Washington Examiner: Democrat Andrew Yang Attracts Support From White Nationalists

Once again, this is why labels can be so highly misleading:

“Andrew Yang, the 44 year-old New York tech entrepreneur running for the 2020 Democratic nomination, has one distinction he might want to lose: He is the preferred presidential candidate of white nationalists.

“[Yang] is not white, but he is the only Democrat who opposes anti-white identity politics,” Greg Johnson, editor-in-chief of the white nationalist site Counter Current Publishing, wrote in a post Monday. “He is also the only Democrat who has talked about the problems afflicting white America. I will vote for him in the Democratic primary, and I will vote for him as President if he goes up against Trump.”

Yang, who has recently seen his profile rise with the help of Reddit and 4chan users, has denounced white nationalism and says it is laughable that they would be supporting an Asian man. …”

It makes sense when you think about it.

The brain trust of White Nationalism is excited about Andrew Yang because finally here is a presidential candidate who isn’t an idiot. Yang is right that he is the exact opposite of Trump. Many “White Nationalists” also want the exact opposite of Trump.

The fact that Yang is Asian is an advantage. He can’t be browbeaten and harangued by the media for being a “white supremacist.” He isn’t going to be distrusted by other groups because of their racial anxieties. He isn’t a jerk. He can focus on ideas and policies and attract support from across the political spectrum. In contrast, Blompf had nothing going for him but bluster and polarization.

We’re not opposed to East Asians. We resent the fact that OUR LEADERS don’t have the sense to move forward into the 21st century in the same way that China and Japan are already doing now. Both of those countries have embraced economic and technological progress while at the same preserving social cohesion and their traditional cultures. That’s exactly what we want to do.

What is the United States doing? Arguing over trannies? It seems like it is on Twitter all day navel gazing and fighting over identity politics and political correctness. It is literally being invaded and can’t summon the will power to build a mere $25 billion dollar border wall to stop it.

We agree with this approach to leadership:

We want Caprica City.

We’re more than willing to compromise and dump Conservatism, Inc. to get it:

Do we care if there is a Chinatown in Caprica City?

No, not really. In 2016, we inflicted Donald Trump on the country, a crude reality television host, for lack of a better alternative to Conservatism, Inc. to move the country forward.

I’m excited about this idea of having a vision, finding common goals, compromising and building consensus. We want the Legion of Builders and Destroyers. Trump never delivered on his infrastructure plan. We want Medicare For All. We do not want this crap the GOP is selling. We want student loan debt forgiveness and reduction. The GOP has done nothing about that issue.

We support Universal Basic Income. We support an end to regime change wars. We support deflating political correctness and hyperbolic rhetoric about “racism” and “white supremacy.” We also support an immigration moratoriam and building a $25 billion dollar border wall. When progressives have legalized weed, they might be more willing to compromise on that issue.

I’m willing to strike a grand bargain … Universal Basic Income and a national health care system in exchange for dumping political correctness and immigration reform. We can also dump MIGA and all the angry Boomers in Conservatism, Inc. who will be screaming about “socialism.” They will be the first in line to take their $1,000 a month from Yang and retire.

Note: We also need to leave behind stupid talking heads on television. The Russia panic illustrated on a grand scale how little “journalists” actually know about the world. Keep that in mind whenever they hold court on “white supremacy” and “hate groups.”

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      • Ah, HW- I’m so sorry you have to deal with the mental retards out there (commenting on this board) that somehow think racist attitudes towards Chinese individuals raised in the USA, are the way forward. Also, misusing Scripture as if they had an imprimatur for their perverse interpretation- strike two. Add to that, a concerted effort by the Jewsmedia to impugn/slander the one person who sees what the Fourth Industrial Revolution is going to do to Everyone, in statements such as this:

        “Andrew Yang, the 44 year-old New York tech entrepreneur running for the 2020 Democratic nomination, has one distinction he might want to lose: He is the preferred presidential candidate of white nationalists.”

