomorrow.

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