Donald Trump: The Media Is Still Being Mean To Me

Blompf … your all time favorite president:

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  1. Drumpf wants to be loved by the (((legacy msm))). He can’t understand how that loathe him, especially because of his MIGA policies.

    Drumpf, I hate to break it to you, but you’re just a shabbos goy to your Talmudic masters.

  2. How the mighty have fallen. I actually now pity the man. Theoden, under the sway of the Grimma Wormtongues of the world, with no Rohan Riders in sight…because they are all cowards.

  3. If Blompf had re-enacted the libels laws, like he said he would, maybe it would have reigned them in. I guess it’s hands off ALL Jews, even the Jew anti-Trumpers.

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