        Why, it would appear that all hell is breaking loose, IN ORDER to keep the Christ-killers and their shabbas goyim on the wage-slave plantation; instead of building the kingdom, and understanding that perhaps a Cyrus (ethnic foreigner) might actually be of benefit to God’s Israel…. but that would take intelligence and discernment- something most Americans don’t possess.

        What, then, to make of these two columns, I wonder?

        Learn to code? Or, ‘the bell tolls for thee?’

    • Literally every other demographic is on welfare – food stamps, section 8, SDI, Social Security, … What kind of moron wouldn’t want a cut of the pie?

      If taxes have to go up on the “hedge fund guys” to pay for UBI, who the f*ck cares?

      • I’ll bet the White birth rate would increase somewhat. Not hugely, but it’s my belief that a feeling of “cornered” and “no future” are real reducers of reproduction. The sense of having breathing room would probably cause Whites to have more offspring.

        We already know the dindus, who are already on the Federal teat, breed like fricking rabbits.

  1. I’m excited about this idea of having a vision, finding common goals, compromising and building consensus.

    That is until the movers and shakers steal the movement like they always do and turn it into a jew thing.

    Let me warn you that just because someone SAYS something doesn’t mean they will DO something.


  2. Strange this collapse of the WN 2.0…The Europeans have gone from Brexit to Salvini in Italy and Kurz in Austria, and now to Thierry Baudet in Holland and the rising Vox-Party in Spain, and of course to battling in the streets for 19 weeks in the row the regime of the globalist Macron…while the Americans have descended after Tump’s win. They have degenerated into infighting (mostly petty ad hominem) and now they seem to have settled for this snake-oil salesman Andrew Yang and his automated dreams…

    • No one’s gonna get rich on UBI. But if the oligarchs that run this country wanna keep pitting us against infinite brown ppl immigrants, then screw ’em. I’m not playing that game – fighting over scraps with pajeet and jose. Just gimme my $1000. Hell, give it to pajeet and jose too. Bankrupt the system if you want to keep importing these people.

      • Agreed on both counts. While I think the ethnic situation will come to blows eventually regardless, in the meantime, why be the one part of the country that is consistently mashed on the bottom of Big Brother’s shoe? Extract some funds from the people who are gleefully assisting in our replacement, at least. The hell with it.

      • “Bankrupt the system if you want to keep importing these people.”

        If this is a valid argument (let’s say it is) it will never be implemented. Flooding US further and ending ‘white supremacy’ is an moral imperative for the Left and its anti-white alliance of minorities….but, as electoral rhetoric, it will serve for another electoral-cycle to distract attention and defuse the angst against the US elites and their policies of outsourcing and deindustrialisation..The angst that mobilized the whites to vote Trump in 2016.

        • That’s why I suspect that a UBI program would utlimately push a lot of Whites right and nationalist. You’ve given them a stake in making sure the system doesn’t get overloaded by endless hordes from West Groidland and Nuevo Cucaracha.

  3. The Fed probably needs to be nationalized before any real changes can occur. This might be easier than you would think if the frogs collapse the banking system. When these (((scum))) come begging for bailouts next time just nationalize them instead.

  4. I wouldn’t be too sure in saying that Asians are shielded from anti-white identity politics. More and more the shitlibs have been trying to push the line that Asians also benefit from “white privilege.” It is very difficult for the establishment to explain Asian success within the critical race theory paradigm. If all racial difference boils down to systemic historical privilege, then how to explain Asians? Chinese immigrants who survived starving to death under Mao become “model minorities” while mestizo immigrants end up as criminals. Privilege doesn’t really account for it, unless they claim that Asians are also benefitting from white privilege, that they are basically “honorary whites.”

    • Which is ridiculous, considering they were despised worse than niggers through most of US history, and weren’t made eligible for citizenship until long after the groids were.

      The moon crickets should be far ahead of them socially and economically, but they’re not.

  5. How do you know Yang isn’t a (((Chinese agent)))? What’s his background? Has anyone investigated him before giving him their verbal support?

    One thousand dollars a month is your price? My God, what the hell are people thinking? And, we attack all these -pro-Israel Zionists yet they get paid a hell of a lot more than $1,000/month.

    So Yang is the guy that came along – this time – with a great idea you can believe in. Grasping at straws is such an understatement.

    • Why would we even care? If China wanted to take over the USA, I would welcome them. They’re better than Jews, and White people seem to be unwilling or unable to rule ourselves, so we should be hoping for Chinese world domination at this point.

  6. “I’m willing to strike a grand bargain … Universal Basic Income and a national health care system in exchange for dumping political correctness and immigration reform. ”

    The problem is that you are not going to get either a lessening of PC culture or an immigration moratorium. There is absolutely no way the hateful anti-White Democrat Party, that Yang is still part of and will still be beholden to in the unlikely event he’s elected, is going to allow either of those things to happen.

    Oh, and that $1,000 a month is simply not going to happen either.

    So those who support this clown are selling out for nothing….not even their 30 pieces of silver.

    I respect your work, Wallace. You have a track record of being a fairly intelligent and articulate advocate for our interests. But you have simply not though this one out.

    Has that 30 pieces of silver empty promise blinded you?

  7. I’ve been quite vocal in expressing my dismay at otherwise intelligent pro-Whites throwing in with a party that hates them and wants them dead just to spite Trump. I’ve also been trying to popularize the comparison of the mythical $1,000 a month to 30 pieces of silver in that I think anyone who signs on with the Democrats just for that possible pay-out is betraying us all for selfish gain.

    That all being said, I can actually see one way in which supporting Yang would be a good thing.

    Let’s face it. He’s not a established Democrat insider and he does not enjoy the status of being one of the left’s most favored client groups. This means that he has very little, if any, chance of actually getting the Democrat presidential nomination. But with his slick rhetoric and promise of a $1,000 a month bribe he has gained a decent sized following. (In that respect he’s similar to Sanders in the 2016 election) Thus he has the potential to cause division and in-fighting amongst the Democrats.

    In-fighting amongst one’s enemies is always a desirable thing. So if you live in a state with an open Democrat primary, by all means vote for Yang. He’s unlikely to get the nomination and he’s even less likely to win in 2020. But the infighting and strife a pro-Yang faction within the greater Democrat party could cause is a desirable thing. There is a very real chance that the Dems shutting down his nomination in the way they did Sanders in 2016 could cause a blow to cohesion and morale. That, I’m all for.

    So by all means vote for this clown in Democrat primaries if you like. But for god’s sake don’t support ANY Democrat come general election time.

    • Quit being trapped in the republican-democrat matrix. Voting for republicans will only slow down the demise of whites in the jewsa, but they wont do a damn thing to fix the racial situation of this country. Many, if not most of the trump supporters don’t really care about race, and hold the ignorant view that black and mexican crime is cultural and not genetic. Individualism is what ultimately matters to these people(conservatives, fox news and limbaugh listerners). These delusional saps view any type of racial pride (black, white, asian) as collectivist marxism and a threat to their jew world order dreams.

      • >”Voting for republicans will only slow down the demise of whites in the jewsa,”

        Slowing down the destruction is far better than embracing the worst of our enemies. Yes, what passes as the “right” in US politics are bad. But the other side is exponentially worse.

        Acceleration-ism sounds good on paper. But in the real world we are not ready to step in and set things right after a collapse.

        Look, I’m a Falangist. I would love for a Franco style to step in and set things right after a breakdown starts. But I recognize we are not ready for that.

        So yes, slower is better than embracing our enemies and speeding along our destruction. That’s why voting at the Federal level should viewed as damage control.

  8. Bank bailouts, corporate welfare, aid for satan Israel…

    I can’t believe that some are thinking supporting Yang is selling on’es soul. Everyone else gets welfare. Besides, we don’t really have a country. It is an economic zone where the powerful conspire to loot our wealth.

    I don’t even call it welfare. I call it a return of stolen capital from the bank bailouts.

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